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    We still have a few things to iron out. If you see any bugs, issues or have any concerns, let us know here in this discussion.


    Do not buy from

    Hello Acidrunner, I am seldom speechless! However after reading this...I am shocked and speechless. That being said, Angara is a company that does care about its customers. Jewelry is something someone will own and should cherish forever. We respect that. I apologize for a compounded lack of...
  2. AprilBaby

    Do you wish you were younger?

    So true!!! A recent post was about memory jewelry and many of us have lost our mothers. My mom died at 32. To me, each day I get is a blessing!
  3. armywife13

    I feel like my upgrade has been tainted

    Rosetta, thank you. It will be a while before I have it on my finger, but I cannot wait! LaraOnline, you are correct, I know he was never that interested in jewelry. I guess I wanted to I clued him because it was such a large purchase, the reasons behind it, and because it was something that...
  4. distracts

    Adults Should Read Adult Books

    I think Mr. Stein is a pretentious d-bag with no imagination. I have read many very good children's books and YA books, and many terrible adult books. And vice-versa. The quality of a book has nothing to do with the age-group at which it is targeted. I'm also a huge sci-fi fan, and my...
  5. Gypsy

    Help the fashion challenged! (wedding attire)

    I don't think it's too bridal, but I was a pretty laid back bride about those things. As long as it wasn't white or cream and long, I was okay with it. I think that if you accessorize it with a few chunky jewelry pieces with color that are decidedly NOT bridal. Here are some suggestions: I...
  6. S

    HELP - Id this setting

    They normally charge 5% restock fee. I told them that wasn''t acceptable if they wanted our biz so they waived it. I hope. Probably not though. So I''ll just sue them. No big deal. I as the consumer and a credit card company have the upper hand believe it or not. Their website does not...
  7. gemgirl

    3 ctw round eternity band

    Congrats on your new eternity. It''s really gorgeous!! I noticed Stein diamonds on the web about two years ago, but I was hesitant to buy anything from them because no one ever talked about them before. I''m very anxious to know what the appraiser says tomorrow because Stein has had some lovely...
  8. LoveDeco

    3 ctw round eternity band

    Thank you so much Sharon! I did a decent amount of research before buying. I obviously checked all the PS vendors and looked into the facets collection. The problem was that I wanted a 3ctw band and we really could only afford a 2ctw band. My fiance was willing to stretch because he agreed...
  9. W

    Pictures of My Emerald Cut (finally!)

    thanks---appreciate the info. i love that white chanel but cant bring myself to buy it.............i was contemplating a round hermes model but i think i want a metal or otherwise (not leather) strap-- Would I like to play in your jewelry box for a day!
  10. ForteKitty

    Can someone help me Photoshop this ring

    yea! my computer's on! hmm.. open page! oh dear... it's kinda hard typing while drunk. Wow.. i like those pictures! hahahaha...hmm... maybe i should n't be typing while i'm drunk. i kicked butt on shooting games tonight tho. haha. i am the queen of shooting aliens and secret gov't...
  11. AGBF


    I just read "The New York Times"' account. I realize I have to call a friend. She lives on the coast at around the latitude of Silicon Valley. I hadn't realized this was on the coast. December 22, 2003 Quake Shakes California From Los Angeles to San Francisco By KIRK SEMPLE A powerful...
  12. R

    IGI Certification

    ----------------- Say a seller has a diamond which GIA graded G/I1. Say that dealer then submits to EGL or IGI who susequently gives that stone an F/SI2. ------------------ this is a little naive of you. are you doubting igi's objectivity? i don't, however i have always doubted gia's...