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  1. diamondseeker2006

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    I value consumer reviews, personally. I believe someone who has bought from a vendor and likes the product. (Just as I determine whether I can work with a vendor who has had negative reviews or not.) I read reviews on Amazon and check reviews elsewhere, as well. It's much safer buying anything...
  2. lovedogs

    Is this Alexandrite good value?

    Exactly. I did the same and literally can't find anything about that person.
  3. A

    Opinions on this diamond?

    First of all, welcome to PS! I had the same personal dilemma of going from an AGS000 to a GIAXXX (albeit much smaller ct) with similar specs per the pic. Both of mine exhibited fluorescence, which I desired. Most of the specs are within PS-recommended ranges. My potential concern though is the...
  4. the_mother_thing

    Is this Alexandrite good value?

    A person who has been dealing in gems & jewelry - and specializing in alexandrite for 19+ years - would have some online presence, reviews, etc. I just did a quick search for that name - which I have never heard of - and found nothing. I would suggest searching/reaching out to
  5. muesli

    Best place to buy MMD online?

    Exactly a lab grown is a diamond, you can't compare it to a moissanite (have nothing against those) as they're two different stones. When it comes to value (mined diamond), I do believe you have way better resale value in the States than I have in my country, where they are very cheap on the...
  6. M


    I worked with Martin Sheffield at USA Certed Diamonds for an engagement ring purchase. I was referred to him by a friend of mine it was the best decision I have made! Martin was so easy to work with. I live and Chicago and within a couple of days he found many options for the perfect stone...
  7. Bfelix

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    You can have it lowered all the way, like mine, or you can keep it the way it is and your wedding band should sit flush. A band doesn’t sit flush with my ring but I like the small gap. It is a very tiny gap. It’s all in what you prefer.
  8. TheGarnetGirl

    My Rosey Blue-Green Gem Silica Ring

    Hello All! :dance: As some of you may remember I was recently-ish given a 14mm cushion shaped blue-green gem silica from my beau for Mothers Day. It was his first purchase for me alone that was perfect for me in all ways and I was gobsmacked as the poor guy cannot tell solid 14k from gold...
  9. chunkyfacetlover

    Buying Moissanite from Tianyu Gems

    I completely agree! I've been keeping an eye on the lab grown diamond industry since DeBeers announced Lightbox Jewelry. There are still issues with color/clarity when they try to grow too quickly. I have read that HPHT is better than CVD but most places combine the two. I'm patiently...
  10. MaggieB

    Classic Chanel handbag help

    Hi all, I'm hoping that someone feels like helping me find the best Chanel handbag to buy. I keep going down wormholes over and over again and I'd like to just find one! I am not huge into purses or jewelry. By that I mean, I buy very few things and I like for them to be investment pieces that...
  11. lovedogs

    Thoughts on this diamond?

    Having done a bunch of looking at Yadav, Four Mine, etc, I don't think it's *entirely* inaccurate to say that they aren't in the business of providing tons of customer service. Their model seems to be offering extremely competitive pricing on stones (many of which are overseas without ASET/IS...
  12. M

    Good analysis of 1. De Beers 2. Syn Diamonds

    IMHO On marketing: I don’t consider myself a millennial, but as someone with certain sociopolitical leanings I had never wanted a new mined diamond. My spouse and I discovered mmd right before our engagement in 2007 so we didn’t have to search the earth for estate or secondhand rings that were...
  13. TreeScientist

    De Beers undercuts the man made diamond price

    Thank you @Aino, but trust me, it doesn't bother me at all. This sort of name-calling pales in comparison to what we sometimes see during the peer review process for scientific journals. You wouldn't believe how some reviewers react when your results challenge a theory they've worked their...
  14. L

    Advice on this old mine cut - pre owned

    1). It’s not an Old Mine Cut. It’s a Circular Brilliant (see GIA lab report). It’s possibly an Early Modern Brilliant, so possibly from the 1940s. It looks like EMBor Transitional to me, due to its large table and shallow depth. It could be a Transitional, due to its blocky facets. An Old...
  15. ClemsonPurdue

    HELP me pick my $10,000 diamond!

    Update: I took some time this afternoon to go to several jewelry stores here in Indianapolis to try to hone in on what style engagement ring I like best. I tried on several styles similar to what you all shared and re-tried on the Shane setting I originally loved. The Shane setting is still...
  16. M

    Best place to buy small Yogo sapphire

    For the past 10 years or so, I've periodically trawled the Internet for a Yogo sapphire (alas, what my eyes & heart wish for has far exceeded my allocated budget for this!). But perhaps my research & past 'net surfing can be of help to you. Here's a paragraph from the Wikipedia page on Yogo...
  17. Hayley87

    Do you ever have to check your reactions around jewelers?

    I've been visiting local small jewelers in the last couple weeks, seeing who has nice estate jewelry. Yesterday, I found my new Favorite Shop Ever: gorgeous estate jewelry (at very fair prices!) alongside some of the jeweler's own designs. The SA was personable and engaging, and he took tons of...
  18. elle_71125

    August vintage inc.

    Thank you for such a lengthy review. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive so this is a nice read. Would you be willing to post a picture of the AVC moissy next to your engagement ring? I'd love to see a comparison. :D It sounds like a gorgeous gem. I ordered mine for similar reasons as you. I...
  19. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! Junebug, we get double rainbows here quite often but rarely full ones - it’s just pieces here and there or you lose it on the top. I really like watching the sky. I hope I find a sapphire too. I was going to go dig through my bucket today but can’t say I felt up to it. We can...
  20. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! Missy, I love watching storms and weather but mostly from inside. I totally laughed at the delight you take in showing off your middle finger. That sounds like me. I especially have fun if I have a cut on my middle finger. You’ll be cycling again soon. I hope you like wearing...
  21. michaelgem

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Re: Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revis With an advanced degree in electronic communications, you might think that I would be more skilled in communicating diamond grading and other gemological concepts to the consumer. But that form of communication is a very different...
  22. P

    Tips for buying jewelry on eBay

    There’s truly nothing like having your perfect jewelry piece custom made for you…but when the budget constrains you there are sparklies to curb your cravings available on eBay! The pejorative “evilBay” has been well-earned by the site, but with some strategy and a little luck you might be...
  23. Texas Leaguer

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Re: Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revis I can't comment on the Secrets as I have not read that yet. But I recently read Richard Wise's book The French Blue about the journeys of John Baptiste Tavernier in the 17th centrury and ultimately his purchase of the diamond that...
  24. D

    Help choosing a RB Diamond? (15-17k budget)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! These are some really great suggestions. I absolutely agree that her taste with lace and floral designs these settings would match better, now I'm just not sure what I was thinking about going with a plain channel setting (lol). She does seem to like pave' from...
  25. Rose974

    NEW DBL ring

    I am always scanning reviews on here so I decided to leave mine. DH got me what was meant to be a surprise, a double halo all yellow ring from David. It was a ring I admired before but had been sold. First off, David is a pleasure to work with, amazing guy. Second, This is the first time I have...
  26. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  27. Alicia_Diamond_Love

    BGD Blue Custom U-Prong Wedding Set: Glamour shots

    Hi Everyone! This year is mine and my DH's 10 year anniversary. We decided to upgrade my wedding set because of our milestone anniversary but also because I've recently lost 80 lbs and 3.5 ring sizes (YAY!!) and my current set no longer fits me and is unable to be sized. I ended up going with...
  28. D

    Help with E-ring design please(round with tapered baguettes)

    Re: Help with E-ring design please(round with tapered baguet Hehe no probs. I thought I was selecting the wrong specs when I saw that total. Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely check out some reviews on the final company before paying. However, I am nervous about buying from overseas...
  29. Niel

    Help with E-ring design please(round with tapered baguettes)

    Re: Help with E-ring design please(round with tapered baguet God! Is that how much it is?! Their mobile seach must be broken because it shows this much foryou. Sounded too good to be true so that makes sense. Not all venders score up in the Pricescope search. Usually brilliant earth isn't...