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  1. Johnbt

    Female employees bring harassment and unequal pay lawsuit against Zales, Kay, Jared

    Is anyone following the investor fraud lawsuit? "U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon on Monday denied the Akron, Ohio-based jeweler’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed by the...
  2. prince.of.preslav

    Royal Jewels

    Seriously? And more importantly - do you think this can be done? The German Empire consisted of 4 Kingdoms, 6 Grand Duchies, 6 Duchies and 7 Principalities. And we are not counting the mediatized Houses, like Thurn und Taxis, Hannover, Sayn-Wittgenstein(-Berleburg/Sayn/Wittgenstein) - ~70...
  3. P

    Ebay Sellers Adina aka Empire Jewelers

    Hello, I''m new here. I bet you get this question often. I''m looking at a few rings on ebay that I may be interested in but I''m not familiar with the seller. I''ve bought jewelry from Dover Jewelry on ebay, but that''s about it. Adina seems to have excellent feedback but I would like to...
  4. AGBF

    Mesh Tie Necklace

    I did a little research. Their website said they were members of Jewelers of America, which did list them on its website. According to Jewlers of America they are located in Fair Haven, New Jersey. Ocino''s own website said that prior to 9/11 they were located downtown in Manhattan. Now they...