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  1. Rad_Fan

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    Actress Stella Maeve
  2. EC8

    Need *more* advice on band/setting

    Singlestone makes a similar band, called Stella. They are located in LA.
  3. MissGotRocks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Thanks Sledge - I thought I had missed the 'fix'. I only change my avatar if I get a new stone so. . .I too love your Stella - she looks like a keeper!!
  4. T L

    Lisa Eldridge jewellery...

    Well when you think how much people pay for famous designer clothes that aren’t that fabulous (cough Stella McCartney cough cough), I guess that does put that into perspective.
  5. sledge

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th" the avatar properly; however, it didn't work out perfectly. Mine is also off center but not as noticeable as yours, and I've just not been bothered enough to fix it. Although now that animated GIFs can be used for avatars I may do something new. But I love my chocolate lab, Stella, lol.
  6. voce

    Lisa Eldridge jewellery...

    It's funny you thought of her too. I was using her as an example yesterday to tell my coworker why high prices don't necessarily guarantee the purse is made of leather. :mrgreen2:
  7. Sunstorm

    What mistake will you never make again?

    ...of one regret where I was never able to correct the situation. Never ever have an animal died because of me but I left for several trips and Stella my “favorite” Aby girl developed FIP. She suffered six months before I let her go. I blame myself for her death and for not being there. It is...
  8. bling_dream19

    Now I really did it :((

    Gorgeous pic @missy Love the Jersey shore and especially AP! I returned the boots today and we were on a time crunch so I didn't shop for myself today but I plan to go back when I'm in the mood no time crunch. Yesterday we toured 4 venues and found one that we LOVE. I found 2 venues that I...
  9. prs

    Share your blooms - what’s ‘growing on’ in your landscape?

    ...survive our winters! So here after four years learning curve, a small fortune spent at the local nurseries, and another small fortune spent on sprinklers, are the plants, in addition to the bougainvilleas, that are currently in bloom. Stella D'Oro Day Lily Dynamite Crepe Myrtle Bird of...
  10. missy

    Now I really did it :(( was beautiful and we got to enjoy a nice ride and ran into our friend with the weird bike and his dogs. Speaking of dogs we also ran into Stella. What a gorgeous girl. Like we don't have our fill of animals with all we are dealing with but there is always room for more love yanno? Even...
  11. missy

    What mistake will you never make again?

    Dear @Sunstorm ((((hugs)))). You and I are so much alike in ways. Especially with the animals. And bling. You’re a kindred spirit and I’m privileged to call you my friend. XO. And please forgive yourself. You gave your beloved furbabies everything. You did the best you could and in the end...
  12. Daisys and Diamonds

    Just for fun—gemstone/diamond ring enhancer?

    ...with huge honking glitzy modern enhancers that would drown my ladies and completely over shadow them - but grandma and her sisters did all have fur coats and fox stoles i can see something like your party jacket (on an appropriate scale) doing a stella job of enhancing my much beloved vintage...
  13. Matata

    How to care for a found cat?

    ...why I feed whole prey. In general canned food is healthier for cats than kibble. Brands that haven't had major issues to date are: Ziwipeak, Stella & Chewy's, Darwin's, Nature's Variety Instinct. There's no guarantee anymore that any commercially prepared pet food will stay safe from...
  14. Madam Bijoux

    Please share your photos of nature, wildlife, etc.

    Beau and his mother, Stella
  15. Daisys and Diamonds

    How to care for a found cat?

    we have a whiskers factory in our town saddly they are going to relocate it to Asia (to be closer to bigger markets) so our local market wont have locally NZ grown meat in whiskas anymore it looks like a regular freezing works (that's what we call the slauter house) but it doesn't smell maybe...
  16. shoechick

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    STELLA!!!! Sorry, I couldn't help it :oops:
  17. prs

    Share your blooms - what’s ‘growing on’ in your landscape?

    ...Lily at a house we bought in Atlanta. All kinds of beautiful colors but they only bloomed for about a month in the Spring. Then we discovered Stella D'Oro, they bloom continuously from Spring thru Summer in a gorgeous pure yellow! We were advised not to plant Bougainvillea here because of...
  18. Rad_Fan

    Art Deco Carre Cut Ring

    :love::cheeky: So "Frank Stella, Jasper's Dilemma, 1962" vibe!!!
  19. Daisys and Diamonds

    Share your blooms - what’s ‘growing on’ in your landscape?

    oh i miss my bird of paradise so much it was the middle of a hot dry summer when we moved and Wellington is just rock and clay and we tried but it was too hard and hot the last day to dig any up
  20. D

    Share your blooms - what’s ‘growing on’ in your landscape?

    Day Lillies Definitely do well with frost and hot dry... I have a few variations and it does well in UT. While living in AZ, Bougainvilleas were easy to grow low maintenance effortless plants loved them!
  21. marcy

    Now I really did it :(( guys for holidays and don’t join FB if you don’t want to. Nice to waking up to a new album in your inbox. Missy, I love the picture of Stella and your red shoes. Cute puppies and great ocean shot. As always your ice cream looks delicious. Glad to hear you enjoyed some soup from TJ’s...
  22. whitewave

    Finewater Gems Aquamarine meets Brian Gavin Diamonds

    @hypermom you know it! I saw Meghan come out for the reception in that Stella McCarthney dress with Di’s aquamarine ring and I thought, oh yes, I want, I must have, lol. @Tekate yes, fix it!!! I want to see it, and thank you!! @Bonfire thank you! @GlitterInMyHair yes, it is glamorous, thank...
  23. 2Neezers

    Looking for input, fur baby on the decline...

    I’m so happy to hear Jack is eating better. Stella & Chewy’s is an excellent brand. We give our girls their freeze dried beef Carnivore Crunch as a treat and they love it! One other thing I wanted to mention is that my pups have been very lazy and sleepy the last month or so since winter really...
  24. icy_jade

    Please Show us your Ring Family on One Hand

    Thank you! I’d originally thought that maybe the pics would serve to remind me to buy less... instead I was like... hey I’m lacking yellow, green, pink, orange... :wall: Found my original 2013 thread and these pics n contact:
  25. sledge

    When it’s time to say goodbye :(

    ...negotiation on price to kill the deal. She wouldn't have it. She got in the car with the dog and said pay the lady. Later I decided that Stella seemed like a good name for this choc lab. It was the first time I had a lab and was amazed at how smart the was as a pup. Truly I think she...
  26. m-2-b

    Royal Wedding

    She just appeared in her 2nd dress (a white, sleek halter neck dress by Stella McCartney)--gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!:love:
  27. sledge

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    I'm about ready to take a bat to my laptop. Not sure the deal, but here are some pics from my S9 phone. Had to include our fur baby, Stella.
  28. sledge

    Feeling like I need support

    ...Then a girl I was dating was insistent on getting a pup as we were living together. I was hesitant. Through an ad I then found my choc lab, Stella. She stole my heart and her personality, attitude and mannerisms remind me a lot of my Sharpei. She's not a replacement by any means but...
  29. SandyinAnaheim

    How much do you spend per yr. on your pets? help balance it. That is normally their dinner, and to make sure they get a completely balanced meal, I feed either The Honest Kitchen or Stella & Chewy's for breakfast. They eat scrambled eggs cooked in a little coconut oil 2-3 times a week, as eggs are the perfect protein that all...
  30. sledge

    Enlisting your expert help in finding a H&A 3-4 carat center stone

    I see we are a bunch of dog lovers. My choc lab, Stella, doing what she does best. This particular day, she was pouting because I wouldn't let her on the couch with me as I was working on something. She did such a good job pouting she fell asleep for real. :lol: She's spoiled rotten...