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    We still have a few things to iron out. If you see any bugs, issues or have any concerns, let us know here in this discussion.

  1. S

    BGD DBTY review

    First the stats: Signature Table % 55.2 Depth % 61.3 Report AGS - Ideal Crown Angle 34.6 Carat 0.351 Color I Pav Angle: 40.7 Clarity SI1 Measurements 4.53 X 4.55 X 2.79 Lab Cut Grade Ideal Culet Pointed Next negatives: - moves towards the right side slightly - I must favor my right -...
  2. Mico

    Happy wedding day Audball!

    ahhhhhh!!! Congrats!!! I have sooooo been waiting for this!
  3. audball

    Happy wedding day Audball!

    Using my lunch break at work today to try and write up a synopsis of our beautiful wedding day for you all! We left home the day before the wedding (Tues 10/29) bright and early. We got up just before 4am and we're fully packed in the car and on the road by just after 4:30am. Every mile we...
  4. Jas12

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    Curly, MsFlutter, Diver--thanks for all your parenting pearls of wisdom. I luv hearing your stories. I am usually one for researching everything. but parenting books don''t interest me so I think i will fall somewhere in the ''intuitive mothering'' category, maybe it is b/c i have been around...