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  1. Dandi

    Great Christmas gift suggestions - post them here!

    @Gussie funny you should mention that, it actually happened to my son...he ignored the neighbour's warning to jump off, and he was catapulted onto the ground (fortunately we have very thick, soft lawn!) Thankfully he wasn't hurt, and found it hilarious. I did have to stifle a giggle myself...hes...
  2. Dandi

    Selling Diamond

    Would the place that has the ring that you want take your diamond as a partial trade? Although I'd love to see your stone set, it's very, very beautiful :kiss2: I love how unique it is!
  3. Dandi

    New Project: 2ct Oval Semi-Bezel Ring

    This is SO beautiful, I can't wait to see the final result!
  4. Dandi

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    I love Frosty the Snowman lately, because listening to my 3 year old daughter sing it in her own words and think she's singing the correct lyrics, is just hysterical :D
  5. Dandi

    Great Christmas gift suggestions - post them here!

    @missy they're awesome! My 6 year old took to it straight away too without the slightest hesitation, it certainly took me a lot longer! And what gorgeous girls your nieces are :kiss2: Beautifully dressed too! Love the boots.
  6. Dandi

    Cut cornered square diamond rose gold ring

    I adore everything about this ring! I'm researching a square/cushion diamond for a RHR at the moment, and your has provided me with so much inspiration! Loving the rose gold too :kiss2::kiss2:
  7. Dandi

    My right hand ring

    WOW! That is so super glam, I love it!! :kiss2:
  8. Dandi

    Great Christmas gift suggestions - post them here!

    All my 6 year old son wants is a 2 wheel hoverboard. I'm all for anything that keeps him outdoors! :lol-2: I reckon they're a great teenager gift.
  9. Dandi

    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    Aaahhhh I'm in heaven!! Christmas can never come to early for me!! :kiss2: My kids are dying to put our tree and decorations out so that will be our Sunday afternoon this weekend. I don't know who's more excited, me or them!
  10. Dandi

    Dust for Aussie bush fire victims...

    It's heartbreaking, and terrifying...summer isn't even here yet.
  11. Dandi

    Better with or without twist eternity ring?

    I actually really like the twist band! It's nice to have options, you can stack them when you want a bit of extra glam, or even stacking the two bands without your e-ring would look really pretty for a more low key day. Either way looks gorgeous, but I do like the 3 bands together.
  12. Dandi

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    Huge congratulations on your engagement, and of course that beautiful ring!! Your FI is an amazing guy!
  13. Dandi

    Help me find a loose diamond please!

    Yay, that's so exciting @cb36!
  14. Dandi

    Custom Hoops :)

    Wow!! These are sensational!!
  15. Dandi

    Gray Spinel and Diamond Ring + Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

    Oh how I love this ring! Owning one of @mrs-b's own pieces would be a dream come true. And I'm with you, I love having a smaller collection that all works well together, with pieces that are thought out and compliment each other beautifully, which is just what you have. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!
  16. Dandi

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    I'd absolutely keep it, there's no way of knowing what your finger sizes will do. My fingers swelled during pregnancy but went back to their original size about 3 months post partum. In fact, after my second, my fingers were smaller than before! Like many others have said, wear it, enjoy it...
  17. Dandi

    Name your song

    Poles Apart, by Pink Floyd. My favourite song ever.
  18. Dandi

    E-ring upgrade to 3 stone halo :)

    Oh my! SO gorgeous and chunky and FABULOUS!!
  19. Dandi

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    @4ever aahhh so close! I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell, I hope you can enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy before your beautiful bubba arrives! @KKJohnson boo for overly punctual babies! :mrgreen: Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy!
  20. Dandi

    My Little Ball of Sunshine

    It looks sensational! Our amazing @mrs-b has the kindest, most generous spirit, and I'm so delighted you got her much coveted flower ring! And that yellow is beyond sensational! :kiss2: Happiness all around!
  21. Dandi

    E-ring upgrade to 3 stone halo :)

    Wowsers, that is going to be SPECTACULAR! I can't wait to see it, so you must be bursting with excitement!
  22. Dandi

    Need help with petite cushion - calling mrs-b and other cushion experts!

    Thank you lovely, you're amazing :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:
  23. Dandi

    Need help with petite cushion - calling mrs-b and other cushion experts!

    It definitely fits the bill! I wasn't planning on buying just yet, but they both look like winners. You're amazing @mrs-b, thank, you so much!
  24. Dandi

    Need help with petite cushion - calling mrs-b and other cushion experts!

    WOW @mrs-b that's a cracker!! You are GOOD! I would LOVE to keep it under $1000AUD for the diamond alone, which I thought may have been a bit unrealistic, but you've just proven me otherwise!!
  25. Dandi

    4 ct. Eternity should I go bigger?

    Welcome back!! I've missed you and your phenomenal bling!! I think that eternity is spot on, I wouldn't go bigger.
  26. Dandi

    Need help with petite cushion - calling mrs-b and other cushion experts!

    Hi @mrs-b and other cushion cut gurus! I've started the hunt for a petite solitaire to wear as a RHR, or work/travel e-ring for our upcoming wedding anniversary and Christmas present. All of my diamonds are round brilliants, so I am keen to delve into the world of cushions for this project! I...
  27. Dandi

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    My 5 stone e-ring, no doubt.
  28. Dandi

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    What a gorgeous name! Welcome to the world beautiful Hazel, and congratulations all around! I hope mummy recovers well from her caesarean, and what an amazing job she did!
  29. Dandi

    My new engagement ring upgrade

    Absolutely gorgeous, so classic and elegant, and a fabulous size!