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  1. doberman

    Acrylic nails

    I had acrylics way back in 1988. I got a fungus under one of them and that was the end. Then last year I tried gel nails. I loved the look and the fact that they didnt smudge or chip. But they were really hard on my nails so I took them off. My nails have always been healthy and grow long but I...
  2. doberman

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Congratulations on 20 years! Enjoy that beautiful ring!
  3. doberman

    Diamond Review Please

    Great stone, good choice!
  4. doberman

    Help Appreciated: Our Diamond Finalist?

    At SI1 I sincerely doubt you will have to worry about structural issues.:cool2: My SI diamond has held up through the years. Looks like a great stone!
  5. doberman


    @missy This NJ resident has 4 cats and a dog. It's so hard to see them in pain. I bathe my cats in Cats n Mites shampoo. They're all shelter cats, and Ninja had a terrible mite infestation when I got him. His ears were all malformed since the cartilage is destroyed with constant scratching. I...
  6. doberman

    SI1 Clarity in Larger Carats

    I believe that clarity is very much a mind game. For some people, just knowing that flaws exist in their stone is disturbing. They dont have to be visible or affect performance in any way to be viewed as undesirable. And then there are people like me who are fine with a well cut SI1. I have...
  7. doberman

    Land Rover - Vehicle Help!

    Not sure if this is helpful, but anyway..I have a Range Rover Sport, made by Land Rover, it's my 3rd one. My first lasted for 9myears before the engine needed a big job, so I turned it in and got a new one. My second Sport never had a problem, totally reliable, and so far the one I'm driving now...
  8. doberman

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    Yuck! Think of the bacteria living and multiplying on that ring. For 6 years! :knockout:
  9. doberman

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I fear for our culture, and I'm not just saying that as an old bag who's out of touch. These boring, staged, fake and vacuous individuals (influencers?? The only thing they influence with me is my incressed need to gag) are people's heroes now.
  10. doberman

    My doggies have passed away

    That's so sad, I'm really sorry. It's hard enough to lose one beloved pet, let alone two. I'm glad to hear about your little parrot, he sounds adorable. Eta: Oh Kenny, I saw your other thread. I'm truly sorry for all the loss you've had to endure.
  11. doberman

    Drilled diamond

    Good grief. The price they are charging for a necklace with a laser drilled .3ct diamond is insane. :eek2:
  12. doberman

    Bringing jewelry on cruise

    Broken clavicle? Well that's painful, my nephew did that in a hockey game. I'm sorry it happened to you!
  13. doberman

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    Well basically I'm just making a joke since the poster alluded to regretting selling some stones. I dont have an MBA so I'm not about to criticize someone's stock portfolio.
  14. doberman

    Bringing jewelry on cruise

    Funny you mention this, we're going on an Alaska cruise and tour this week coming up, and my strategy is to pare down rather than wear fake stuff which has no appeal to me, plus I'd feel kind of embarrassed to wear it. Typically I bring just one full set of jewelry: one wedding ring, engagement...
  15. doberman

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    How can you live with yourself? :lol:
  16. doberman

    David Koch is Dead

    Amen brother. I don't respect all human life any more than I believe every human who tells me something. Not all humans have shown themselves to be worthy of respect. Koch was a vile person and I totally understand if some are celebrating his demise. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - a celebration...
  17. doberman

    If you invited me over for dinner at your house...

    I'd be happy to tell you, just to make sure you dont have any allergies. It's the summer, so we'd have shrimp appetizer, home grown tomato, basil and mozzarella salad in balsamic, grilled fish and a rice dish and a blueberry pie for dessert. We're pretty simple cooks.
  18. doberman

    David Koch is Dead

    Rest in pieces.
  19. doberman

    After all these yrs on PS I have never use the report concern button

    I didn't even realize that there was a report concern button. This forum seems quite sedate and civilized. But now that I know about it I will have to use it on @Dancing Fire when he starts waxing rhapsodic on Republicans. :lol:
  20. doberman

    If you can turn back the clock would you change your college major?

    Absolutely. I'd probably pick chemistry or geology.
  21. doberman

    Can you write in CURSIVE? be honest now!!

    I used to have really nice penmanship in grade school, one of the best in class. Now I rarely use it and it looks like a mess.
  22. doberman

    My name is Melanie, I'm a klutz and my cat is cray cray!

    Cats! Mine are going to be the death of me on the stairs one day. They like to hang out literally at my feet...particularly when it's close to meal time.
  23. doberman

    Am I the only person who is afraid to enter a high-end boutique store?

    I generally only go in these stores when I'm seriously considering buying something. I dress very casually, but I'm quite neat and clean and someone always comes over to assist me. I'd love to go prowl in VCA again but im afraid I'd buy another Alhambra necklace. Then I'd need the matching...
  24. doberman

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    Oh I'm sorry, I know it hurts. But what a beautiful picture to have of him!
  25. doberman

    Received a surprise gift from BGD...

    Look at that sweet little thing! You're a lucky man, DF!
  26. doberman

    Who are the top democratic presidential candidates for 2020?

    @Arkteia I can't help it, I really want an intelligent person as president, and he is that. I thought he was the best in the last debate. And he did do a lot of good in Newark as mayor. Plus, as an NJ resident I have to go for the local guy. :D Anything to erase the hideous memory of the MAGA...
  27. doberman

    Who are the top democratic presidential candidates for 2020?

    The populist left has some interesting ideas, but its candidates won't win. I want someone who has a chance. If that means he's less than ideal I'm more than willing to settle.
  28. doberman

    House or purple diamond engagement ring?

    Those aren't diamonds, purple or otherwise and that ring didn't cost the price of a house. But for $25 she could get a manicure for heavens sake. The ring itself is hideous.
  29. doberman

    Who are the top democratic presidential candidates for 2020?

    I want Cory Booker. I think he could actually win.
  30. doberman

    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    This is my menagerie.