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  1. J

    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    I still have and use the GE electronic handmixer that my mom got as a wedding present in 1966. Talk about longevity!
  2. J

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    What an idiot. There is yellow in the environment showing in the stone (Jonathan wearing a yellow shirt that day? sometimes they show blue or grey or red so I always wonder who was wearing what on the day the video was taken). If you want to try to convince them, you could find some videos of...
  3. J

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    I know he's done smaller AVCs and AVRs. I just bought 20 pointer AVRs (from Good Old Gold) and I've seen 20 (or 30) pointer AVCs I think in some recent 3 stone rings he's done. If you are buying through him I'm betting he could have those made even if he doesn't have any currently.
  4. J

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    Here is an AVC I for under your diamond budget. (There is a K that is a bit bigger and about $300 more, but I wasn't sure you would go down in color that far.) I'd ask Jonathan if he has any small AVCs to go along with it - the extra diamond budget could go towards that. And then see what he...
  5. J

    Skin cleanser?

    I use Aveeno Ultra-Calming foaming cleanser. I checked and it looks like it doesn't have sodium laureth/lauryl sulfates. It's also inexpensive, which I like when it comes to cleansers (I'll spend money on things that spend more time on my skin...
  6. J

    Do you size your rings for your ring finger or other fingers?!

    If you are okay with wearing it on either your right middle or ring finger, I'd probably size it for the middle and then if sizes go up it would still fit your ring. I have some right ring finger rings that used to fit my middle finger before I had babies and my ring sizes on my right hand went...
  7. J

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    They have sand bags in long tube shapes that are awesome for snugging over the rear wheels of cars. (I drove an old Volvo RWD wagon for years, so I got very used to hauling those in and out of the car every winter/spring!)
  8. J

    David Klass CAD help

    Yeah, the one you love makes me wonder if what you really want is an elongated cushion instead of trying to create a more square cushion shape with your round diamond. (I'm in the land of switching between a round and a cushion right now, and having made a mistake with my first change, so I...
  9. J

    Show me your layered necklaces/pendants please!

    I do think the right chunkier chain could do it, especially that little bit shorter. I love mixing metals too, and have them mixed in both my wedding set and earrings. (Now to get a mixed metal pendant!)
  10. J

    Show me your layered necklaces/pendants please!

    For me, switching both the delicacy and the color of the gold is what is jarring. I think either making the chain closer to the style of the other chains could help, or going with yellow or rose gold. I'd also consider making the bezel beefier - doesn't have to be as dramatically ornate as...
  11. J

    What do you think of the stats of this stone?

    Tax is on the whole purchase (I just traded). Alas, diamond rings don't work like car trade ins.
  12. J

    AV Elyque Setting Opinion....

    I do see a difference between the CADs and the ring. In the CAD, the prongs for the halo stones are spaced apart from each other more, at the outer and inner edge, while in the actual ring they come much closer to each other. I think the stones are placed the same in both versions, but with...
  13. J

    Advice on these four stones

    I just wanted to point out that GOG also has this policy (I just used it), not that it is directly relevant in this case.
  14. J

    Engagement Ring Help

    Just a bit over your budget is this ideal cut Elyque oval from August Vintage.
  15. J

    Just ONE flavour......

    Paprika! (Have not had them since my trip to Switzerland almost a decade ago.)
  16. J

    Wedding registry gifts. IYO, How much is too much for a single item?

    It was my second marriage, but my wife's first. We were late 40s and combining households, so had all the basics. We knew people would want to get us things, so decided to have a registry due to the expectations, and had it set up for certain aspects of our family honeymoon with my daughters...
  17. J

    Which of 2 diamonds

    I'm also getting the feeling she might like a vintage diamond cutting style along with the setting. There are ideal cut versions of Old European Cut diamonds these days - fantastic light return in the old fashioned cutting style. I looked at August Vintage and here is a 1.25 E under your...
  18. J

    If I graduated with a Doctoral Degree but not from a medical field ...

    I have a doctorate and I use Dr. outside of academia too because then people aren't calling me Mrs., which I dislike (both when I was not married and now that I'm married). I'm fine with Ms. if someone wants to use that, but I earned the Dr. and prefer that title to Mrs. That said, this goes...
  19. J

    Our dog met a skunk....

    I've had the best luck with the solution you used, but needed to bathe a couple of times to really get the majority off. Our poor beagle got it in the face too, so we had to be extra careful around the eyes and mouth - I think we used a toothbrush dipped in the solution to really get it into...
  20. J

    Calling @joelly - Getting ready for Baby

    Really good advice here. As someone with a history of anxiety (who wasn't on meds while pregnant) I just want to mention that the way my PPD expressed itself was with anger, not anxiety or depression, and it also didn't happen until about 6 months after my first child was born when I was fully...
  21. J

    3-stone ring Girls - are you out there?

    Aww, thanks everyone! It is set in a custom 14k white gold very simple tapered pipe cut setting based on the only 3 stone setting I could find that I liked at Brilliant Earth (I think called the Selene). 14k yellow gold wedding ring with it. I'll see if I can dig around for some of my better...
  22. J

    3-stone ring Girls - are you out there?

    This is mine. .76 I VS1 AVR from GOG flanked by I/J 10 pointers. I know many like a three stone with substantial side stones but I like the proportions a lot smaller for the size contrast.
  23. J

    Help me choose a 6 prong setting

    Weecam's is not flush - if you look closely you can see where the wedding band(s) are pushed away from the ering just slightly due to the donut at the bottom of the ering head. Some people prefer this (sometimes even much more of a gap), and others prefer it to be flush, so it just depends on...
  24. J

    The diamond I ordered

    What about this one from WF? I've lost track of your wish list, but you'd get the upgrade policy, a near miss on the ACA, much higher color, above 3 carats. This is assuming you're okay with going over your budget similarly to your current stone. Don't know if it is eye clean but it didn't...
  25. J

    Help with unbranded 2 ct round

    I'm confused - you said the GOG one was SI1, yes? And they said it was eyeclean? I find that image much less worrisome (and I trust their assertion of eye clean - you can ask from what distance, e.g. do they mean 10" above, and you can even ask them to check from 8 or 6" if you want) than the...
  26. J

    Help me find an antique cushion!

    I checked AV's inventory, and they don't have anything close to 3 carats (in either AVRound or AVCushion). Neither did Victor Canera. Jewels by Grace has a 3 ct F VS1 you might want to check out!
  27. J

    How much SHOULD this house cost?

    On the way low end of the scale here, $120K in first ring suburb around Buffalo, NY.
  28. J

    Advice needed with my choice and road to buying

    I like that petite cathedral one the best - it seems to capture the band shape and taper well. OP it says 2mm for the band, but it clearly tapers smaller than that near the diamond.
  29. J

    Advice needed with my choice and road to buying

    I know the other posters are trying to help you find an option that will work with BN offerings, but if I were the one who wanted a flat vs. rounded band and a taper like the setting in your picture (this is also what I wanted), and I received a knife edge with no taper, I'd be disappointed.
  30. J

    Wearing white gold diamond ring 24/7?

    I have been wearing my white gold three stone ring for two years now, only taking it off in order to put my wedding band on. Sun, sea, sand, swimming, cleaning, etc. Now, I'm not sanding wood in it, and I did have to be careful climbing down a lava rocky cliff in Hawaii so I didn't scratch up...