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  1. suzanne2

    #JOTW An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Staring at these pictures I'm still absolutely stunned. You have outdone yourself. Wow.
  2. suzanne2

    Inside a rubin

    $25.00 LOL
  3. suzanne2

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    Mine has the glow you are talking about, but only in certain lighting. Most of the time it's a clear sparkly pool of green water. Yours is gorgeous!!
  4. suzanne2

    #JOTW My ER from the 1930s

    JOTW!! Congratulations! Your ring is stunning!:kiss2:
  5. suzanne2

    Stone IDea...Leuco garnet ?

    I saw the fracture and immediately thought 'glass', but after going down the wormhole of garnet identification I found that they have a conchoidal fracture, plus the RI is wrong. The other idea is garnets can be identified with a magnet. From Wikipedia: For gem identification purposes, a...
  6. suzanne2

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I was looking at your post with all the rings on one hand and this one popped out at me. I was wondering how often you wore it. It's a beautiful ring. You lucky girl!!
  7. suzanne2

    Please Show us your Ring Family on One Hand

    This ring is the one ring to rule them all. It is still my favorite! The setting is divine and it looks perfect on your hand. Wow.
  8. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    Pics of both on the same hand is a great idea. The 1.5 is gorgeous in the indoor shot but as you said, it washes out when you go outside. How feasible is a quick day trip to see them?
  9. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    I like the second one...but after seeing the real life pics you post, I should keep my mouth shut. I've lurked on a zillion pad threads and this is the hardest color to buy. You are going about it the right way Lilith. No deadline and training your eye. I'm too lazy to read the entire thread...
  10. suzanne2

    Old Cut Color

    At 18cm, you would hardly have to squint. That is a honker of a button...
  11. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    That's too bad. I had hopes for the larger one.
  12. suzanne2

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    You have the coolest jewelry! Did you do a pic on the "show your rings on one hand" thread?
  13. suzanne2

    Mens Bling Eyecandy Folder

    Fantastic! My father wore the exact same ring. A beautiful star sapphire in yellow gold, the only difference was a few prongs. I love this ring! Enjoy.
  14. suzanne2

    Seaglow's Finds

    Jeez, Seaglow, when you post, you post with a vengeance!! My favorite is the 5.34 Mazambique, it just jumps off the page. That grape agate specimen is to die for. Last trip to Tucson I bought these two specimens and because I'm not organized I couldn't tell you what they me they are...
  15. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    I vote Yes!
  16. suzanne2

    My Burma Myanmar gemstones :)

    You can't tease us without posting pictures!!
  17. suzanne2

    My Burma Myanmar gemstones :)

    "Actually, it kinda shifts 4 colors....some a bit with yellow and some with blue. Bought an entire parcel (with about 4 color changers) and I’m going to do a set for myself. I kept a colorchanging cab for myself." That's a honker of a sapphire @Burmesedaze!! Will you halo it??? :lol:
  18. suzanne2

    My Burma Myanmar gemstones :)

    Hey there Seaglow!! Long time so see! Honestly, I had to look up what an AJP was. "Imagine greeting customers with assurance. Answering questions with poise. Providing knowledge and excellent service." From the GIA site. You could have done this anyway but it's nice to have the paper to prove...
  19. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    I chime in when I see the color I like, which isn't everyone's cup of tea. This one shouts "look at me!" I know many people say the soft pastel stones are true pads yet I love the saturation on this one.
  20. suzanne2

    My Burma Myanmar gemstones :)

    Girlfriend, you work hard and play hard! I love how your taste has changed and evolved over the years. 40 bangles?? Didn't you just start collecting?? I remember when you thought bangles didn't come in your size! LOL, you are too funny.
  21. suzanne2

    My Burma Myanmar gemstones :)

    As I've said before, this is one of my favorite threads on PS. Anything new to show? Also, I know you keep up with @Seaglow IRL and I'm missing her as well. Tell her I'm thinking about her ok?
  22. suzanne2

    The Pricescope Hall of Fame - Iconic Pricescope jewelry

    @Poodles4me A big thank you for adding my ring! You are so sweet.
  23. suzanne2

    My Chameleon Aquamarine Finally Arrived!!!

    Thank you! I still love love love this ring. It's also the perfect marriage of casual and dressy. Hi @Rfisher :wavey: Thank you!! You are a sweetheart.
  24. suzanne2

    #JOTW An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    Whoa!! They are ALL beautiful! On her, I like the plain - can you call it plain? - pearls with the diamond centerpiece. It compliments her skin tone and will go with everything. For me, it would be the emerald on the chain simply because I can't carry off the pearls. Your DH is so beautiful and...
  25. suzanne2

    1ct Q/R bezel heart pendant

    This is super! It looks huge! Can you give the stats?
  26. suzanne2

    My 4.5 carat old mine cut

    I'm not an old cut girl, but this stone has changed my mind. It's gorgeous! Do you have any profile shots?
  27. suzanne2

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    The eternity is gorgeous! Favorite stack is the one with the metal band (blue?). It contrasts nicely with the diamonds. Congratulations!
  28. suzanne2

    Padparadscha journey

    Now you are close to my favorite color pad. I see brown but not overwhelming. I suspect a window?
  29. suzanne2

    Pink burmese spinel

    Clever girl! It's gorgeous!!
  30. suzanne2

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    Hi Shicara, Thank you! It really is overwhelming how nice everyone has been about my simple bangle.