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  1. cflutist

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Spent 15 nights in Antarctica on a luxury Silversea Expedition cruise doing several zodiac landings each day and hiked on the Continent. It was a bucket list cruise for sure.
  2. cflutist

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I have to agree with you on the new RX350s. We bought a new RX450h in 2014 with the old style grill (I don't like the new grills either) and the LED screen more integrated in the dash than the new ones. We drove a 2018 loaner last year when we had routine maintenance and it bugged me how the LED...
  3. cflutist

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Senior Discount
  4. cflutist

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    I have my HPD Symphonie on today. I alternate between my pear, HPD Symphonie, or HPD Trilogie erings. The 18k Rolex is an old watch with the champagne tapestry dial early 80s.
  5. cflutist

    Portable ultrasonic

    I just travel with a soft toothbrush and use whatever liquid soap that is available, e.g. bath gel or clear shampoo without conditioner, in the hotel room or cruise ship cabin. My rings are all set with the diamond pavilions accessible for easy cleaning. The ultrasonic stays home.
  6. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    As I recall there were 4 side stones that were available. I picked the two that matched the best, and called Wink at 10 PM to put them on hold, like everything else online you strike when the iron is hot, a split second layer someone else could have reserved your desired suite on the cruise ship.
  7. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    N s are as beautiful as Wink's Papa and my 2.31 Q-VVS2, that diamond was a steal at the same price as what we paid for my .80 Fancy Yellow from Tiffany, that stupid blue box, lol.
  8. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    Why thank you. We are all different but I prefer quality within reason over quantity. I am a little anal retentive being a retired software engineer.
  9. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    Yes definitely. If a F-VS1 in that size was available, then sure as the side stones are both .53 F VS1/2 also within .01mm of each other with same CA and PAs. Pretty darn close if you ask me.
  10. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    Never compared them side by side for obvious reasons. But there is a very slight difference in tint between my 2.18 E-VS1 and 2.79 F-VS1, not a fair comparison while mounted, but I did compare them on a white diamond sorting tray under north daylight.
  11. cflutist

    VS1 or eye clean SI1?

    No some of us like "mind clean" per @Dancing Fire. Something out there for everyone.
  12. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    That's one of the reasons that I traded in my 2.21 F-SI1 for a 2.18 E-VS1 CBI. The new diamond is .01mm smaller than the old one. It fit perfectly in HPD Triologie. General guidelines are that diamonds within .20mm can be set in the same head.
  13. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    Yes, SI2s are a great value. My original stone was a 2.21 F-SI1, CBI had it recently regraded and asked them to lower the clarity to SI2, and since they removed the CBI logo on the girdle it also lost a tiny bit of weight to 2.20. The person who bought it got a great deal and paid a lot less...
  14. cflutist

    New CBI E SI2 available!

    I bet you @Wink would know the answer to that question. I can tell you that sometimes it goes in the opposite direction too. My CBI cut to order was projected to be 2.3+ but because they found a nick in the girdle, Paul repolished the entire diamond producing a 2.21 instead. A nick is considered...
  15. cflutist

    Dreaming of a diamond tennis bracelet however...

    No they have not. I have had the bottom one since 2004 and have worn it almost every day. When I first joined PS I contacted Brian Gavin at WF and @Wink . Brian never gave me an estimate so I went with Wink.
  16. cflutist

    Dreaming of a diamond tennis bracelet however...

    If I didn't already have a Fancy Intense Yellow bracelet, I would buy this one.
  17. cflutist

    Dreaming of a diamond tennis bracelet however...

    Yeah, and yellow gold to boot :lol-2: Seriously, I only wear my HPD ones on a daily basis.
  18. cflutist

    How do you pick what bling to pack?

    Depends on where we are going. Just wore a plain 18KY band to Antarctica because I knew that I would be getting in and out of zodiacs to go ashore. Alaska, would wear what I normally wear. Pear or CBI ering, RHR was HPD Trilogie or Queen Pari, one or two tennis bracelets and a pendant...
  19. cflutist

    Anyone have/seen this ‘swoopy’ Stuller soli in person?

    From left to right: Platinum X1 white gold 18k white gold From top down X1 18k White Gold Platinum Melissa tells me that there are palladium/white gold mixes available too.
  20. cflutist

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    That's the one I bought when all the other PS ladies were buying Sharper Image ones. I called several local jewelers and asked what brands they used. I figured that if they were running them 8 - 10 hours a day, then good enough for me. I use the same logic when buying power tools for hubby.
  21. cflutist

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    My L&R Quantrex is still made in the USA
  22. cflutist

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    Agree that each of us has different levels of color acuity. I didn't miss any on the Munsell Color test, but hubby missed 35. He just can't see the differences while I can. He also can see very well at night while I am stumbling around in dark parking lots. Yes I am aware of White Balance and...
  23. cflutist

    Documenting Yellow Fluorescence

    Some of my FIY rounds in a bracelet fluorescing yellow.
  24. cflutist

    Article, does your engagement ring look cheap lol

    I don't think that my custom HPD/CBI rings look cheap, but someone asked me if my rings were fake on our last cruise, and the $34k cruise was on an upscale cruiseline too, LOL! :lol-2: :x2
  25. cflutist

    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.

    It is because most consumers are impressed by size and know that others are impressed by size and not by cut quality, or color and clarity for that matter. When I wear my 3.01 F-SI1 pear on cruises, I get all kinds of compliments. When I wore my 2.18 E-VS1 and 2.79 F-VS1 CBIs on my last...
  26. cflutist

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Yes she knows, she has seen and complimented all of my jewelry from Winfield's/High Performance Diamonds. She even knows that I went to Wink's house for dinner when visiting her and her daughter's family in Boise (actually Nampa and Kuna). But she wanted to go to Jared's because she could pick...
  27. cflutist

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Here is my Jared story. My brother who lives in BOISE Idaho of all places contacted me to get @Wink s contact information so he could finally buy his wife a diamond ering after 20 years of marriage. I thought that he had some brains because he is an engineer for HP. He was overruled by my SIL...
  28. cflutist

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    2.18 E-VS1 CBI on the left 2.79 F-VS1 CBI on the right Both on a diamond tray. I think that the stone on the left is whiter.
  29. cflutist

    September 6, 2019

    I would not buy 18k WG for a D color diamond. Platinum is a whiter metal. Also ask what quality the melee are, imo GHI melee would not look too good with a D color diamond.
  30. cflutist

    Which would you choose?

    Both CBIs are primo stones. The VS2 is very clean, there are some VS2 with more/larger clarity characteristics than the stone under consideration. For myself, I would pick the F-VS1 for mind clean reasons only (I have 2.79 F-VS1 and 2.18 E-VS1 CBIs). For you and everyone else out there...