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  1. sledge

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    That shows a very limited time snap of data and doesn't define market trends IMO. Helping people find stones over the past year or two would contradict your findings. I've not saw 42% discounts on G stones with medium+ levels of fluor. Nor have I saw K's with fluor trade for premiums. At...
  2. sledge

    Jewelers that do not require appraisals?

    JM accepted my receipts for the BGD stone and custom DK setting. I never asked them to do comps. In fact just a few months ago I renewed the policy. Nearly had a heart attack. A month or two prior to the renewal I had lost my bank card and USAA promptly replaced it. Apparently, I forgot to...
  3. sledge

    Jewelers that do not require appraisals?

    When I bought my wife's diamond, JM didn't require more than the receipt from BGD. In fact I think you can insure for 10% extra IIRC. Depending on the value of the piece you recently had done, are you aware most homeowner and renter policies have some built in coverage? It's fairly limited...
  4. sledge

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    As a consumer who bought his wife a MB stone, I can say my opinion has changed as I've learned more. My current thoughts seem to be the only thing that is really predictable is the buyer should receive a price discount of some magnitude for medium+ levels of fluor. I also think it's a...
  5. sledge

    Thoughts on this diamond

    Hi @llyamah, I just recently saw your message on my profile here. Is this one of the stones recommended? If so, the proportions look very promising. One concern I have are the inclusions. This stone has clouds as the grade setting inclusion with a note that additional clouds, pinpoints and...
  6. sledge

    Your thoughts please

    Thanks for the kind words @Mr_GL, they are appreciated. I'm just glad my ramblings helped guide you in a positive way! Congrats on making a tough decision and finding your....errr, her.....sparkle bomb. Part of the diamond buying process we don't talk about much here, at least from a guy's...
  7. sledge

    Need Help Comparing Diamonds

    Echo @rockysalamander's recommendation to have @Wink give you his personal opinion of the two stones. He's a very trustworthy source and I don't think you can capture the true beauty of a stone in video. That said....based on the my eyes, the G looked a little more lively. Maybe it...
  8. sledge

    Will this cavity be an issue?

    Yes, the cavity is definitely located on the pavilion. I've taken the GIA cert image you provided and made my own notes. The pavilion view is on the right, and the top/table view is on the left. You can see the cavity is located around the 8pm position on the pavilion. Additionally, this...
  9. sledge

    Need Help Comparing Diamonds

    Unfortunately this forum does not allow PM's for new or experienced users. I'm happy to answer on this thread. Alternatively you can reach me on LT.
  10. sledge

    Will this cavity be an issue?

    FYI, for ease of others....
  11. sledge

    Will this cavity be an issue?

    I personally do not like cavaties and it would deter me from purchasing. By chance, have you received the stone yet? There can be two types. One is a defect that basically comes out during polishing and creates a void in the surface of your diamond. Another is internally formed inside the...
  12. sledge

    Diamond is set! Are the prongs ok? :/

    I might note while having them fix the alignment you may consider how the arrows in the diamond align in relation to everything. Also if the diamond needs rotated so you can read the GIA/AGS certification number on the girdle. Sometimes the prongs will cover up part or all of the number. Not...
  13. sledge

    Think i goofed on my wifes setting measuremnts help!

    Haha, as an older work mate used to say....that's finer than the hair on a frogs a$$. It's technically a difference but so minute it will cause no issues.
  14. sledge

    Appraisal Concern on Costco Diamond Band

    FWIW, check your homeowners policy. Mine includes several thousand dollars for jewelry and firearms by default. We took a separate JM policy on my wife's rings because they exceed the base coverage we get for free with our homeowners policy. Same deal with guns. I'm not even going to...
  15. sledge

    Round diamond advice

    Point light return is what makes the diamond world go round. Absolutely do not sacrifice on cut. Not only will it do the magic fire dance, but because the angles are right it reflects light properly making the stone look brighter and also illuminates the stone...
  16. sledge

    I'm such a chicken

    That's a really pretty setting that has such a cool and unique vibe to it. I would definitely talk the jeweler about your options. When I custom designed my wife's e-ring, having an airline was very important to her because the way it wraps around it essentially creates a halo type look and...
  17. sledge

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    WF's trade-in policy includes all their of their in-house brands: ACA, PS and ES.
  18. sledge

    What do you think of this Diamond for an engagement ring

    In addition to the already very sound advice you've been given I might add that color is a RANGE meaning their can be variance between two stones graded the same K color for example. One might appear closer to a J, where another might appear closer to an L. Other times a stone may be in the...
  19. sledge

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    I'm a guy. And I'm not sure I understand the whole idea of a promise ring. I remember some of my buddies doing that when I was in high school but it was like a cheap $100-300 ring. I never gave one myself. Figured I'd either find the right one to marry or do some sampling before I popped...
  20. sledge

    Strong Fluorescence - Opinions on Engagement Purchase Please!

    Agree with @tyty333, most stones aren't an issue but when buying it's a good idea to inspect each and every stone as if it could be an issue. Is there a reason you are asking this? Does the stone give you a particular look you don't like, or are you just nervous? I might add a minor...
  21. sledge

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    Wow, looks amazing! Again congrats and job well done!! Now comes the fun part of asking. And I mean that genuinely, as I believe we as guys don't buy a ring and plan to ask unless we really already know the answer. Then before too long, fretting over the ring will be nothing but a distant...
  22. sledge

    Buying an engagement ring

    Very wise. Learned the hard way it's a bad idea to mix business and friendship/family. For me, life is better that way. I can freely give my time, money or other resources without any expectation of repayment which makes giving a truly incredible gift & experience. It also means if I can't...
  23. sledge

    Is this a good diamond?

    The 60.7 depth is okay. Here are the proportions I recommend staying within for best results. As always, proportions & angles aren't the end all when it comes to evaluating stones. We have to consider the rounding & averaging of actual values and how precise the faceting is on each particular...
  24. sledge

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Thanks @MissGotRocks , she's got quite a personality. Very sweet and passionate about life. I'd be lost without her. Despite being a dog she's been through thick and thin with me. If you have your original pic, you can try to delete the existing and re upload. I bet it will fix it.
  25. sledge

    Is this a good diamond?

    Echo the thoughts of making sure it's eye clean. In addition to having what seems lots of inclusions I also noticed clouds are the grade setting inclusion and the notes say additional clouds not shown. That can be a dangerous combo. Most VS2's are good but not all of them, so I would...
  26. sledge

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    The sizes changed when they updated, and it appears the system tried to "auto fit" the avatar properly; however, it didn't work out perfectly. Mine is also off center but not as noticeable as yours, and I've just not been bothered enough to fix it. Although now that animated GIFs can be used...
  27. sledge

    Looking for New Email Client...

    I was looking at this. If I interpreted correctly this is an email provider (with custom domain capability) that appears to be web based. Similar to a Google business service where it's all web based, but it appears to have a much cleaner interface IMO. Of course I've never been a fan of the...
  28. sledge

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    FWIW, my wife's e-ring was done in CAD and then cast by David Klass (DK). I used their WG palladium alloy and cost for the setting was around $2k USD. Granted her design was different than most and had pave and channel set stones. I'd think hand forged would be 1.5 to 2x that amount.
  29. sledge

    Looking for New Email Client...

    Thanks @Karl_K. I may setup my Outlook and try the custom search thing. I appreciate the tip. Wonder why the Mac version of Outlook did that by default but the Win version doesn't?
  30. sledge

    Engagement ring help

    In regards to fluor, it isn't as bad as some people give it a rep for being. I bought my wife a BGD H VS2 stone with medium blue fluor (MBF) and it performs beautifully. It is true fluor can create a hazy/milky appearance. So you should always be safe and ask the vendor if that is an issue...