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  1. GliderPoss

    Royal Jewels

    In Oz we (mostly) wear poppies for ANZAC Day and a sprig of rosemary for Remembrance Day. Since ancient times this aromatic herb has been believed to have properties to improve the memory. Perhaps because of this, rosemary became an emblem of both fidelity and remembrance in literature and...
  2. GliderPoss

    purple spinel, worth it?

    Looks beautiful to me, seems rare to find a spinel with no grey modifier.
  3. GliderPoss

    If you could time travel where would you go?

    Oooh maybe back to the 1800's? I've always felt born out of my time...
  4. GliderPoss

    Amber necklace for teething

    How about Bonjela gel? Frozen rusks to chew on?
  5. GliderPoss

    Personal Freedom, personal responsibility and social control.

    I can agree with this. I think we all know some things are NOT good for society as a whole: obesity, smoking, alcoholism, driving without a seat-belt or whilst on the phone. It benefits us all to reward good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour. The cost of obesity on the public health system...
  6. GliderPoss

    Name your favorite sad song.

    Dunno how to show it like those above but this one here is the link: Memories "Top Gun" Soundtrack It's from when *sob* Goose dies :cry2: this song always brings me to tears.
  7. GliderPoss

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    I agree $4K is a LOT to spend on a promise ring, are you planning to spend significantly more on the engagement ring? I'd spend a few hundred bucks then save the rest for the main event...
  8. GliderPoss

    The Ring Saga

    TBH *to me* the different is absolutely minuscule between inspiration and final result. Looks beautiful to me :love: Only thing I don't actually like so much, is the little gaps between each block....
  9. GliderPoss

    Satéur “diamonds”

    Loving the models and their super awkward poses... :lol:
  10. GliderPoss

    Do you listen to country music? Post your favorite songs.

    One of my favourites - Pub with no beer... by Australian legend Slim Dusty But I also don't mind Garth Brooks, Gary Allen and Allan Jackson etc. :dance:
  11. GliderPoss

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    Hmm lots of good advice here although I agree the promise ring idea seems confusing and sounds like your girlfriend and her family are expecting THIS to be the engagement ring. Stop and have this serious conversation with her first before buying anything! :naughty: I would either buy the...
  12. GliderPoss

    Various gems I’m debating on setting

    Lordy what a gorgeous collection! My vote is the 6 carat purple tourmaline cuprian
  13. GliderPoss

    I'm back, a decade later, with another (possible) cat's eye chrysoberyl Victorian stickpin

    I don't know exactly what it is but it's absolutely lovely. What about making it into a pendant to wear with your ring?
  14. GliderPoss

    Anyone else hate fireworks with a passion?

    I love them! Thankfully my dogs couldn't care less so it's never bothered us.
  15. GliderPoss

    Can you share a time when you realized a friend wasn't really your friend?

    I mentioned this in a another thread recently but a close friend of mine for the past 18 months or so suddenly turned out to be literally a pathological liar. I mean, almost everything I knew about him was false or greatly exaggerated. He blatantly stole tens of thousands of $$$ from everyone he...
  16. GliderPoss

    Update on my new refurbished ring *pics*

    Love it, very sleek!
  17. GliderPoss

    Aquamarine in Platinum Art Deco Halo

    Absolutely gorgeous! I adore asscher cuts :kiss2:
  18. GliderPoss

    Dust for Aussie bush fire victims...

    Please can you pray/send dust for the people affected by bush fires sweeping across our nation right now. :pray: The sky is thick with ash & smoke, the sun is orange and the birds have stopped singing. Three people have lost their lives so far with many injured and their homes destroyed...
  19. GliderPoss

    Earrings idea... thoughts?

    UPDATE: Hey Daniel M just finished these earrings and I am beyond thrilled! :love: I ended up buying some 6mm round Amethysts to use instead and I'm glad I did. (Will use the EC's for another project). What do you think? :dance:
  20. GliderPoss

    LOVE This!

    Awww this ad brings a tear to my eye.... I couldn't agree more. We ate together as a family every night and it was really special. I miss the warmth and friendliness of people particularity on commutes in the city. I'm in a country town at the moment and honestly people ARE more friendly &...
  21. GliderPoss

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Hmmm... I'm not very adventurous but I did do a mini-bungy jump in Europe. I'm not afraid of heights but definitely heart skipped a beat when I looked down! o_O
  22. GliderPoss

    How much homework for kindergarten?

    Hmmm think it varies by school but as far as I know homework in primary school, or at least the first few years is "optional". :think: They encourage it but doesn't matter if the kids don't turn it in. I think in Year 6 it's important for them to get into the routine of homework else high school...
  23. GliderPoss

    What life changing event have you experienced?

    I just found out one of my closest friends for the past year is a pathological liar... most of what I know about this person is complete bulls*t and they have questionable morals and motives. :wall: If I didn't have trust issues already after my marriage breakup, I sure as hell do now! :lol:
  24. GliderPoss

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in rural NSW, Oz and currently living pretty close to where I was born but about to move to ACT.
  25. GliderPoss

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    Ugh sooo many things I wish i could do/was good at like: Sing (I'm totally tone deaf) Sew my own clothes Paint or draw beauitfully Play piano Speak a foreign language fluently Maths...any maths really! :lol:
  26. GliderPoss

    recommendations for custom sterling silver bangle with 9 scattered .15 diamonds

    I'm in Oz but send stuff to Daniel M on Etsy. He is great to work with and actually cheaper than anyone I've found locally so far.
  27. GliderPoss

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    Yeah try corn/zuccini fritters with bacon, poached eggs, spinach/greens and topped with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce - trust me it's divine... :lickout:
  28. GliderPoss

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Hmmm... :think: think I feel like everything will work out okay in the end no matter what so overall less panic, less drama. More experience and patience with the world.
  29. GliderPoss

    You have $400 to spend at Tiffany. What are you buying?

    Yeah the beans are super cute! I'd go for that.
  30. GliderPoss

    Say your kid had a teacher you really liked and....

    I totally get it but could possibly be auto-correct? ie. she quickly wrote a reply via her phone email I wouldn't correct it but I understand the desire to! :lol: