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  1. Johnbt

    A message to the trade from one of my favorite rabble rousers, Martin Rapaport.

    "Edit: This is NOT an attack on any particular person on this forum. " Sounds like you need to find better places to shop. I know that there are better places out there, along with the usual assortment of duds run by people of all ages. I'm just a 69-year-old guy who enjoys spending money and...
  2. Johnbt

    Round diamond advice

    " I’m nervous to do an online purchase. Should I be? " Yes, I was. :) I'm just an old retired guy who got remarried last year. It's okay to follow the regular forum members' advice about stones and vendors. I was very nervous when I wired over $20,000 to Whiteflash. When the rings were ready...
  3. Johnbt

    Louis Vuitton's owner may buy Tiffany ...

    He can afford $14.5 billion with a reported net worth of over $100 billion. Whether his company can afford it is another question, as is whether they should even do the deal. "The Most Expensive Engagement Ring in the World is the Blue Diamond Ring by Bvlgari which was sold in April 2013 for...
  4. Johnbt

    Did De Beers kick an own goal with their lab diamonds offering?

    If you believe wikipedia, De Beers only controls 35% of the world market for rough diamonds. "De Beers Group still sells approximately 35%[4] of the world's rough diamond production through its global sightholder and auction sales businesses " Is De Beers losing sales to the 65% majority...
  5. Johnbt

    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    I always have a good chuckle when I'm driving and see a store with a large BOGO sign out front. Buy One Get One? Isn't that how it works everywhere? You buy one, you get one. I only get excited when it says Buy One Get Two. :mrgreen2:
  6. Johnbt

    Wife Droped Diamond...

    The garbage disposal? I thought I was bad. You win. I lost her new platinum and diamond engagement ring on the beach for 1.5 hours or so in April of '18. But we went back and found it just as the tide came in. It's fine. No telling if anyone drove over it. I may have...
  7. Johnbt

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    "and got out because there is no room for them in here." There's plenty of room. Endless room in fact, unless the server chokes. But it's a discussion forum on the internet and forums are not for the fainthearted. It takes a certain amount of gumption to make a post on a public forum and wait...
  8. Johnbt

    Show me your 1.5 ct

    This is a round 1.51 ct 7.39 mm set in a size 5.5 platinum Vatche U-113. A WF ACA F VVS2 fwiw. If it looks a little dirty it's because these were taken after it spent 1.5 hours lost on the beach. :)
  9. Johnbt

    Need dust! My diamond studs are missing...

    Great. :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: I was about to volunteer to bring my wife over and find them for you. We're good. And lucky. :lol-2:
  10. Johnbt

    Article, does your engagement ring look cheap lol

    What are they calling cheap. They aren't cheap, they are inexpensive. But not too inexpensive. Otoh, you would think Walmart would throw in a box of Cracker Jack if you spend $8.88.
  11. Johnbt

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    "These will last you a lifetime unlike the Chinese made ones which will only last about 2 yrs." I turned 69 yesterday. Don't know if I really need to invest in anything that will last 30 or 40 years. :))
  12. Johnbt

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    I bought this Magnasonic last November. It cleans. And it's still working. We only use it every couple of weeks though, not daily. Pretty good deal for less than $35. I use a little blue Dawn in the the water and then run a short cycle with clean water...
  13. Johnbt

    Cleaning of Diamonds: Frequency in the Context of Cut Quality

    I think I should clean my wife's ring today. We've been at the beach since Saturday and the sunscreen, hand lotion, body lotion and fresh seafood have taken a toll on the shine. Or maybe it was the fried seafood or even the wonderful garden pizza last night with an appetizer of shrimp &...
  14. Johnbt

    help, you guys, I'm so bad at diamond math!

    If they're 2.5 mm, yes they're probably 1.2. If they're 2.25 mm, no they're 0.8. I had to look it up. 1.5 mm. 0.015 ct. 1.75 mm. 0.02 ct. 1.8 mm. 0.025 ct. 2 mm. 0.03 ct. 2.25 mm. 0.04 ct. 2.5 mm. 0.06 ct. 2.75 mm. 0.08 ct. I have a...
  15. Johnbt

    What the ...?!?

    " because it reminds them of the sand on some remote island they vacationed on!" It reminds me of a piece of broken bottle I stepped on at the beach. Minus the blood of course.
  16. Johnbt

    GIA measurments vs. Sarin measurements - variability?

    In a word, rounding. "Typically, proportions and angles provided in AGS reports have been found to be spot on and precise. On the other hand, GIA applies a slightly different methodology when displaying their measurements...
  17. Johnbt

    Signet (Zales, Kay, Jared, James Allen) Stock has Fallen 74% in One Year

    Google Signet lawsuit and see how many there were just this year. I'll give you a head start by listing a couple... " Jan 16, 2019 - Sterling Jewelers Inc, whose brands include Kay Jewelers and Jared...
  18. Johnbt

    WF ACA vs HPD CBI In-Person Viewing: .Going from 9F to 1.2J!

    Great story. Happy it worked out for you. :) ____________________ As far as... "diamonds are a luxury item-the buying experience shouldn't feel like you're going in to buy a set of car tires" ... I love buying great tires. I suppose it's different for me, being a 68-year-old newlywed (last...
  19. Johnbt

    De Beers Sightholders Struggling

    "The rise of the industry out of the stone age, DeBeers has been kicking and dragging into being a modern company and the site holders are also." And the storefront retailers could use some help too getting out from behind their glass cases and meeting the customers halfway. They are the ones...
  20. Johnbt

    De Beers Sightholders Struggling

    "More info if you want to dig into the weeds:" Thank you for the link to the 153-page pdf. I got as far as page 7 and had to stop. The graphic at the top of the page was too much. Are the rest of their numbers this accurate? "Directors At-A-Glance, NUMBER OF INDEPENDENT DIRECTORS 11, 50% WOMEN...
  21. Johnbt

    Got a little upgrade ... but what’s this inclusion?

    Shifter knob. :evil2: But a very classy one. Not just one of these for $18...
  22. Johnbt

    Just for fun—gemstone/diamond ring enhancer?

    The pictures helped. I was confused for a moment about what a diamond enhancer was. At first I thought you were talking about my wife. :mrgreen2:
  23. Johnbt

    USAA / stolen ring update

    "When you get in a car wreck, you have to get you car fixed where the insurance company tells you to go." No you don't. One of the leading auto body companies in Richmond VA runs regular ads on TV and clearly states in every single one that you DO NOT have to take it where they say. I've known...
  24. Johnbt

    USAA / stolen ring update

    " I don't understand how I can pay for a policy on the e-ring alone for $11k+ and it be worth only approx. $5k." If they knew precisely what they were insuring and they knew they could make it/replace it for $6k, then why didn't they base the premium on that $6k valuation? That was the extent...
  25. Johnbt

    ACA Premium

    "Actually there are a lot of zombie stones of all sizes and colors/clarity but it stands out more due to the lower volume of the larger high color stones." So it's just like online dating? :bigsmile: Been there, done that, but married a woman I used to work with. We started dating 2 years...
  26. Johnbt

    ACA Premium

    re: With Clarity Nice site. I'd never heard of them so I cruised through it. Is it just me, or do other people see typos and think they should drop the site owners a line to please fix it? Seriously, the typo is even in a sentence containing the words "meticulous care." "We produce ever ring...
  27. Johnbt

    ACA Premium

    It’s on hold according to HPD and somebody likes it at that price. But I repeat myself.
  28. Johnbt

    ACA Premium

    That HPD Diamond is “being crafted” and is on hold. Somebody liked it.
  29. Johnbt

    Some PSers will defend their favorite vendors with their life..

    I’m a practical shopper, but it doesn’t take much to sway my vote.