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  1. pinklemonadegurl

    Neil Beaty info????

    Thank you so much @OoohShiny @Snowdrop13 @the_mother_thing @headlight @Mamabean @LinSF @Wewechew @lovedogs. Your kind words comfort my heart. Let's just say older and wiser, let love lead my heart for a long time in this one, but I finally used what I learned in my first marriage, my divorce and...
  2. pinklemonadegurl

    Neil Beaty info????

    Can anyone provide his contact information? I am selling my 2.53 rb ACA due to broken engagement. Thank you!
  3. pinklemonadegurl

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    Your hands are STUNNING, and either ring will be a sparkly and eye-catching testament to your love and commitment. Happy and excited for you-has he 'hinted' as to when......:Up_to_something2:
  4. pinklemonadegurl

    Color regrets...maybe...

    My J ACA is soo spectacular that the "J" does not bother me in the slightest. I love high colour but am realizing that to me, size matters, and in order to procure larger stones, I must come down in colour. My 2ctw rb studs are G, but not as well cut as my ACA. Unless side by side with my...
  5. pinklemonadegurl

    Needing positive thoughts,misplaced my asscher

    I lost a 2.5 rb years ago ( upgraded to a 3.79):D, and lost a diamond band once, same as you, noting to myself, " DON'T put it there". Soo happy you found your precious!!! And hoping you feel well soon!
  6. pinklemonadegurl

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    My recent J ACA is definitely a 'high J, white from top, side, in all lighting. I feel blessed to have found such a white J. Can't wait to see what you decide on ( I LOVE high colour DEF stones but we wanted to maximize size and got lucky!)
  7. pinklemonadegurl

    #TBT My crazy flight of fancy wedding set

    It's gorgeous! You've earned every bit of that stunner(mum to 5 as well!) And your polish colour-I likely would never(I'm a 'pink' gurl), but yours make me wanna.... Enjoy @apacherose :love::love:
  8. pinklemonadegurl

    Man, this is harder than I thought

    @Gussie . I. LOVE. YOU!!!!!!:lol::love::dance:
  9. pinklemonadegurl

    Man, this is harder than I thought

    He's precious! What a great day-I hope he enjoyed it! When my fifth(final) went to school, I was generally happy:wavey:. More ME time, new hobby(tennis!) and a generally clean house. I am a working mum post-divorce, when many my age are approaching retirement, I will be working for 15, as my...
  10. pinklemonadegurl

    Authoritative, Not Conservative: The fine line between [email protected] and Boss Lady

    @PreRaphaelite Honestly, I think scale and personal taste are key. I am over 5ft8(not super tall by today's standards) but not petite. Small jewelry gets "lost" on me, so when I wear white gold, I wear two classic John Hardy diamond bracelets(heavy and mod-ish,but very durable and I think...
  11. pinklemonadegurl

    Authoritative, Not Conservative: The fine line between [email protected] and Boss Lady

    Your skin is flawless! "Older"? my patoot!:twisted2: And the earrings are lovely, too:clap:
  12. pinklemonadegurl

    Questions about 3 stone engagement setting and 1.1ct center options

    I reached out to Vera at WF as WF has provided a few pieces for me several years ago. It was effortless almost to choose an ACA stone. Some confirmation here with the specs assured me my stone would be spectacular. It is! I received a VERY white J ACA engagement ring on Tax Day of this year. I'm...
  13. pinklemonadegurl

    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    I'm completely in love with the 'new' cut-it's perfection. I deeply heart your other rings as well. They all look amazingly fab on you:love:
  14. pinklemonadegurl

    Playing with emeralds at jewelry store!

    Your t bracelet is quite yummy as is your solitaire with the emerald accent stones-LOVE! I always wanted an emerald cut emerald with baguettes for my ER but alas, too soft. So pretty!!!
  15. pinklemonadegurl

    Online vendor for custom diamond hoops?(I already have the diamonds, though...)

    A local jeweler quoted me over $1700.00 to create penny size half diamond hoops with diamonds I already own from a 3/4 eternity band that I had listed on loupetroop for a short time, but decided I could use the diamonds in this way instead. The quote seems very high for 14K hoops of that size...
  16. pinklemonadegurl

    Along the wedding (NO!) gift thread, have you ever attended a ca$h bar wedding???

    Our dear neighbors(we've since moved) had a formal wedding for their son a few years ago. Catholic Mass, reception, very standard, but lovely with other accouterments (photo booth, sparklers, sweet and fun, I guess). Anyhoo, the husband partnered his own accounting firm, they are now retired...
  17. pinklemonadegurl

    CBI Diamond Studs from HPD!

    You look beautiful with your new studs!
  18. pinklemonadegurl

    14k wg or 18k wg for diamond hoops

    I had inside out diamond hoops that I sold. I can't remember if they were 14 or 18 kt white gold. Now configuring a new pair. Does metal matter? Thank you!
  19. pinklemonadegurl

    My wedding jewels!

    So special and so beautiful, you and your gems are:love:. Best wishes for a sparkly and loving future with your hubs. :))
  20. pinklemonadegurl

    Difference between Brian Gavin diamond and Whiteflash.

    Instead of focusing on your own exquisite line, why throw another vendor's name out there, and compare? I truly love my ACA, and will choose WF and HPD for all future purchases....
  21. pinklemonadegurl

    Weight Loss

    Has anyone on here considered/used bioidentical hormone replacement as a way to facilitate weight loss mid-life? I have had two startling bad health years, after being a very, very healthy and active person for my entire life. Three years ago, I was playing tennis FIVE days a week, NO...
  22. pinklemonadegurl

    Unveiling my 35th anniversary upgrade--courtesy of HPD

    Your rings are so beautiful. And it is a delightful tale-reading about a jeweler who CARES and who exceeds when it comes to attaining our sparkle threshold (I keep saying... WINK for President!!!). So happy for you:love:
  23. pinklemonadegurl

    CBI Diamond Studs from HPD!

    GORGEOUS!!!! You wear them well. Enjoy:appl::lickout:
  24. pinklemonadegurl

    Thinking about an upgrade. Thoughts on this stone?

    You're all so very kind to each other, and it makes my eyes mist a wee bit :). @mrs-b , sit with yourself and what is your gut saying about colour? I 'settled' for a J ACA, and because it was the best bang for buck(and even though my previous marriage lended me high colour diamonds), I had to...
  25. pinklemonadegurl

    For your viewing pleasure: 2.71 carat H&A Type IIa

    I viewed it with pleasure.......:appl::love:
  26. pinklemonadegurl

    Need Help on 3ct I/ IF round

    My J ACA stone is like no other stone I have ever had. It is an exquisite beacon of light and sparkle. It was in the parameters of budget and size for us, and I could not be more pleased(and initially surprised). Everyone has their own 'taste' preference, but I believe many(most) PSers hone...
  27. pinklemonadegurl

    At what size does a 3-stone lose it's lovely aesthetic?

    My solution: Trade ME for my 2.53 as I have a size 7.25 finger and can accommodate larger side stones:Up_to_something2::lol: (I like the 3rd pic from the left, or 2nd from the right, of the 4 proportion pics lined up). I am already considering a 3 stone, and I just received my ring in...
  28. pinklemonadegurl

    #JOTW Introducing Faith - The 5.208 ACA

    Brings new meaning to.Go BIG or go home. Stunning! You were it so well ( but I bet I would too:Up_to_something2:). :D