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  1. rocks

    Children’s Home 13yr Old’s Christmas list VANS

    If she asked for size 9 vans and is a young teenager, she likely is pretty big. My niece is 15 and slim athletic. For what it’s worth, She always asks for medium or large sweatshirts.
  2. rocks

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    Our Costco’s have employees that collect the carts and bring them to the entrances. They also have return areas for the carts throughout the parking lot.
  3. rocks

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    Pretty sure they are selling them again online.
  4. rocks

    If you could live anywhere in the world

    My aunt lived in the Pierre for many years....not the penthouse, but every room had a view of the park. The staff were always friendly and helpful. We visited often....and miss her.
  5. rocks


    Clearly you've reached the point where nothing more can be added to your day. A simple suggestion? Call you dentist and tell him/her about your weight loss and new periodontal condition. The dentist may be able to prescribe a rinse that could help the bleeding gums until you have time and...
  6. rocks

    Copper cookware

    I've been collecting le creuset cobalt blue. The oldest are easily 20 years old and look new. The only piece I'm not fond of is the grill.
  7. rocks

    Warning Dead Animal Picture! Is this a mole or a vole?

    They.destroy everything.....nothing cute about them.
  8. rocks

    Any ideas where to get white debutante gown?

    It sil got a gorgeous, albeit simple dress. The fabric was Devine and the lines oh so elegant. Very tailored with a simple train. I spent three times what she did for my wedding party dress....can you say "jealous"?
  9. rocks

    Any ideas where to get white debutante gown?

    Opps...they closed in June......
  10. rocks

    Any ideas where to get white debutante gown?

    If you come to ny, go to "the bridal garden". It's a second hand and sample shop. Dresses that retail for thousands are sold for hundreds. And...the proceeds go to charity. Klienfelds...stressful.
  11. rocks

    Nowadays, Who pays for the wedding? What are the basic rules?

    No right or wrong. My parents pay. When my brother got married my parents were horrified to discover that my brother's in laws to be weren't paying for the wedding (though it didn't stop them from trying to make the decisions, being quite demanding when it came to the guest list, and acting...
  12. rocks

    Man, this is harder than I thought

    He looks happy. Count your blessings!
  13. rocks

    What would you want to do if this was your last week on earth?

    Depends on where you are from. Jersey and Delaware people refer to the beach as the shore. In New York we go to the beach. No matter what you call it, it's devine.
  14. rocks

    Etsy Bracelet?

    I love it!
  15. rocks

    Uhhh did you not see the ‘no soliciting’ sign, dingus?

    Our building is very strict. If someone solicits door to door they are banned from the building. That includes putting menus under the doors. We have no calls....another story.
  16. rocks

    USAA / stolen ring update

    It's awful.
  17. rocks

    USAA / stolen ring update

    I'm shocked by this. USAA has always treated us very fairly. Most recently I lost a xxx .85 fvs1 (nothing visible under 10x) round brilliant stud set in a hand made platinum mounting. I had an enlarged photo. I told them what it would cost for me to replace it. No argument, no...
  18. rocks

    5 Stone Anniversary Band into an Eternity

    My pleasure!
  19. rocks

    5 Stone Anniversary Band into an Eternity

    I don't think the other sellers intent was to trash your ring. The issue (I think) is that cutting has evolved, and with the help of computer analysis, cutters are able to optimize light return. When you purchased your ring, it was likely among the best available....but technology has changed...
  20. rocks

    Wedding registry gifts. IYO, How much is too much for a single item?

    Yup. That's one way to manage it.
  21. rocks

    My Goldendoodle baby boy!!!!

    Precious. Our guy is small...31 lbs.
  22. rocks

    My Goldendoodle baby boy!!!!

    Sounds right.
  23. rocks

    Need to vent - nightmare property closing

    What a hassle. See if the sellers will escrow the cost of remediation should the test fail.....unless failure is a deal breaker. That's common in ny.
  24. rocks

    If I graduated with a Doctoral Degree but not from a medical field ... dad's best friend is/was a rear admiral. He and general Rick are two of the most remarkable people I've known. Their accomplishments aside, both were committed to their charitable work and worked tirelessly for their communities and causes. And...lots of grief!
  25. rocks

    If I graduated with a Doctoral Degree but not from a medical field ...

    My friend's dad retired as a ltg (3 star general). We all referred to him as "the general" or general Rick. He laughed.
  26. rocks

    If I graduated with a Doctoral Degree but not from a medical field ...

    Nope. It's pretty common in my family and among friends, and no one expects it.
  27. rocks

    Eternity wedding band- sad to replace?

    Just forget about it until the ring doesn't fit.
  28. rocks

    With college tuitions on the rise every year...

    It may be free, but most do not attend university.
  29. rocks

    1 carat MRB - should I send to GIA?

    If you don't like GIA's grading, don't inscribe it. Then you have the option of selling certified or incertified