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  1. ame

    No Spend November

    Gah a no buy.... I've tried and failed many times.
  2. ame

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    In Unit for me.
  3. ame

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    All of this positive Subaru talk---makes me sure I got a lemon. This 2015 Outback is the only Subaru I will ever own and I CAN NOT WAIT to get rid of it.
  4. ame

    It's been a year and a half ...

    I have missed you!!! Welcome back and big hugs to you.
  5. ame

    You have been granted one wish that will come true...

    I am torn between endless wealth so I can support causes in ways they are beneficial and make sure my littles are tended to, no more dark circles ever, and being about 100lbs lighter and never gaining a pound back.
  6. ame

    Question For Runners

    I totally second the Hoka shoes! Those are what I went with!
  7. ame

    Question For Runners

    I started running again last month (though I've been sidelined with pneumonia for like 3 weeks now) and my biggest issue is actually my knees. God they ache!
  8. ame

    Suggestions for a 2mm platinum/diamond band?

    I do that literally everywhere.
  9. ame

    Suggestions for a 2mm platinum/diamond band?

    When I first got it, I also did not think about a channel set, but it actually worked REALLY well with my previous solitaire. The ring is INSANELY comfortable and very well made--and I was going to have one custom made, but was just unimpressed with most of the options. They all seemed SO bulky...
  10. ame

    Suggestions for a 2mm platinum/diamond band?

    Thanks MGR for the shoutout! My band is still available. Its in perfect condition with paperwork from Tiffany.
  11. ame

    When signing your name...

    He writes his entire name, I barely write my first or last.
  12. ame

    Hello....Kenny......are you out there? Where is Kenny?

  13. ame

    Scarlett Johansson's E-ring

  14. ame

    DD#2 gave birth at work...

    Congratulations DF! Better start selling off some of your collection since she's gonna have you wrapped around that finger.
  15. ame

    Along the wedding (NO!) gift thread, have you ever attended a ca$h bar wedding???

    Thankfully no, however I've worked a few that did that and all but one was cash bar due to religious issues--most of their guests did not drink because of religion so it ended up being significantly cheaper this way.
  16. ame

    Just ONE flavour......

  17. ame

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

    Almost identical, though I think they've gotten closer to their stated this and last year I'd say go down one size, but previously I'd have said at least two. I bounce between a 10 and a 12 depending how fat I am each day, but I have some from when I was super fat a few years ago in...
  18. ame

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

    I have been quiet about this year's sale because this year's selection SUUUUCKS. This year is the reason I will probably be closing my account with them--besides three or four straight failures with the website crashing, etc., the selection of stuff They've made it more hype than...
  19. ame

    Lisa Eldridge jewellery...

    I just don't swap my purse out. I carry the same thing for years until I have some reason to change.
  20. ame

    Lisa Eldridge jewellery...

    BINGO. Like, right on. That sub can be intensely irritating to me because the belief that Tiffany and Cartier and HW are superior products is so ingrained--and as we all know, that they are superior is total bs!
  21. ame

    Favorite Sunblocks--

    I don't take anything that site posts with even a grain of salt. Both that org and "Skin Deep" are non-profit organizations with questionable backgrounds and their agenda is not our safety - it's just money. They are fear mongers who sensationalize subjective information and promote hearsay as...
  22. ame

    Favorite Sunblocks--

    They don't use physical blocks, only chemical, so they're out for me.
  23. ame

    Favorite Sunblocks--

    That is surely a lawsuit right there. Wow. I remember last year or the year before there was a huge deal with Honest sunscreen, that it wasn't working. They pulled it and redid it and supposedly it's much better now. If I FEEL IT at all after I rubbed it in, it's not going to work for me...
  24. ame

    Favorite Sunblocks--

    Kind of a spinoff from the favorite beauty products here. Last week I had surgery to remove melanoma, complete with staples to keep the wound closed (fun surprise!) I know this is the first of many more issues with melanoma and other forms. So share what you like! I am TERRIBLE about putting...
  25. ame

    Considering selling my eng ring--

    I feel like I've been the only one trying and it's NEVER "right" or "good enough". The target for everything is constantly moving, like some kind of ****ing game that is designed to make sure I never win.
  26. ame

    Ladies, do you ever leave the house w/o putting on makeups?

    Unless I have an eye issue (like pinkeye from being around kids), I don't leave the house without at least concealer, powder, mascara and brows.
  27. ame

    Meghan Markle updates her wedding set

    I don't think the stones changed, just the setting. I don't like that the two diamond bands don't match though.
  28. ame

    Do you have a shopping problem?

    Yep. While I own that I have that issue, especially impulsively, but ANYTHING I buy becomes a huge issue in my house. ANYTHING.
  29. ame

    Considering selling my eng ring--

    This one has fire, too! I am still pissed about the original stone. THAT stone meant something to me. But actually I love my current set, esp the stone. I just never wear any of it and I feel like why keep this thing that I never wear, pay a shitload of insurance on it every year, and...