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    .40 points GIA 3x for $500 30 of them

    I would do what you are doing, although I would probably source my own diamonds just for the fun of it and as funds becomes available by purchasing piecemeal. The price to set and metal work for the bracelet itself sounds reasonable as well from a consumer standpoint . I can see someone asking...
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    Calling WF Butterflies Owners Present & Past

    @Wewechew 9.6 and 4.54
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    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    I absolutely love your collection! need some earshots @mrs-b :kiss2: its so nice to pair down what it is that you will wear as we age, but also as my eyesight gets worse, I need bigger too:lol-2: I've also started redoing my earrings, and changing out posts to lever backs or omega backs so I...
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    Calling WF Butterflies Owners Present & Past

    I just have boney fingers and the knuckle hits at the right spot... or wrong spot:(2 for me. I noticed that I have to keep my side diamonds more integrated into the shank more band like feel
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    Calling WF Butterflies Owners Present & Past

    and here is a ring with just 3 prongs, its still secure (the end prong is integrated in the shank so you couldn't just flip and break it by accident) but I can feel the end prongs near the shank, not my favorite feeling, but I also have sensitive fingers
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    My doggies have passed away

    My heart goes out to you Kenny I’m sorry for all the hardship you’ve endured this year. They like they have had many wonderful years with you. Your flying companion is so handsome!
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    OMG! Three vendors come together for stud earrings and cushion jackets

    Wonderful set! They look amazing on you, I love the cushion outline fun, and different than the round on round. its a fun look! can be casual, but formal as well. Great choice!
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    There's some good news too

    :wavey: I haven't been around when you left? so I don't particularly know what is going on in your life. Just popped in and quickly read that you met someone and happy. I'm glad to see you around, and most importantly that you are happy in life again.
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    Jewelry delivery day!

    I must not have been around when you showed those diamond pearl earrings, and I"m in love with them:love: Just perfect and classy, and boy do the diamonds pop! Enjoy! hope all is well with you :wavey:
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    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    If you follow his Instagram you will find that his prices are far below others for similar size/quality/specs he sold an amazing yellow diamond 4 ct oval for less than 15k! When others are selling well over 20k just to give you and idea. His yellow diamond parcels I’ve been quoted half of what...
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    Peary Josephine and Tiffany & Co purchases

    I love your yellow diamond collection. Your my yellow diamond sister :lol-2: and so glad someone else is fond of yellow diamonds! I find that I gravitate towards yellow diamonds more than colorlesso_O and I have an amazing colorless (well K) asscher but still too white for me :cry2:. Gorgeous...
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    USPS- Guaranteed- RIP off Scam

    Oops I asked to move to hangout...
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    USPS- Guaranteed- RIP off Scam

    I typically don’t do this, but this is pissing me off, bought an item from Australia, didn’t work out, sent it back using USPS Global Guarantee because supposedly you get some refund if it doesn’t get there by the guarantee date. Typically I would have used the international priority method...
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    Say hello to Eleanor!

    :love:Yay for Holy grail pieces! Thanks for sharing! I saw this on IG and knew someone on PS scooped it up, if I hadn’t already committed to my own emerald... man this would have been one I would have wanted instead. Gorgeous!
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    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

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    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Congrats On the big milestone! And what a wonderful way to celebrate. Enjoy and happy more anniversary gifts in the near future!
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    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    I just popped into see this thread and see you just received the OEC and it is glorious! I’m so glad everything worked out:love: yay!!! So excited for you!!
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    NaturalGemsAtelier on Etsy - prices too good to be true?

    Seems reasonable
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?

    I thought of you
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?

    So some of these vendors have “trade” pricing and I know what you mean I’ve asked a few times because know what I think I want in the next few years but every now and then I ask on pricing but yeah your right though it’s a bit exhausting engaging in chit chat when really all you want to know is...
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?
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    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories? I’ll find some of my other favorites and post them
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    Lavender spinel halo by David Klass!

    So excited to see some handshots:love:!!! Gorgeous everything but of course you knew that :Up_to_something2:
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    Cecile Raley Design Contest Winners

    Oh my word you both are so talented... gorgeous and congrats!!!:kiss2::love:
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    Dreamer's Reset - Project Thread

    It looks like it was worth the wait, beautiful.
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    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    Also the nice thing about bezels is it could make a wonky cut look symmetrical. The jeweler will make it look round just make sure it’s communicated that you want it to be round and not the silhouette of the wonkiness to be shown.
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    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    Before you make an offer make sure you know his return policy but oh I don’t know $18k? Considering M color GIA MRB going rate on JA is around $17500 -$19k ‍♀️ I know they are completely different but getting some baseline numbers maybe?