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  1. EmeraldEmpress

    Embassy Emeralds- anyone out there?

    @MollyMalone, thank you! Very kind and good info! I had actually looked at a few JR stones a couple years ago, but was nervous and very new to online jewelry buying then. I also remember being a bit concerned about the quality of JR's settings. I was looking at emerald rings back then and the...
  2. K

    Tell me how much I overspent

    This is a great point. I will make sure our arrangement is very clear before making any decisions.
  3. M

    Tell me how much I overspent

    I'm curious to learn what vendors are amenable to such an arrangement. I wouldn't send a gemstone to anyone without first receiving full payment (unless the stone in question were so cheap that I wouldn't care about never receiving the balance due & the stone's return), so I don't expect a...
  4. RunningwithScissors

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    I LOVE Resa! She is sharp as a whip! :clap:
  5. Tonks

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    Omg, @Wink , that seriously had me spitting out my margarita!!!! I’m a Junior League dropout. Largely because I would have said things like that. Your wife sounds awesome.
  6. Wink

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    Hey Tonks, nice to see you. For some reason, reading your post reminds me of when my wife and I were MUCH younger and she was a member of the Jr. League here in Boise. She was wearing a couple of beautiful pieces I had made for her, one was an eleven carat pear shaped aquamarine that was a...
  7. iLander

    And THIS Is Why We Use AGL

    Full article Sixteen years later, Frabizzio can't even look at a pink sapphire without feeling sick. In December, her husband, Sam, had the gemstone examined by the American Gemological...
  8. A

    Missing Jewelry - Lost or Stolen??? Advice Please

    Oh good, I'm glad!! A good nanny is hard to find :bigsmile: (Sometimes the police are frightening, especially if you aren't expecting them, but I think its great that it never got to that point of investigating.) That's funny, The Littlest Jewel Thief! PriceScope JR! When I was 4 years old...
  9. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    Re: Now I really did it :( Good morning Callie and thank you so much for sharing your sister's experience. I am really glad she is doing so well and I can see her POV that since she feels good most of the time why take the risk. I know I am only 4 plus months out but I do *think* I feel the...
  10. D

    Skilled Jeweler in South Florida?

    Hi, Chrono. Sorry to bug you again, but if you do have a jeweler you'd recommend in the Ft. Lauderdale/South Florida area, I'm still all ears. It would be nice to know of a local place that's reputable, so I wouldn't have to travel nearly 150 miles for routine repairs & big jewelry purchases...
  11. webdiva

    Buying a ring in Los Angeles - local and online reviews

    Second big trip - SN Queens - Los Angeles Jewelry district - 607 Hill St Doesn't answer emails regarding appointments but was very accommodating for a same day appointment on a weekday. Very welcoming as I came in, Sylva was finishing up with another customer. I explained that I had a diamond...
  12. N

    Deciding between hand-forged and CAD

    Hi Alene, Lots of confusion on this issue. A lot of the blame falls on the trade for this confusion. We have to separate the terms hand-forged and hand-made from pave. Hand-forged, hand-made are all terms that usually, but not necessarily refer to the base metal work of the ring and don't...
  13. Largosmom

    Grey Spinel pics

    Oooh, I really like your Darth Vader spinel...I think yours is a tad more saturated than mine and I love that cut. Guess mine will have to be V Jr. ;-) I am still playing off of VapidLapid's idea at the moment...something as a dangle. Maybe a briolette if I cannot find a pearl? I think it...
  14. movie zombie

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum ... 32d47&pg=1 i find this so very sad. there is some jewelry in the list as well: watches, rings, and charm bracelets. wonder what happened: was Roy Jr not up to the task of preserving their memory? sigh. mz :(sad
  15. T L

    If I won the Lotto, this Platinumsmith Art Deco Ring would be it

    If you truly love art deco and sapphires, you can't get much more of both in the incredible Rockefeller sapphire. It's one of the finest Burmese sapphires in the world, and designed by famed art deco style jeweler Raymond Yard. One of my favorite colored gem rings of all time. It's simplicy...
  16. violet02

    Bridesmaids and Jr Bridesmaids Costs/Stress

    Wow what a mess it''s been in the bridesmaids department. I have one male man of honor, easy... Bridesmaid 1 who lives in LA (I''m in the SF bay area) decided she''s going to try and get pregnant and probably won''t be in the wedding much less show up for the wedding. Okay... we worked around...
  17. charbie

    Ring Bearer Age Limit?!?

    Hilarious- my FI''s 5 yr old cousin is our flower girl. She was the flower girl in her mom''s wedding 2 years ago, and is pretty pumped to do it again. When I talked to her about it and took her shopping for dresses, she decided that each dress she tried on would be for the next time she was a...
  18. J

    Have you ever considering weighing in on someones real life???

    what great advice from whitby!I would find out his name and any time he helps me in the store then I would remind him what a great job he is doing.I remember Those bullies in jr. high school and the pain and self doubt they created for me.Lucky for me I had friends, family and the jewelry trade...
  19. J

    Paging Beau13 -- Help!

    Hello - I''ve admired your 5-stone ring and spacer...both incredible E-Bay finds. I happen to be looking for both a white gold (2-2.5mm) spacer as well as a 5-stone white gold band. I just had a white gold three stone sapphire/diamond ring set and would love these two addt''l items to complete...
  20. Indira-London

    Color Grading Diamonds At GIA: The First Fifty Years

    Just saw this today and thought that others might find it of interest too. The article below is from "Gems and Gemology" and featured on Rapaport News: Color Grading Diamonds At GIA: The First Fifty Years "In the more than half a century since the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)...
  21. Elmorton


    Re: Original topic - I once had a dream that a friend of my SIL copied my ring only with a bigger diamond. I was so angry in the dream that I woke up shaking. So I''m pretty confident I know what my initial/gut reaction would be, though I''m embarrassed to admit it. But would I ever breathe a...
  22. F

    Where''s the best place to have a stone appraised?

    Hi Selkie and neat! I appreciate the name. I will def. look him up. My mom thinks I''m crazy for even going through the effort but the way I see it is it can''t hurt. It really is a pretty stone. The quote is from a song by Juan Luis Guerra "abeja al panal". If you haven''t heard the song...
  23. K

    Help me spend $6000!!!

    Hi! My mother has a GC and given me the task of buying jewelry at Judith Ripka Boutique. I have a few months but I thought I''d start looking now. I checked out her sight which doesn''t have that much info. except for a link to Neiman Marcus and some of her pieces, and I''ve seen some pieces...
  24. monarch64

    BM gift ideas

    I couldn''t get your link to open....but I''ll reply, I got married in 2003, and I went with a sterling silver theme...I got my MOH a bamboo patterned bookmark from Tiffany because she loves to read; I got my SIL/BM a gorgeous s/s cuff bracelet that she actually picked out herself while we were...
  25. denverappraiser

    Appraiser in Louisiana?

    Here's a well qualified fellow that I'm happy to recommend in New Orleans. If you choose him, tell him he needs to get registered in the appraisers list here. Savoie Fine Jewelry Appraisers Ira Savoie, Jr. ,ICGA 804 N. Causeway Blvrd. Metairie, LA 70001 Phone: 504.834.0017 Neil Beaty...
  26. Sparkalicious

    help me find photos of SIMON G x=prong

    I certainly can! Give GOG a call .. You may be surprised what they are able to do ... I don't, personally, know if they will be able to get in Simon G settings but, give it a shot. That would be great for you! My jeweler is Gemological Trading Corp. They are located in Seattle and are...
  27. marcy

    Weekly Workout Thread 24th Sept till 30th Sept

    Basil, a whopper jr is 370 cals and a small fries is 230 cals. I tried the entemman’s brownie bites and didn’t care for them either. I put them by the coffee pot at work and they disappeared quickly. I won’t waste 100 calories on something I don’t care for. You didn’t eat much for supper so...
  28. Hudson_Hawk

    Junior League attire

    I would actually go a little above that. I''d wear a knee-length skirt (with panty-hose) and a nice top, sweater, or button down. Understated jewelry and a simple hairstyle. Oh, and appropriate shoes (not stilettos, boots, strappy sandals). In my experience Jr. Leaguers are more traditional...
  29. G

    Appraiser in Louisiana?

    Thank you! He looks like exactly what I am looking for. Do you know him personally and/or know him by reputation? Or are you recommending him simply based on his qualifications? Anyone have any experience with this appraiser? Here is what appears to be his website...
  30. RoseAngel04

    What have you done so far?

    Good post! Our Wedding Day: August 4, 2007 (a little over 4 months away) Completed: -Guest List -Ceremony & Reception location -My wedding gown is ordered and in! -Ordered veil, petticoat, and bridal shoes (waiting for them to arrive) -Bought my wedding day jewelry -BM & Jr. BM dresses are...