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  1. katharath

    More senseless killing in Paris

    ...Paris attacks. If ISIS is looking to smuggle its operatives into the United States, there are far more effective ways to do so." -William J. Dobson, Slate The latest thing is for Republican governors to announce that they won't be allowing any Syrians in their states. Here's a bit of...
  2. kenny

    I've fallen for Tommy Emmanuel

    ...He's on the right here. His technique gives me goosebumps, but unlike some other wizards (like oh Ewin Dobson) he doesn't just show off, he also remembers to make music. He plays an Australian brand of guitar that I'd never heard of called Mayton.
  3. K

    Idj five stone and eternity are here! left, As far as the model number, I just contacted Luann and told her I wanted a uprong five stone. She then sent me some example photos. She would probably remember me if you mentioned my name, K. Dobson. I am so thankful for this website and all the helpful ladies who made my decision...
  4. HopeDream

    My friend wrote a book, read it if you like fantasy.

    My friend Ben wrote a book, and it looks like the ebook is free on amazon rignt now. Scriber By Ben Dobson. If you like fantasy, or just want to suport a self-publishing author in his first novel, Take a look...
  5. AGBF

    John McCain''s Rage - Not Presidential!!!

    ...could be a big problem, because his most persistent foes conservative radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson talk to tens of millions of people each day. McCain and his advisers insist the acrimony is about matters of policy: ''We have disagreements on...
  6. movie zombie

    Can you be a good scientist and believe in God?

    ...scientist as claiming to see each gene break through as an understanding of ''god''s'' hand and not having a conflict with his work. john dobson, a Vedantist monk and inventor of the dobson telescope, in the documentary A SIDWALK ASTRONOMER [gread doc, btw] states that he was an atheist at...
  7. sevens one

    Celebrity Lookalikes

    This is the artist: Fe Fe Dobson This is Kyla Pratt This is my angel:
  8. Bikergirl

    Celebrity Lookalikes

    Nan, that is your daughter!?! Wow - she looks like a movie star!!!!
  9. sevens one

    Another Satisfied GOG Customer

    Nice, very nice. Way to go Dobson. And thanks for sharing.
  10. A

    Yet another case of people having nothing better to do...

    ...psychologist of Focus on the Family, said in an interview. To be sure, Focus on the Family, the Colorado Springs-based ministry run by James Dobson, perhaps the most influential evangelical figure in the nation today, would agree with detractors of Love Won Out about very little else. At the...