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  1. L

    Gold plating sterling silver

    Thinking about buying monogram necklaces for my teen daughters. Ross Simons has one for $99 in Sterling. My girls like yellow gold tones now. Can this be gold plated? How much (ballpark) would it cost? Is there a place in the Chicagoland area that can do this? Does it work?How long does it...
  2. CbeyerGold

    Antique Silver Gemstone Ring had said this ring was over 100 years old. Everything appears to be done by hand, the engravings and everything are awesome. The word SILVER is on the inside of the rings (Not sterling or 925). This piece was acid tested and is positive for silver. The ring contains a decent size...
  3. A

    Will Tiffany’s clean silver items?

    I have a sterling silver Tiffany chain that needs cleaned badly! Will they clean this or not? I’m about to head to the mall and don’t want to offend them by asking them to clean such an inexpensive piece.
  4. E

    Question about gold ring.. Gold plated silver?

    ...I was given a bunch of jewelry from my grandmother and my father has always been fond of this ring (even though it's missing a stone) and was curious about the markings. To my knowledge 925 is silver, right? So this is a gold plated silver ring? Anyone know what the other marking is? Thanks!
  5. R

    Copper, Brass, & Silver Earrings Identification.

    Hello everyone, hope all is good! As the title says I could not find any information on these earrings that were my moms & if I remember correctly, were given to her by a close friend of hers. I’ve provided some pictures below. Thanks in advance. Ruben
  6. D

    bracelet idea - clean modern quirky sterling silver - unique

    ...hand/ wrist feels empty. I wear a lovely watch on the left but need something on the right hand - so I thought bracelet or bangle - sterling silver first and gold later ( no diamonds - can't afford it now need to focus on house etc) - so what wonderful ideas for vendors or styles are out...
  7. Madam Bijoux

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    Silver Bells”
  8. D

    recommendations for custom sterling silver bangle with 9 scattered .15 diamonds

    hi I have a stunning 9 stone eternity that since separating after 26 or so years I cannot wear. love that ring... but alas. I thought I could get a bangle made and set my 9 x 15 pointers g colour , into the bangle - scattered. that way I can still see some sparkle daily . any recommended...
  9. C

    Advice Needed For Silver 5 Branch Crystal Candelabra For My Wedding.

    Dear fellow members I have been searching for wedding centerpiece ideas online for my wedding next month. I searched on pinterest and found many lovely wedding candelabras. I finally grabbed this piece from a company name, SIMCS Handicrafts . They are offering some tall and small candelabras...
  10. redwood66

    $91 Million for a silver bunny sculpture?

    Is this crazy? I guess I'm too traditional to appreciate modern art or the prices it fetches.
  11. J

    Help identifying ISRAEL sterling silver ring.

    Hi everyone, I bought a vintage sterling silver ring from ISRAEL and it has a mark I can't identify. Can someone help me solve my mystery? Thanks.
  12. Gloria27

    Inexpensive setting for this amethyst?

    Just wondering... why would silver and amethyst be in fashion jewellery? silver=precious metal amethyst=gemstone
  13. pearlsngems

    Another thread about blue pearls. Did anyone see those pendants??

    pearl_society (on eBay) and ROLAY (same seller, but on Etsy) has some silver and silver blue SSP pendants.
  14. JPie

    Help identifying necklace please

    925 is sterling silver.
  15. C

    Gold or Silver?

    Hi I'm trying to figure what this is. I see that 585 means 14k? But when I look up the LB marking everything comes up as silver. Thanks for any help Sorry if this is posted twice. Not sure if first post loaded.
  16. Pvchica18

    Searching for info on European Silver ring

    Does anyone know what kind of ring this is, perhaps the region it came from, or what the pattern is? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  17. C

    Gold or Silver?

    How do I delete this???
  18. O

    Thrifted Silver (?) Bracelet--advice?

    ...and abandoned jewelry that others don't want. Usually they're worthless and tacky but I picked up a bracelet today that caught my eye in our "silver" section. It has a fenghuang (a mythical bird kind of like a phoenix) and a dragon on it, with some waves and the sun in the middle. On the...
  19. O

    Can sterling silver scratch 9ct white gold or platinum? ring. I have heard than one of them will get scratched as they don’t have the hardness so I was considering getting a cheap sterling silver ring (see picture above) to put between my two rings, so that ring would be a protection. Could sterling silver scratch 9ct white gold or...
  20. voce

    White Sapphires for Halo?

    An eternity stacker? Executed in silver.

    Inexpensive setting for this amethyst?

    Check out silverfoxmountings on Etsy. Sterling silver, they will resize and the setting fee is only $7. They have over 1000 settings. ..
  22. missy

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    Love it. Another great one.
  23. m51galaxy

    Question about gold ring.. Gold plated silver?

    "Gold vermeil" is gold plated over sterling silver. It is better than cheap gold plating over base metal.
  24. PintoBean


    Would you be willing to try applying colloidal silver topically? On you and your cats?
  25. AV_

    bracelet idea - clean modern quirky sterling silver - unique

    I would be looking for Scandinavian silver, expecting some recognizable, perfectly made things. There is allot to look at. Trocadero to start.
  26. Rockdiamond

    What is your favorite "one hit wonder" songs?

    Plus she wears a braided chain, made of the finest silver from the north of Spain!! A lot of forum members can relate to that:)
  27. Daisys and Diamonds

    Fine Jewelry vs Modestly Priced Pieces

    id like to get more pieces in silver i think it could be fun
  28. S

    Can anyone here resize a sterling silver ring for my daughter?

    I purchased this cute little blue topaz ring for my daughter off Etsy and it's much too small for her. Is there anyone here who I can hire to resize it for her?
  29. distracts

    Do you have a name for your car?

    My first car was supposed to be named Helios but everyone called it The Silver Bullet because it was silver and fast and fairly sleek (at the time I first got it anyway). If someone hadn't totaled it, I'd still be driving it. My current car does not have a name. While it is also silver and...
  30. marymm

    You have $400 to spend at Tiffany. What are you buying?

    I really like these sterling silver rings: $165 $275 $350...