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  1. missy

    Bling pics from the JAWS October 2018 and other bling pics!

    A TDF french cut band I saw yesterday at the show but I feel it is too thick to go well with Bubbalah. It is a Bailey Banks and Biddle band I think.
  2. daintyG

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    YES, I have been to one jewelry store that does something like this. It's a mall store that sells some designer settings--Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. Unfortunately, they closed. Anyway, I went and tried on dozens of rings EVERY time I visited this mall. I liked it because you didn't have to...
  3. kayla17

    Bought Ritani Setting 2 sizes larger, what to do?!?!

    I just looked up my thread. It was a size 8.5 and I had it sized down to a 5.25. I bought the ring second hand and brought it into a Bailey Banks And Biddle store. They said they would size it down to a 6 with sizing beads but when I got it back they were able to size it down to a 5.25. It...
  4. Matthews1127

    Bought Ritani Setting 2 sizes larger, what to do?!?!

    That’s GREAT!!! Pics, please!!!! :kiss2:
  5. kayla17

    Bought Ritani Setting 2 sizes larger, what to do?!?!

    I brought the ring to Bailey Banks and Biddle, which is an authorized retailer of Ritani. They did all the legwork for me. They contacted Ritani and sent it to them. BBB didn’t do the work. I thought the price I paid was fine, considering I didn’t know anyone else who could execute the work...
  6. pearlsngems

    35-36" white round strand decisions

    Thank you, Gloria27. When I got them, I took them with me to Bailey Banks and Biddle to compare them with the Mikimoto necklaces they carried. I laid them side by side with various necklaces and found their luster was comparable to the Mikimoto A1 necklace (A1 is one step lower than A on...
  7. MomInstyle

    Bought Ritani Setting 2 sizes larger, what to do?!?!

    Your sapphire is stunning! I love it. How were they able to get down to more than 3.25 sizes?!?! Well, there is hope for me! Isn’t $275 for size down on high price side?
  8. Gloria27

    35-36" white round strand decisions

    I was never interested in commercial grade FWP, seen them pretty much everywhere and never gave them a second look, but when I saw Akoyas my heart skipped a beat. Then I learned there are high quality FWP that come pretty close so I was hooked! Yours are pretty awesome, I got my first necklace...
  9. Crystal_Dreams

    My little CVB family (including the handcarved Isadora and Sophia!)

    Thank you everyone for indulging my urges to show off my bling!!! your lovely comments make it all even better! Foxinsox, yes that is the original riviera with sapphires and diamonds! I really love her riviera but the all diamond version was a little expensive for me so the French cut sapphires...
  10. distracts

    Ritani Troubles

    I agree with Tophat1 - first call Bailey Banks and Biddle corporate - the company is still in existence so that your particular location went out of business shouldn't be an issue. They should be able to send you a mailing label to send your ring in. You'll probably have to get a whole new...
  11. Crystal_Dreams

    My little CVB ring stack!

    I've been holding off on making this thread, mainly because I was awaiting the arrival of the second band :) Some of you may already know that I'm a huge fan of CVB's work- I've been working on accumulating a small collection of bands from here (As I cannot justify having multiple solitaires...
  12. K

    Ritani Troubles

    ...having with Ritani. In 2006, my husband bought me a Princess Cut Endless Love engagement ring (the one with the channel set halo) from Bailey Banks and Biddle. Of course they went out of business several years ago. My ring has become misshapen and is now oval shaped. I wear (or wore) it...
  13. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! I think everyone of us is quite surprised at how the election turned out. I’ve been reading opinion columns online tonight. Lots of different points of views out there to think about and it looks like very few people saw this coming. June you said almost verbatim what I thought...
  14. A

    Would you ever buy an SI3/I1 diamond? inclusions though. My daughter found a diamond ring and wore it...never could see ANY inclusions but was an I1 grade by Bailey Banks and Biddle when we had it appraised. Most inclusions are not noticeable to most people. "mind clean" ...fine if you want to pay for it, but I've seen...
  15. H

    Any must see pearl places in San Francisco?

    ...inside the Tourbillon Boutique (also part of Swatch). I don't know if there was a stand-alone HW boutique in the area back then. When Bailey Banks and Biddle closed out where I live, the "sale" items were still expensive. But the upper scale items were not included in the sale. They...
  16. H

    Halos with the least amount of visible metal?

    ...on my finger, heh. Trying on things has radically shifted my opinions around already. So tell me...what are some halo settings with minimal metal that I should consider? :) I'm in Dallas, so far I've only been to Bailey Banks & Biddle. Wish I were in NYC to check out Diamonds by Lauren!!
  17. H

    Halos with the least amount of visible metal? to put deposits down to order larger stones just to look at. I found it completely unhelpful as far as figuring out size. At Bailey Banks & Biddle they had a 2ct pear with a halo that I could at least try on to get an idea. Any suggestions on where I could go to do more trying on of...
  18. daintyG

    Under 0.5 Carat rings

    ...are often sold in pawn shops. If I were you, I would try some on in jewelry stores or pawn shops to get an idea. See if you can find a Bailey Banks and Biddle. There is one in my local mall and it is a great place to try stuff on with no pressure. One corner has a section of cz solitaires...
  19. M

    Is this a good stone??? Please help!

    ...ring for this 2 ct. My current on is AGS cert. F color I1 cut grade: good. They are giving me 6600 for my ring. The 2 ct. is at Bailey Banks and Biddle for 22k. My husband is only letting me upgrade if I trade in my current ring. So what should I be looking for? The store manager told...
  20. motownmama

    My jeweler laughed at my trillions DH a lot of stuff, including my wb. He also had so called "estate" stuff that really ran the gamut. I brought in an emerald ring from Bailey Banks and Biddle - so mall quality, but really pretty. He handed it back to me like it was a turd. He easily could have said "it's lovely, but I'm...
  21. C

    Is this a good stone??? Please help!

    A 60/60 stone is not necessarily bad. At times they are deemed as poorer performers because of a potential lack of fire and reflection of colored light. I will leave more of a diamond pro to answer that in better detail. I really hope I don't burst your bubble, but I firmly believe what you are...
  22. F

    Trying to replace lost engagement ring

    ...ago and have searched everywhere. We are starting the depressing job of trying to replace it. It is a unique ring I purchased at a Bailey Banks and Biddle in Naples Florida about 5 years ago. I have them trying to see if they can identify it but I'm not too confident since they have been...
  23. motownmama

    Show me your biggest jewelry purchase regret!

    ...Ah - the regrets! I also bought an emerald ring years and years ago when I got my first promotion. I got it at Bailey Banks and Biddle. Later I decided I'd been ripped off and hated it and tried to sell it to an estate guy - he had this look on his face like he smelled a bad odor...
  24. AprilBaby

    Are you related to anyone famous?

    I used to have a patient that was one of the Philadelphia Biddles as in Bailey , Banks and Biddle.
  25. motownmama

    Happy holidays from lawyers who work for jewelers

    Zales owned Bailey Banks and Biddle b /f they became defunct - just a BTW
  26. Atx

    Emerald Cut - Online Purchase w/ Photograph and ASET

    Hi Tekate, I am in East Austin. Not much in the way of jewelers in these parts, but I've traveled central/north central and spoken with Benold's, Diamonds Direct, and Bailey, Banks & Biddle. I have a picture that I am bringing to them in hopes of creating a custom tapered channel baguette...
  27. C

    Buyer beware - Bailey Banks & Biddle
  28. NovemberBride

    Problem With Diamond Hoop Earrings

    Deb, I have the Roberto Coin inside-out hoops that I snagged at a great discount a few years ago when Bailey Banks and Biddle went out of business. I had been looking for hoops for several years before I found these and they were the right combination of size and price. In my search, I...
  29. AGBF

    Problem With Diamond Hoop Earrings

    Thank you for the advice, NovemberBride. I tried on the "original" pair at Betteridge again today, the pair in platinum. A picture is attached below. As I said above, the diameter is 3/4 ". I paid attention to the weight. They do not seem heavier than the Buccellati earrings I was wearing...
  30. C

    DBTY necklaces.

    Thanks DS2006 and Sarahbear. My pearl ones are from BM store called Bailey, Banks and Biddle. What does 15 points mean? Is it 0.15cts or 0.015cts? I get confused sometimes. I think I'll go with the traditional cable chain DS alluded to. That necklace you linked to is so beautiful. I had seen...