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  1. AFlyOnTheWall

    Good Jeweler in Pasadena California

    Can't give you a personal recommendation but if you check the Google Reviews and the Yelp Reviews suggestion would be to take it to Sam at Jewels on Lake! ;) Jewels On...
  2. E

    SoCal Vendor/Designer Recommendation

    These are all great recommendations! I live in the San Gabriel Valley area and so Santa Monica and Pasadena are close by. I'm intrigued by your statement regarding sending out your ring to Houston. Have you done it before? What was your experience? What happens if your ring gets lost in the mail?
  3. luv2sparkle

    SoCal Vendor/Designer Recommendation

    Bridget Durnell and Maytal Hannah are both local and do beautiful work. 23rd Street Jewelers is in Santa Monica does beautiful work but reviews on them are mixed. Singlestone, is in Pasadena if you like an antique look. I believe Jewels by Erica Grace is local and they are wonderful. I...