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  1. V

    Help for a 10th Anniversary Gift

    Hello Community, So, I want to start this out with a confession that I am a man who knows nothing about jewelry. I'm a United States Marine who is going to be deployed for training soon, missing both of my kid's birthdays and my 10th wedding anniversary. As you can imagine... my wife is...
  2. A

    Show me what you honestly wear 85-90% of the time...

    I wear my wedding set everyday on my left hand -- my 1.2 oval with .26 and .09 sides along with a hand-engraved band. On my right hand, I wear a sapphire and baguette band that I received after my first daughter was born, 27 years ago. I usually wear earrings, and I have recently pared those...
  3. M

    Help for a 10th Anniversary Gift

    Just spoted this on sale, has a little bit of celtic hearts design, is unique and great value. cheers
  4. M

    Help for a 10th Anniversary Gift

    This is very nice and romantic design that doesn't seem to come in gold. You can ask people on etsy that have it in silver, to make it for you in while gold, and 90% chances, it will look same as picture. I have comissioned few things from various people on etsy, and never got a bummer. You can...
  5. december-fire

    Best Mother's Day ever

    Celtic Thunder are great! And a Meet and Greet! Terrific! :appl: What a wonderful gift for a "rabid" fan! (You may me laugh with that term.) I bet their concerts are a lot of fun. Their humour comes across in their videos. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time! :))
  6. Amber St. Clare

    What did you get for Christmas!

    Re: What did you get for Christmas! We agreed that this year our new roof {which came the week end before Sandy hit} AND the newly redone and water-proofed basement would be our gifts to each other. So I got him several sweaters, some boxers and socks. He got me a Celtic Thunder sweatshirt {I...
  7. aviastar

    What did you get for Christmas!

    Re: What did you get for Christmas!
  8. aviastar

    The "Please Help Me Find..." Thread!

    Yes, well, is IS ebay! p.s. Thank you! It was the very first gift my (now) DH gave me; it's based on a Celtic trinity knot that I love, but apparently it was so well recieved, the jeweler added the design to his inventory! It means a great deal to me and I wear it daily :D
  9. backwardsandinheels

    Does my setting exist?

    You can't be Varna if you're a wee bit Celtic or Scottish for symbolism. There is a lot of intertwining stylized lines and Celtic knot motifs to symbolize the two of you joining. You could engrave any sentiment inside whatever you get, and check out Cathy Waterman as well for your "unfinished"...
  10. rhbgirl24

    I''m back, MARRIED, and have Pro Pic Teasers!!!!!

    Him giving me my gift. A custom celtic diamond necklace made my the same jeweler that did our bands and my ring.
  11. DearBuddha

    Christmas presents!

    So ''tis the season, and hopefully you''ve all got a nice lead on presents. I wrapped DH''s gift and promptly teased him with it, mostly because I''m beyond excited to give him his gift this year. I HATE basketball and almost always complain when it''s on tv. I jokingly refer to myself as a...
  12. Squirrly

    What is your first piece of jewelry from your DH or SO?

    sounds like you have some very lucky ex''s!
  13. J

    What is your first piece of jewelry from your DH or SO?

    these are real beauties!Turquoise is a real favorite of mine!The first piece of jewelry i recieved from a girlfriend was a sterling band in the shape of celtic knots.I still wear it many years after the break up (she ended up marrying one of my best friends and i see them several times a year...
  14. Keepingthefaith21

    Christmas presents!

    Ah DB.. I too am a Celtics widow. And a Patriots widow. I''ve always been a Red Sox fan so we saw eye to eye on that. After years of DH being obsessed with the sports, I have gotten into the C''s and P''s as well. I actually really enjoy football - it took me a while to learn the sport but...
  15. DearBuddha

    What did we get for Christmas Ladies?

    From DH: a short trip to Miami and Key Largo in February! (I gave him tickets to a Celtics game and some cashmere sweaters) From in-laws: a few books, a sweater, jewelry, a baking kit and family recipes (I''m determined to learn how to bake if it kills me!), and French-Cambodian cooking lessons...
  16. House Cat

    Friend lost her beloved dog...

    Thanks for the ideas everyone! I''m going to order her a stone. I found a great company that will engrave a celtic love knot and a caption of my choice. She''ll love this. The only problem is that it will take 4-6 weeks to arrive. Do you think this is too late to give such a gift?
  17. rhbgirl24

    Our Wedding Bands are in!!!!!!!!!!!

    Joel McFadden Designs made them. They can be found here: They are working on their website tho. Yes Fiance started out with a sketching that he did. My e -ring (which is now also being redone by Joel) has triquetras on the side, so we know we wanted them matching...
  18. LGK

    Do you have any tattoos?

    I''ve got a decent amount of permanent decoration. My Rene Lalique back piece is my favorite, which I''ve plastered around this place a few times . That one was a major process. For that particular one, I must have looked through dozens of portfolios in Seattle, and didn''t see one that I...
  19. Z

    Tungsten Carbide Jewelry

    A good friend of mine bought a no brand name tungsten ring a few months ago on ebay as a gift to her bf, the engraving on the ring worn out after only a few days. Then she bought him a gorgeous tungsten carbide ring...
  20. Keepingthefaith21

    Gift for First Holy Communion ??

    I just bought a First Communion gift for my SO''s neice. We got her a guardian angel pendant, a claddaugh bracelet and a celtic cross pendant. She''s just starting to get into "big girl" things like jewlery and hair accessories so we wanted to encourage more adult style gifts.
  21. meresal

    Best/Unique/Craziest Anniversary Present?

    **Minithreadjack** Indy: C bought a pair of the 95' Jordans online last year. They were the ones that his mom never let him get when he was in elementary school. Now when I say he needs to get dressed up for the night, and he lays his clotes out on the bed... he'll put a black blazer, nice...
  22. zoebartlett

    Best Gift You''ve Purchased This Holiday Season

    I got my FI Bruins tickets, and since he loves hockey, I know he''ll love his gift. I got my sister a necklace for her Christmas gift and as a gift for being my MOH. Actually I bought two necklaces because I can''t decide which one to give her, but one will eventually be returned (that is, if...
  23. Sithathoriunet

    Royal Jewels

    ok, everyone...i found this long and involved article on the very beginning and history of jewelry! and wow! it''s really very good, so i''m posting it below. pay no attention to the directions in brackets ie..(above right) etc...because they just refer to photos in the original article..i''ll...
  24. Sithathoriunet

    Royal Jewels

    now, this is an article on jewelery that is very very informative! a great read..the history of jewelry!... ''Jewelry Since the Dawn of Man India jewelry, history of jewelry, fashion jewelry trends, political jewelry history, gemstones jewelry, jewelry making, custom jewelry, diamond jewelry...
  25. onvacation

    Are you planning to (or if you''re already engaged, did you) get your honey an engagement present?

    I''m doing the same! Except I''ll be giving him his watch for the wedding, as a wedding gift. When I told him I want to get him something, like a watch, for all the trouble he went through with the e-ring, he got all psyched up and started telling me about all these great watches he had been...
  26. ladypirate

    Are you planning to (or if you''re already engaged, did you) get your honey an engagement present?

    Ooh! Congratulations on the vintage Omega--I have one that my Godmother handed down to me and it is pretty!
  27. M

    Cheapest wedding finds that we actually really liked :)

    I am SO impressed with some of the things you all have found! My proudest bargains: My veil - free! It was my mom''s and my dress designer re-cut to to make it more "mantilla" and less "1970" for free. Shoes: $30 at shoebuy. I refused to spend more on something no one will see! Coach black...
  28. Selkie

    My wedding band came today, and other updates!

    Enough about the ring, I''ll be sure to post more in SMTR when I can. As for the wedding planning progress, this is what I have left to do: Practice making the bouquet. I''ve ordered white roses from, along with hypericum berries and bear grass, for the bouquet. I had a version...
  29. Regular Guy

    pendant design advice...

    I don't see Michael Michaud there at MOMA now...maybe there before? (It's been awhile...I've also engaged the Boston Arts equivalent to MOMA, and Coldwater Creek...). Irina...I was looking through some past posts. Maybe you're thinking of a process like this? I've never done this before, and...
  30. nytemist

    Bridesmaid Survey

    1. How many times have you been a bridesmaid/matron. BM 9 times, MOH once. 2. What was the best dress you have ever worn? This awesome silvery-purple, chiffon ribbon halter, empire waist dress in this crepe silk. The bow at the neck trailed to the floor. High-end wedding, the bride paid for our...