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  1. EmeraldEmpress

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    The stones do look beautiful, and what you'd expect from Tiffany's. Yours would be especially fun to wear around the holidays : ) It has such a warm and happy quality to it, like sparkling holly berries. I love the look of this ring, and think I could get used to any slight discomfort in...
  2. Lykame

    My 2 carat CBI diamond, set in a custom setting made by Durham Rose Jewellers, UK.

    I want to start this post with gratitude, so much gratitude. I'm not even in possession of my ring yet, because I'm going to pick it up next Wednesday, but I've been sent a video from the workshop and I'm desperate to share it. I also have lots to say about my journey up until now, for anyone...
  3. TheGarnetGirl

    Show me your "seed pearls" jewellery!

    Wow, the backstory to that tiny pearl ring is the best thing ever!! How precious! I'm also a little biased because that is totally something that I would do. & your ring from Dubai has such a petite and feminine elegance about it despite its presence! & for you @Bluegemz , This is my second...
  4. sledge

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    So just a quick overall update before I dive into specific comments: I've emailed DK and asked them what they specifically recommend for strength/durability to build the rings. I expressed some people believe platinum is a great choice; however, the tone of his last email left me thinking...
  5. tfc_diamondlvr

    Where can I get a schlumberger x band copy (if that's possible)?

    Thanks so much PSers for your feedback! I guess I misinterpreted some of the threads on this website. I remember reading threads that talk about certain e-rings being replicated so I thought that was a standard thing. I would definitely love to find something 'inspired' by that looks just as fun...
  6. Gadabout44

    Apologies for being the common engagement ring seeker, I could use some guidance.

    Hi Bron, thank you for being detailed with the term "eye clean". Definitely helpful knowledge that I can use with the search. I am not certain if online websites would list their diamonds as Eye Clean. I visited JamesAllen a few times and BlueNile, I do not think I've seen them list their...
  7. A

    Experience as a first-time engagement ring buyer + JA review

    This might be a long one, so I'll start off with the bullet points of lessons learned: (If this is better suited in a separate subforum, please move accordingly! Sorry!) Options quickly become overwhelming. Narrow down your search as much as possible and life will be easier. Have her try on...
  8. W

    Ready to propose! Diamond purchase help please!

    Okay so several things to cover here...first THANK YOU to everyone for your help and opinions. It is extremely helpful even if I don't always like what I hear lol. Whitewave: Thanks! I agree with your 3 points, pretty much spot on I believe. :) Also I don't have a set date to pop the question...
  9. J

    Review of my experience Aspen Diamond. Everyone should know

    Hi everyone me and my fiancée wanted to share our story with everyone about Aspen Diamond in Montreal. I met Sev from Aspen diamond after I was engaged. We had purchased my wedding band from him and right away we noticed the excellence in service that Aspen Diamond provides. Not only was he...
  10. chloeishere

    New rose gold Montana sapphire ring (diamond zone).

    I put this in the Catch-all thread in late May and never got around to posting my own pictures! I was going to post this in the inexpensive colored-stone rings thread, but I really am giving a full review of the vendor here so I guess I should post it on it's own. From the Catch-All thread...
  11. R

    Anxious about James Allen purchase. Anyone dealt with them?

    So my boyfriend just bought a 14 k yellow gold cushion cut halo ring with a .76 ct diamond in it from JA. I am super excited about it because it’s suppose ship out next week, but also pretty nervous. James Allen sends their rings to a Quality inspection before they can be shipped out, and if...
  12. Gypsy

    Noobie here looking for help and reassurance.

    I can walk you through what my thought process would be. First thing is to check the appraiser. This is the place: 16 good yelp reviews. Seems okay. Then you read them and you notice most of the people on there are...
  13. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  14. J

    In over my head, any guidance for a guy starting to look?

    Re: In over my head, any guidance for a guy starting to look Well, thanks to an engagement ring commercial last night, I was able to have a more detailed discussion about what she likes. Unfortunately, I think the Jolie setting is going to be a little too simple of a band for her (though I do...
  15. F

    Appraisers who also know about historical goldsmithing?

    Hi! My boyfriend (now fiance) just proposed (hurray!). He bought a beautiful early-mid 20s ring in the diamond district with a ton of unusual filagree work. It also has some unusual features. a) mixed metal - the top of the setting looks like it is unmarked 18k white gold, in what we think...
  16. K

    Some setting guidance - help me stop pestering the jeweller!

    Hi All, After bugging the jeweller so much he told me to settle down :oops: :lol: I thought it might be wise to come on and ask questions here instead! I have a diamond set aside that I'm not 100% sure on as I don't actually know what I'm doing - I only have theoretical knowledge based on...
  17. missy

    iPhone or Samsung... which should I get? iPhone 6s Review: A Slightly Better iPhone 6 by Joanna Stern
  18. M

    Help Me Compare WF A Cut Above vs Expert Selection

    Instead of guessing, why don't have give Whiteflash a call ask for Bob Hoskins or Bryan Boone and get a definitive answer on why the second one is only an expert selection and not ACA and also about how eye clean it is(visibility and viewing distance). I doubt you will receive many informed...
  19. minousbijoux

    RosadosBox on Etsy?

    Thank you for chiming in - do you have photos for us? We lurve photos and hand shots! :bigsmile:
  20. M

    Yet another blue sapphire engagement ring search thread ; )

    Re: Yet another blue sapphire engagement ring search thread Wow Xiriah, thank you for all that info. I see a handfull of potential stones on the site. The photography isn't great, so I'll get in touch with them to see if better photos on hand can be taken. The pricing on...
  21. periwinklegirl

    On a tight budget for wedding bands? Good news!

    Hello Everyone, I'm so totally thrilled at finally finding a diamond wedding band that I have to show it to you all. I don't know if anyone else can relate to this, but somehow along the path of wedding planning, the ring budget has gotten smaller. In case I'm not the only one in this...
  22. arjunajane

    vent/request for advice-real problems with JKT custom piece

    Hi fellow PS'ers I am going to attempt to keep this as succinct as I can, but being verbose by nature, please excuse me if I don't achieve it! In August/September 2009 I embarked on a new custom project with Julia Kay Taylor. It was originally supposed to be a 3 gem stone bezel ring, but ended...
  23. R

    Quick Questions about finding the right ring for my Price!

    Re: Quick Questions about finding the right ring for my Pric In regards to clarity, others have it right when they say 'eye clean' does not have a limit. Some VS2s maybe eye clean, some SI1s maybe eye clean, it just depends on 1)the stone and 2) your individual perception on what is eye clean...
  24. Lovinggems

    My Malaya garnet ring by PMGART

    I meant to post photos of my Malaya garnet ring for several months, but with the Canon G9 at the repair shop I didn't have the means to. I got a compact camera today for taking photos at the tennis next week, or mainly photos of Federer. So here's my newest ring and my review on PMGART, an Etsy...
  25. Lestat

    My Engagement Story... 3 Stone Emerald Cut Leon (Photo Intensive!)

    Hello everyone! So the moment I was waiting for had finally arrived! After 6 months of preparation and planning, I had the ring in hand and a special series of surprises for my future fiance Here''s my story (I''m very long winded and I obsess over small details, so you''ve been warned!)...
  26. dreamer_dachsie

    diamond purchasing virgin

    I am Canadian so I can tell you some things. First, if you import jewelery from the US you pay NO duties. Just PST and GST. So the only difference between ordering in Canada and ordering in the US is the exchange rate. Pity you didn''t buy a year ago when the dollars were par but even now I...
  27. Wink

    Memorial Diamonds out of Cremains - anyone do this? Need Info.

    Since this has been opened for discussion, I want to introduce the following information from Robert James' newsletter that I receive. I have previously asked and received permission to share the information from his newsletters, but rather than excerpt I will reprint his newsletter in its...
  28. TravelingGal

    Review of online diamond buying experience – Winfield’s, GOG, WF, ERD

    First of all, a heartfelt thanks to all pricescopers. Reading your posts is not only informative, but fun! Below is a review of my diamond buying experience. Perhaps not the most exciting toilet reading material, but possibly helpful for the many who are about to take the plunge and think...
  29. A

    My experience with WhiteFlash, Good Old Gold, Quest Jewelers and Martin Fuller (extremely long winde

    Like many other people on this board, I was a lurker on pricescope (and diamondtalk) for about 2-3 months before I went ahead and made a purchase. I ended up working with four vendors who are frequently mentioned on this message board. I wanted to share my experience as I feel this site can...
  30. laney

    $7500 for a RB - how to find the best stone

    Hi, Well, your changing shape.. so there''s lots to learn. You can educate yourself pretty good on rounds in the knowledge section here - and Johnathan has an excellent tutorial on the good old gold website you should read. If you are visiting - you''ll be in good hands. I did the "hour" at...