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  1. Snowdrop13

    How did you decide?

    Gosh, I chose my ring from about 4 in a jewellery store! This was in the 1990’s, so well before the internet was widely available and everyone shopped that way. It certainly made the decision easier. I’d definitely make sure you see all the options in person. I had thought I wanted one style of...
  2. Snowdrop13

    Help finding diamond band

    That ring has H VS2 stones, should be ok?
  3. Snowdrop13

    Help finding diamond band

    Have you looked at Blue Nile? They sometimes have deals on, I think there’s one at the moment on certain items.
  4. Snowdrop13

    Round diamond advice This is the sort of top range stone you COULD get for the money if you felt like buying online- depending on where you live some of our recommended retailers have bricks and mortar stores too. Do some more research...
  5. Snowdrop13

    .30 cttw diamond stud earrings

    Just check you are comparing like with like as far as weight is concerned, the BG quote is for 0.3 carat TOTAL weight, I expect, if they are using melee ie uncertified smaller stones, whereas your WF stones are over 0.6 carat total. I’d ask WF to quote for the smaller sizes too. WF have preset...
  6. Snowdrop13


    I’m sure technology is the answer, but where’s the evidence your government is actually encouraging development and use of it? I’d really love to know when the message appears to be “Trump Digs Coal”.
  7. Snowdrop13

    Are diamonds getting cheaper?

    Indeed, here’s the chart,
  8. Snowdrop13

    Feeling gloomy - advice about where to get ring made

    Can AV not produce something that would suit? Might cost a little more but surely the easiest option, you don’t have to worry about insuring the stone while it‘s being set.
  9. Snowdrop13

    Say your kid had a teacher you really liked and....

    Yup, I’d leave it too. This has happened to us too, I did once complain about a spelling error put on a school Twitter message, but that had a wider audience and seemed to me to make the whole school look bad.
  10. Snowdrop13

    You have $400 to spend at Tiffany. What are you buying?

    This is $525 but I think it looks cool, would be pretty bought in a size for an index finger. Also comes in silver and rose gold.
  11. Snowdrop13

    Diamond choice dilemma

    Do you know if they’re both eye clean? The numbers and inclusions look better on the second one.
  12. Snowdrop13

    "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"

    I liked it when it came out, a lot of truth in what’s said, plus it’s a bit different!
  13. Snowdrop13

    What's with all the spammers on RT and SMTB lately?

    Much worse again today, now they’re long lists of text so it’s even a major hassle to report them! Really getting in the way.
  14. Snowdrop13

    Diamond choice dilemma

    Please don’t rush into buying! This is an important purchase, and your partner will have to wear and look at this stone for a long time! In terms of the 4 C’s, everyone has to make their own decision about a sweet spot. Here on Pricescope pretty much everyone will put CUT first, followed by...
  15. Snowdrop13

    Need help in making a good decision 1.5K-2K£

    There’s lots of information about policies on the Whiteflash and High Performance Diamonds websites, I’d urge you to do some reading. Blue Nile is a good choice (in my opinion) for U.K. buyers as all the VAT and fees are included (VAT is 20% plus there are bank or exchange fees plus FedEx charge...
  16. Snowdrop13

    2ct Round Help This one fits the numbers and is better clarity and price than the second one you posted. I’m not sure if Blue Nile can provide advanced images, though.
  17. Snowdrop13

    Any vegans?

    If you’re on Facebook follow So Vegan- they are really enthusiastic and have some great recipes, they also have at least one cookbook out. Good luck with the change!
  18. Snowdrop13

    What's with all the spammers on RT and SMTB lately?

    I asked this on the upgrade thread, they’re trying to get it sorted out this week.
  19. Snowdrop13

    Need help in making a good decision 1.5K-2K£

    I had a quick look for you, this is the sort of combo you’d be looking at for the money. You may prefer to buy a more basic setting and put more of the budget into the diamond?
  20. Snowdrop13

    Diamond choice dilemma

    According to the diamond search tool (under the resources tab above) a true H+A diamond with these specs should set you back around $15k so there is something not right here. Definitely in the realm of “too good to be true”.
  21. Snowdrop13

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Why so many spam threads now? There are 7 at the top of RockyTalky right now. Seems worse since the upgrade.
  22. Snowdrop13

    Decision time is nearing and could use some feedback

    I don’t mean to muddy the waters but I’m interested why you’re choosing between an F and an H? What about this, G VS2, which to me is a good sweet spot- white colour, eye clean clarity, as far as I’m concerned, you...
  23. Snowdrop13

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    There’s a recent thread on the ring (hope this is the one you mean!), @motownmama says it is comfortable to wear
  24. Snowdrop13

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    In a property that size I’d go for the laundry too.
  25. Snowdrop13

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    I’ll give that a go! Thanks Missy
  26. Snowdrop13

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    They are large (and that’s ok) but the rest of the text font is too small! I’m peering thru my varifocals...........
  27. Snowdrop13

    Diamond Setting - Solitaire

    Which diamond did you pick in the end?
  28. Snowdrop13

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    Hope it all goes well for the delivery and enjoy the new baby when she arrives!
  29. Snowdrop13

    Meghan and Harry in Africa documentary on CBS

    Plenty of reports about it today in the press here. I didn’t watch it but it wouldn’t surprise me if the two of them decided eventually to retire from public life. It seems to be having a very negative effect on them. Maybe they’ll end up in the US?
  30. Snowdrop13

    Is this a good one? (confused about girdle, crown, and pavilion)

    If you let us know your budget and color /clarity requirements we can help you pinpoint a stone. Here’s a superideal, AGS 0 F color as a reference point for pricing, but you can use the diamond...