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  1. WillyDiamond

    Worried the ring is too big- large oval and halo

    I am it a Tiffany ring you are waiting for?
  2. WillyDiamond

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Yes, I am a fanboy for BGD, so we can get that in the open right away. OP, if you take the Houston trip, :dance:go to BGD. Call Lesley in advance to show you stones and settings that you might like. One other point, OP you state you are a long time lurker here. Why are you surprised about...
  3. WillyDiamond

    Need dust! My diamond studs are missing...

    I am sending a vacuum cleaner due to all the dust you are getting!
  4. WillyDiamond

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    There is some concern that the Ultrasonic Cleaners cause the stone to loosen up in the setting. Others can weigh in on this. My wife's ring, as you can see from my avatar is in a Halo, I would not dare to put it in an ultrasonic.
  5. WillyDiamond

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    OP Forgot to ask, what kind of setting do you have? Also, feel better!
  6. WillyDiamond

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    Have used ultrasonic cleaner, steam cleaner, Lavish works just as well. Ultrasonic cleaner is a toy. If you like toys, go for it Save your money.
  7. WillyDiamond

    Ideal cut diamond on Tiffany box for proposal

    The BGD box is quite nice.
  8. WillyDiamond

    Another oval

  9. WillyDiamond

    Another oval

    You may have looked already but what the ovals at AugustVintage?
  10. WillyDiamond

    Diamond Ring Guards for split-shank Halo E-Rings?
  11. WillyDiamond

    Am I crazy? 2nd hand Tiffany ring

    I would pass. I think it looks puny on your finger.
  12. WillyDiamond

    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    My wife is a school teacher, she says no one notices her jewelry or handbags. I am a watch enthusiast, I look at peoples wrists, I don't think many do the same. LOL
  13. WillyDiamond

    2019 Rapaport State of the Diamond Industry - Video

    I call BS to Rap's conclusion. He is not listing synthetic because he does not earn any money from that market. He is protecting the "good ole boys". As far as a flooding of the market of synthetics, that is also going to have downward pressure on the natural market. As a consumer, I walk...
  14. WillyDiamond

    Opinions on this F-SI1 diamond for an engagement ring.

    OP Perhaps if you gave us your budget and told us what you want, the experts can come up with some suggestions from the PS vendors, you can then rest assured you are not getting taken.
  15. WillyDiamond

    Opinions on this pink diamond

  16. WillyDiamond

    Please help me find some studs

    Sorry to be a broken record on this Lesley at BGD and she will match pairs for you and respect your budget. Good luck.
  17. WillyDiamond

    Advice on picking up right earrings

    Signature series Signature H & A
  18. WillyDiamond

    Need Help Sourcing An Oval.

    Just a clarification, if I may.....we throw around abbreviations, BE stands for Brilliantly Engaged, not Brilliant Earth, separate companies.
  19. WillyDiamond

    Victor Canera or Brian Gavin E Ring Option

    Totally biased here. BGD black is about the top of the line you can get. I am sure they will work a little on price with you. I know they do give a discount for wire and if it is a competitive situation, maybe a little more room. I would work with Lesley. O that's right, I already have, LOL.
  20. WillyDiamond

    Help me decide on earrings

    If you have not bought, and looking for matched pairs, why not call Lesley at BGD to find you pairs?
  21. WillyDiamond

    Advice on picking up right earrings

    Signature Series = WF ACA. History: Brian and Lesley worked for WF before opening their own shop. Brian is the mastermind behind the ACA. I would expect his Black to be superior. Others will have to chime in on that. I have bought earring twice for my daughter from BGD, my recommendation is...
  22. WillyDiamond

    Anyone wire transferred to BG , advise please

    OP Have no worries with wiring money to BGD. They will have proper insurance for the shipment. they do this when they ship within the US. I also recommend that BGD do the setting. It will take a big headache away from you. What if your local jeweler chips the stone while setting, then the...
  23. WillyDiamond

    NYT's Article, Miss Diamond Ring

    There is an article in todays Sunday NYT's Style Section about a woman who created a company for people buying rings $35K and up. I have to wonder if this person who's name is mentioned in the article (Michelle Demaree) is a member of PS? Many of the things she says in the interview are...
  24. WillyDiamond

    Round Center Cushion Halo Help

    A little late to the party, as I have recommended in the could try Chris at BE. I did for wife's ring, price was the best of the one's I researched for halos. Good luck.
  25. WillyDiamond

    What kind of setting would you put a 2 carat H color super ideal in?

    I would put it in the one that talks to you and makes you gush over it.
  26. WillyDiamond

    eBay purchase - doesn't match pictures?

    I think they also are attractive on your ear
  27. WillyDiamond

    Do I give engagement ring paperwork to Fiance?

    Hey, its an engagement ring, it is a GIFT! When you give a gift do you give the person the bill of sale? I don't, but if you do, go ahead and give her the receipt. That should go over big.
  28. WillyDiamond

    What size spacer ring is needed? ya go.....