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  1. partgypsy

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    Yes, I mean every culture is different but even I am confused, is this a promise ring or an engagement ring? Everything you are saying, it sounds more like an engagement ring. Including the price. A promise ring is 100's of dollars, not 1000's of dollars (here are examples of typical promise...
  2. partgypsy

    Advice for vintage ring options

    I love the third Ivy and Rose ring that you posted, even though it is a larger budget. an extra 1.5K really makes a difference!
  3. partgypsy

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    Yes. And I have to add I feel .6 carats is perfectly respectable size for an engagement ring especially with that beautiful setting. My anniversary ring center stone was .5 carats and I wouldn't have wanted it any bigger. The main thing is that it's a diamond size that SHE likes to wear. If she...
  4. partgypsy


    Well Karl, there is only 1 Amazonian rain forest, which affects global climate and weather patterns. Coral reefs don't just grow based on where countries borders end and begin. And the north and south pole again not limited to US waters. We already spend a lot of money on other countries. Our...
  5. partgypsy

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    I love it! Beautiful shade of citrine.
  6. partgypsy


    Other things our community have been doing, is credits for solar panels (my yard is too shaded for it to work for me) and a local group that does energy audits for houses, and if needed, weatherproofing. The weatherproofing is on a sliding scale where lower income people pay less than higher...
  7. partgypsy


    I think it is great that we all self reflect and do what we can do individually. That said, this problem is not going to be solved on the individual level, but on the community/government level. The most important thing we all can do is to vote for politicians, both locally and nationally who...
  8. partgypsy

    Do you filter your selfies?

    My dog Chuck is old and super fluffy, looks almost like a muppet version of himself. The last 2 times I took him out, people asked to take pics with him! I always say sure.
  9. partgypsy

  10. partgypsy

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    I really like the 6 prong. That was the way to go. I hope your gf- intended loves it!
  11. partgypsy


    I think this is an interesting article. This is a local meterologist who was a climate change skeptic, and changed his views. He got A LOT of blowback from conservatives for this, personally attacked and even boycotted. Which indicates for conservatives this is not a scientific disagreement...
  12. partgypsy


    You do realize that you are quoting a fringer internet site, right? And no if you fill in a lake somewhere, a lake doesn't magically appear somewhere else (though there may be more general flooding if there is no where for the water to go. same thing if you build a building. Doesn't mean that...
  13. partgypsy


    I am shaking my head at all those people who refuse higher taxes to save the future of our planet. I hope you don't have children. The US is the ONLY country that has a sizeable percent of people who deny climate change. It also happens to have a ton of rich people whose best interest to snow us...
  14. partgypsy

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    great job on that ring!!!
  15. partgypsy

    Question for Tiffany Etoile Band Owners!

    All the pics I've seen they are "scattered" that is not linear on the band, so it is supposed to look like that. I have a similar style band (different vendor) where it is linear.
  16. partgypsy

    Hope the President does a good job for USA

    I think from now on at work, if anyone disagrees with me, rather than saying why I disagree, I will say "you are just totally unequipped to handle the genius of my great (job description)." I think that will go over GREAT.
  17. partgypsy

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    I am remodeling my bedroom bathroom to get the washer/dryer out of my bedroom and into an alcove entered from the hallway (making a smaller master bath and closet). Some people suggested why didn't I put the washer/dryer on the back porch or in the cellar? No way! For me it is a true luxury not...
  18. partgypsy

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    I can't answer this question. When I was married it would be my anniversary ring. Don't have that ring, and no longer married. But I do have a number of rings I have personal attachments to, including a couple small rings from my yiayia that even if I do not wear often, would not sell.If you...
  19. partgypsy

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    I am guilty of it. But honestly my problem lately is just not having enough time/energy to research to get the best deal or wait, etc. So my daughter really needed new leggings. So yes we did get a couple leggings but also some shirts did she really need? (but she liked them). And she wanted a...
  20. partgypsy

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    I think the stone you picked out will be absolutely gorgeous and is high quality all parameters. What is nice if you get an ACA if you want to upgrade the size in a few years you will be able to do so. My personal sweet spot is getting to a half carat, and going down to H and VS2, Si1. I think...
  21. partgypsy

    Help finding diamond necklace 10 days til wedding!

    ID jewelry also has diamond necklaces. I would recommend them.
  22. partgypsy

    Show us your David Klass bling!

    Lookinagain I LOVE your five stone. Swoon!
  23. partgypsy

    Show us your David Klass bling!

    This is gorgeous! Also love the cutting of the tourmaline
  24. partgypsy

    Diplomatic Immunity ?
  25. partgypsy

    The Position of Women and SAHPs in 2019

    I think things are more complicated, society-wise, than "childcare is expensive." Many cultures and in fact even in the US we had extended family where grandparents, aunts, even older siblings did much of the childcare. We have a culture where kids are not supposed to be unattended any second of...
  26. partgypsy

    Help, second guessing all around

    I was going to say that is a lot of money given you won't know if this ring is any more comfortable. But given the way the cad looks and can even try on the mold, I think the prices are reasonable and I think it would be a beautiful ring.
  27. partgypsy

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    Yeah. I would be like day 1, dude, stop there. We have a house? A house we are going to live in. And you bought it without talking to me? How much did it cost? Did you get inspections. What's our mortgage and interest rates? Day 2) WHAT- you just bought a house and we now have big monthly...
  28. partgypsy

    Trump Made A Deal With Erdogan...

    We are abandoning our allies to be slaughtered.Turkey says the Kurds are the terrorists, but the civilian deaths are Kurds from Turkish soldiers, including many children...
  29. partgypsy

    Ginger Baker Has Died

    Sad. A legend.
  30. partgypsy

    My doggies have passed away

    I'm so sorry about your dogs. I hope as time passes the pain lessens and you only remember the good memories. They were well loved and I'm sure they were so happy to be part of your family ❤️. I've had a pretty rough year and a half myself; in 2016 my marriage broke up. Im still recovering from...