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  1. kayla17

    How to care for a found cat?

    I have a few cat trees and cat scratchers. Also I bought cat nip spray. I spray it on the scratchers and my cats seem to love it. I still have a few scratches here and there on my furniture. Oh well! It’s just furniture. Lol!
  2. kayla17

    Introvert or Extrovert?

    Mostly introvert. I can definitely be social if I want to be but the larger the crowd, the quieter I get. The only real persons I am completely myself with is my husband and my kids.
  3. kayla17

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in the Philippines and live in New Jersey now.
  4. kayla17

    How to care for a found cat?

    Love! He is awesome and you are awesome too! I agree with others that he seems to be an abandoned cat or one who seems to have strayed very very far for home. Cats have different personalities and this one seems to be very loving and kind. I have one cat that is exactly like that to the...
  5. kayla17

    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    My Sears pro-form treadmill. I’ve had it for 22 years. It still works and we still use it. When we have to elevate it, it makes a horrible noise so we just keep it level.
  6. kayla17

    I’m resetting my tapered baguette setting..

    I get you! I just had David make me a ring very similar to D&T’s Ball of Sunshine setting and when I got it something just wasn’t right. It just seemed too thin and the side diamonds were tiny. I haven’t had side diamonds in a long time and I just want more ooph! Lol! I did email him right...
  7. kayla17

    Show us your bezel rings

    I just saw this! Here is the GIA report. It is .70 ct. I had David model it after the ring he made for @D&T.
  8. kayla17

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Beautiful! The setting is awesome!
  9. kayla17

    Shameless Showoffs: Show Me Your Bling!

    Thank you! I actually purchased another diamond chevron band for the heart but this turned out nice looking as well.
  10. kayla17

    Shameless Showoffs: Show Me Your Bling!

    Thanks! I got the idea from @D&T ‘s Asscher double bezel ring. It was originally in a pendant but I really wanted the bezel to make it look a little bigger and show the heart shape better.
  11. kayla17

    Shameless Showoffs: Show Me Your Bling!

    Thank you! I purchased the heart diamond preloved on LT. Here are the measurements on the GIA report.
  12. kayla17

    Show us your bezel rings

    Adding my DK double bezel heart solitaire.
  13. kayla17

    Shameless Showoffs: Show Me Your Bling!

    Adding my pretty double bezel set heart ring by DK with my Tiffany Elsa Peretti curves diamond band. Both in rose gold.
  14. kayla17

    My wedding set is here!

    I love this! It’s beautiful!
  15. kayla17

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Hello, Yes. It is. I absolutely love it! It’s my favorite bracelet. Very easy to wear and it has five rings so I keep the clasp on the middle one. It’s funny but I originally had a similar one from Zina on Etsy and returned it and regretted it. I have been searching for one since then...
  16. kayla17

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I’m sure it can be lucrative. I did go on the website after I posted this. Prices were anywhere from $75 to $400 starting. I think starting price was for one hour. Prices varies depending on the location. Certain Asian countries were cheap. Europe was more money.
  17. kayla17

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I haven’t read all the comments but I do know a few people personally that hire photographers to take pictures of them wherever they go. It just seems so weird to me. One of them is a nurse I worked with in NY. She travels frequently and always has the best pics. She always posts the...
  18. kayla17

    My doggies have passed away

    I’m so sorry for your loss. ♥️
  19. kayla17

    Introducing "Dainty" my new(ish) CBI

    So beautiful! Congrats on a gorgeous diamond and setting! It looks huge on your lovely hand!
  20. kayla17

    Where do I buy earring drops/charms?

    Try Jude frances. I have a few of her charms and they are well made
  21. kayla17

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Happy Anniversary and Congrats on your beautiful ring!!!
  22. kayla17

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I just got this VCA rose gold carnelian sweet Alhambra bracelet. I love it and it looks perfect with my other two rose gold bracelets!
  23. kayla17

    Stack of the day thread

    Ive been wearing this for about two weeks now.
  24. kayla17

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    I love this! It’s beautiful and so special!
  25. kayla17

    Online Sales Tax

    @the_mother_thing I’m not sure either. I just know in the past all my items were delivered to a fed ex and were held for pick up. I think you can request it to be delivered to your business or residential address, I just never did.
  26. kayla17

    Do you wear your diamond pendant 24/7?...

    It depends on how heavy and big the pendant is. I have a few Simon G pendants and they are large so I take those off. My diamond solitaire pendants and smaller ones I just wear. I have alcohol pads and just swipe them to keep them from looking oil. Same with my earrings. I wear them but...
  27. kayla17

    Online Sales Tax

    @the_mother_thing This was a few months ago. I had inquired about upgrading my diamond and they mentioned it. I also have family in Delaware and I work and my kids go to school in Delaware so I thought about shipping the diamond to Delaware as well. Also, from my experience, WF doesn’t...
  28. kayla17

    Online Sales Tax

    Hello, when I inquired with WF about upgrading my diamond and having it shipped directly to DK to be set, I was told I would be charged CA sales tax, even though I live in NJ. I would definitely inquire with the vendor you are using to be certain.
  29. kayla17

    How do you pick what bling to pack?

    I bring earrings, a bracelet, a wedding band and e-ring type ring and a pendant. I wear it on the plane/trip and I don’t bring any extra bling. Too much to think about so I bring whatever I am wearing and that’s it.
  30. kayla17

    Leggings fans, where to find long tunics?

    Also try Amazon. Do a search for tunics for leggings. They are not crazy expensive so you can buy a bunch.