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  1. rockhoundofficiando

    Should I upgrade my setting?

    It's gorgeous, I wouldn't change a thing.
  2. rockhoundofficiando

    Does the milgrain look cheap?

    I like it, gives it interesting texture.
  3. rockhoundofficiando

    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?

    You negatively labeled him, now you're labeling me a "troll" because I disagree with you and pointed out the obvious. One should not levy heinous accusations potentially tarnishing someone's professional reputation without providing any evidence! . You said it's true?, You've seen actual...
  4. rockhoundofficiando

    Vendors who have larger diamond inventories?

    I don't believe it. No one should be slandering someones professional reputation here without providing actual proof.
  5. rockhoundofficiando

    Drew Brees claims jeweler scammed him out of $9M.

    What a disgusting person the jeweler is. Poor decision on Brees part to invest without doing his due diligence and believing the sleezeball was actually his friend.
  6. rockhoundofficiando

    Jeweler Appraisal vs GIA

    The "appraisal" that you posted is obviously not typical GIA. Thus you either received a different diamond than the GIA diamond the jeweler identified or you have the GIA diamond but the appraisal you received was meant for another stone. The only way to know is to look for an inscription on...
  7. rockhoundofficiando

    1ct US$1300 with platinum setting

    Actual photos of these diamonds would be helpful but perhaps they don't want to scare off customers!;)2
  8. rockhoundofficiando

    Why Would One Choose MMD Over Real?

    Agree with your analogy. Personally I like mined diamonds but I understand the allure of a less costly, yet exact synthetic replication option. Moissanite is not its "own gem" any moreso than CZ is. Both were developed and are formulated for use as economical diamond simulants. As you mentioned...
  9. rockhoundofficiando

    What does your SO think about you being a diamond or jewelry enthusiast on PS?

    He's fine with it. It's not his thing but he's amused that our children (boys) know so much about jewelry! :lol:
  10. rockhoundofficiando

    Wow, CvB just called out DK for copying one of her designs.

    I understand DK may fill a niche with budget conscious designs using diamond simulants etc however I disagree with anyone purloining other designers intellectual property. (If that in fact even occured) I'm sorry you could not wear your vision first. Surely DK participated heavily as well with...
  11. rockhoundofficiando

    Do I give engagement ring paperwork to Fiance?

    She will need it for insurance purposes. Yes, give her the paperwork.
  12. rockhoundofficiando

    Am I allowed to ask this? (poll)

    I love these stories, I would love even more to see photos of these original rings!
  13. rockhoundofficiando

    Upgrade from .5 to 1 carat

    1 carat white princess is in stock right now at Lightbox for $900
  14. rockhoundofficiando

    Faint Pink 1ct in Solitaire PT setting ?

    I would do a two tone setting, surrounding the diamond in rose gold with the rest of the setting in platinum. For example:
  15. rockhoundofficiando

    Upgrade from .5 to 1 carat

    I just received this from JCPenny. I can't imagine the diamond quality is any good at all considering it is $1200!
  16. rockhoundofficiando

    Upgrade from .5 to 1 carat

    I would wait for Lightbox to release 1 carat stones. I don't think you're going to find a nice 1 carat diamond for $1000. The good news is that prices for lab diamonds appear to be dropping. Maybe Lightbox wil have some competition in the future. Aside from the suggestion of a diamond...
  17. rockhoundofficiando

    Where do you draw the line between fashion and fine jewelry?

    I view fine jewelry as either gold (14k minimum, usually 18k) or platinum with naturally occuring gemstones. Simulants, even in precious metal settings I see as costume only. Regarding lab created naturally occuring stones such as lab sapphires or lab diamonds I regard them much higher than...
  18. rockhoundofficiando

    Found a “twin” to my opal pendant!

    I love it too, what a score!:clap:
  19. rockhoundofficiando

    Jussie Smollett

    Eh, lots of topics are posted that are also discussed in the media.
  20. rockhoundofficiando

    Jussie Smollett

    Does anyone have any thoughts they'd like to share about what occured, how he is being treated, the Nigerian brothers involvement etc?
  21. rockhoundofficiando

    14K vs. 18K YG... does size matter?

    What do you think of the diamond quality in Zina's ring?
  22. rockhoundofficiando

    Has anyone else noticed this with 5 stone eternity?

    I don't care what the HCA is. That is a gorgeous ring! Congrats!:appl:
  23. rockhoundofficiando

    A couple of eBay finds

    That's even more gorgeous up close. I haven't read any Christopher Alexander's books, I'll have to check those out. Thanks
  24. rockhoundofficiando

    A couple of eBay finds

    Nice finds! Vintage pieces almost always have ornate details; a pride in workmanship. Old buildings also do, such as those in NYC.I love them!
  25. rockhoundofficiando

    The Journey Continues...Her Wedding Band CAD's

    Personally I think her engagement ring has enough going on without adding anything additional. With its current banding, it already appears almost as a "set". I would worry about the center diamond being overwhelmed by adding more, as often happens in "cluster" type wider settings. I would buy...
  26. rockhoundofficiando

    Shake it like a Polaroid picture

    I so love that!:love:
  27. rockhoundofficiando

    I found a diamond for wolverine to give to his gal!

    Reminds me just a little of rutilated quartz.
  28. rockhoundofficiando

    Just realized I was sold a clarity enhanced diamond...

    A Graduate Gemologist that doesn't recognize a clarity enhanced diamond? :eek-2: I would check her credentials with the GIA.
  29. rockhoundofficiando

    Just realized I was sold a clarity enhanced diamond...

    I wonder too if the receipt and/or appraisal had "CE" written on it somewhere. Dishonest or not, this was apparently an established jeweler. Surely he would be aware of the law necessitating disclosure of clarity enhancement.