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    Dust for Aussie bush fire victims...

    Prayers to you all.
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    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    LOL! I have the same clock radio. It is in the basement and still gets decent reception and tells time accurately. The white plastic has yellowed. I have an Amana RadarRange microwave oven that was one of the first to have a stainless steel interior. I bought it 31 years ago.
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    Name one thing you love about being older

    I feel that by now I have earned the right not to have to call "Shotgun!".
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    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    I too have been on the hunt for that same color of ammy. I call it royal purple. Not a fan of the light stuff. I have seen ammy on my travels to Brasil, India, Korea and still have not seen my stone. Now I am a bit weary as it is a semi precious stone and not really rare but any stone that...
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    No Spend November

    I usually try to get Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. Work and family gifts and dinner costs are a killer. I try to shop smart (a/k/a cheap) and the selection, prices and crowds are usually better before Dec 1. Just spent BIG BUCKS on a new roof and thinking about making cookies for...
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    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    Sew. Nothing fancy-just the ability to make curtains, hem things, make some neat craft projects. Minor carpentry work and handyman stuff.
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    Gold plating sterling silver

    Thank you very much. I will check it out.
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    Show me your pear/marquise shaped eternity bands

    Gosh that diamond marquise and round tiffany band is :love::love::love::love::love:
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    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    The prongs on the radiant look ill placed IMHO.I would rather have the 4 prong setting on the corners.
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    An Emerald, Diamond, and South Sea Pearl Convertible Necklace.

    I love the pearl and diamond combo. It looks very Italian/ European and is unique. The emerald pendant is beautiful too but not so unique.
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    Royal Jewels

    All around stunning!!!!Love it all. Cute groom too.
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    Halloween earrings

    Neither embarrassing nor kitschy! You really have a talent.
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    Did De Beers kick an own goal with their lab diamonds offering?

    I wonder if they will market to the public that due to their long history (quality) (expertise)(image) in the diamond industry that a DeBeers MMD is somehow better made or vetted than MMD from other vendors and will be able to outsell other vendors and /or get a premium price.
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    If you could live anywhere in the world

    Kenny, I agree re the Azores. We went there 10 years ago and did not want to leave. It was not touristed at all. We went in winter and the jet stream made the weather quite mild. We also loved the food although Bourdain slammed the cuisine.
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    If you could live anywhere in the world

    Missy I love your criteria. So where is this perfect place? It sounds ideal for me!
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    Vintage ... pear.... alien??

    I love the alien concept as it makes for a great conversation piece. It would have been less obvious if the pears were not set east to west but rather north to south. I would reset.
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    Royal Jewels

    New earrings for Kate?I have not seen her wear these before.
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    Gold plating sterling silver

    Thinking about buying monogram necklaces for my teen daughters. Ross Simons has one for $99 in Sterling. My girls like yellow gold tones now. Can this be gold plated? How much (ballpark) would it cost? Is there a place in the Chicagoland area that can do this? Does it work?How long does it...
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    Royal Jewels

    Prince Charles's hands look very red and puffy. Doubt it is from doing dishes.
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    Royal Jewels

    Looks like new and expensive earrings. Perhaps on loan? What does she do for a job since Weight Watchers was not a success? Is it still PR? I wonder if she got some sort of maintenance or stipend as a former royal. I know that she is back with Andrew but any big $ gifts would attract...
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    My doggies have passed away

    How great it was that you rescued both pups! We rescued a pup last August and have been trying to locate litter mates as the rescue was local. I am so sorry about your pooches.
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    It's been a year and a half ...

    As I posted earlier welcome back! :dance: What is your first topic post back going to be? :think:It has been such a long time.....
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    Is my ring to flat?

    It is low but I prefer low.
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    It's been a year and a half ...

    You were so missed!!! Welcome back!!!
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    I want to replicate this ring...

    My fave setting for an ER! Can't wait to see it when it is done.