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  1. Kaycee2018

    Need a second opinion on these stones

    Personally, if the choice were between these two sets only, I'd go with the larger E SI1 pair. I agree that the coloring is off on that .60 stone, plus you get a bit more diameter and bump in color. But the there are plenty of other options out there and I am sure the expert PSers here could...
  2. Kaycee2018

    Is this stud/pendant combination too much for an office setting?

    I think they look great and not "tacky" at all. I work in a fairly conservative office and wear approx. 2ctw solitaire studs every day (approx. 1ct/6.25mm in each ear) and I don't feel they draw too much attention. And I'll probably be looking to add a solitaire pendant similar in size to yours...
  3. Kaycee2018

    E-ring upgrade to 3 stone halo :)

    Thanks for the info. I am actually working on a RHR that is very similar to yours, but with round halos. It should be done in the next few days =)2. I love the unique shape of your halos and the size suits your finger perfectly. Congrats on your beautiful upgrade!
  4. Kaycee2018

    If you could do one amazing thing for one person or one animal

    A couple things that come to mind would be to implement spay and neuter laws & breeding restrictions so as to reduce the overpopulation of homeless pets and to ban factory farming (I mean, in my ideal world no one would eat animals anyway LOL, but banning the inhumanity that is factory farming...
  5. Kaycee2018

    E-ring upgrade to 3 stone halo :)

    Gorgeous! Can you share the specs of the center diamonds and your ring size?
  6. Kaycee2018

    Any vegans?

    Not vegan, but a 25 year vegetarian and eat vegan whenever its an options...which is so much easier now vs. back in the early nineties when I gave up meat! It sounds like you are working closely with your doctor to see how going vegan affects your health issues, which I think is the best thing...
  7. Kaycee2018

    Which looks better?

    Based on these pics alone, the one on the left (first pic) looks better to me...BUT pics are not real life and these are both very blurry pics likely under different lighting, so take that for what it’s worth. More info and better images are needed.
  8. Kaycee2018

    Help a Newbie Choose Engagement Stone

    I'm no expert, but 63% is deeper than what is recommended here (62.4% is the max, and many prefer no more than 62%). It will face up smaller than a well cut 1.4ct diamond and might have performance issues due to the added depth. Also, the VG symmetry grade seems to be apparent in the wonkiness...
  9. Kaycee2018

    Engaged BGD yellow gold 6 prong solitaire

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful and classic choice and it looks lovely on your hand! Great pics too! And I feel your pain with the swelling....I’m also a 5.5 at the base of my finger but size up to 5.75 or 6 to allow for swelling and my knuckle (which is a solid 6).
  10. Kaycee2018

    Do all well cut diamonds must appear dark?

    I’m wondering if the different angles of the rings are having an affect on what you are seeing. Even though they are photographed together in the same light, the larger diamond appears to be slanted down and the smaller one appears to be slanted up. I have noticed this myself when comparing...
  11. Kaycee2018

    Real life perspective

    Thank you, @Wewechew . The diamond is 1.85ct (approx. 7.85mm) and my finger is 5.5-5.75 (rings are sized up to account for my massive knuckle and swelling :roll2:).
  12. Kaycee2018

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    Wow! Great shot! I can find the inscriptions, but there is no way I could actually get a photo. I read your post history with this diamond. Did the jeweler not give you the original GIA report? It sounds like you had some issues with a report matching a diamond, etc. with this jeweler...
  13. Kaycee2018

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    Did you not get the original GIA report when you got the diamond? If not, perhaps you can go back to the jeweler and request it. I can't get the GIA No. you posted to load a report. Have you checked the girdle under a loupe to confirm the GIA No.?
  14. Kaycee2018

    Help me pick a setting

    Thanks, all! I ultimately went with #1 since 3mm isn't exactly "wide" in terms of ring width LOL Plus I prefer the profile and I think it looks a bit less "engagement ring-ey" and more "right hand ring-ey". I appreciate everyone's input! Now I wait....
  15. Kaycee2018

    Confused on Robbins Brothers diamonds

    There is really no telling what you got with the ungraded diamond that was sold to you by Robbins Brothers. It could be treated/enhanced and an I-1 clarity as estimated by Robbins Brothers (not even as graded by a reputable lab) could be a cause for concerns regarding durability. Personally...
  16. Kaycee2018

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    I do the same! And my pieces are placed far away from one another on my jewelry tray at night too. Can never be too safe with keeping them apart.
  17. Kaycee2018

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    I agree 100% that this should be a consideration regardless. My point was specifically as it relates to the premium associated with super ideals since it is a decision a lot of people who come here struggle with.
  18. Kaycee2018

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    @Wewechew , I wasn’t trying to imply in my posts that this situation is a “cautionary tale” for buying super ideals, just that it’s another thing to consider for those deciding if the premium associated with branded super ideals is worth it for them. For many, there is no question that the...
  19. Kaycee2018

    Help me pick a setting

    Happy Friday, PSers. I am in the process of creating a RHR with a 6.4mm +/- center diamond and have narrowed it down to these options. I am leaning toward 121999 since I generally prefer thinner bands, but I'm not in love with the diamonds down the sides of the band. My jeweler is able to...
  20. Kaycee2018

    My partner bought this for $300 what you think?

    Wouldn't be worth $300 of my money, but to others it might be. I'm assuming it didn't come with any form of certification or even an appraisal, so there is no telling what that $300 actually got you. Could be a poorly cut diamond, could be a treated or enhanced diamond, could not be a diamond...
  21. Kaycee2018

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    Beautiful! I especially love the clusters, drops and diamond & pearl ones!
  22. Kaycee2018

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    My issue is that identifying the damage was near impossible until it was sent to AGS. It wasn't identified by a change in the performance of the diamond and was so undetectable that OP didn't notice it, HPD didn't notice it and BG had to send it back to AGS to identify it. By way of example...
  23. Kaycee2018

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    Yikes. All I have to say is that if it takes that little to downgrade an AGS Ideal to an AGS Excellent, I am even more comfortable in my decision to not pay the premium for branded super ideals. What is the point if at any given time during normal wear and tear, handling, etc. it could lose...
  24. Kaycee2018

    Playing with Rolexes with my local AD

    My DH has this watch too! It really has a striking look when worn. I wish I could borrow it from him sometimes, but the size is too big for me and it looks ridiculous on my wrist sad :(( Sounds like they are super hard to come by these days.
  25. Kaycee2018

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Wow @LLJsmom ! That blue face is striking! I say if you love it, get it and get the yachtmaster later :bigsmile:I really love the look of the yatchmaster and sub too, but they are way too big for me. DH has the Hulk sub and I always wish I could wear it but it looks completely comical on my...
  26. Kaycee2018

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Thanks, @Lykame . My opinion of Tiffany is about the same. I even checked out the Hardware line when it was released a few years ago and it didn't strike me at the time. But since then they've released new pieces and this one spoke to me (even with the inflated Tiffany price :roll:). My very...
  27. Kaycee2018

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Wow, the bronze face is really nice! I can see why you are torn. I really like how it pops. I ultimately went with what I preferred aesthetically vs. what was more practical :lol:. I figure if I wanted practical I would have gone with Seiko or Timex. Plus there another model I prefer with...
  28. Kaycee2018

    Earrings again, WF ACA vs AGS000

    I had a similar dilemma (see link below details) and ultimately decided to match my original e-ring diamond with a much better cut GIA XXX and have no regrets. If they were set together my opinion would probably be different, but the differences don’t bother me because they are worn so far...
  29. Kaycee2018

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Thank you @Lykame . The fluted bezel is my new addition from Paris last week. We are practically twins :D I struggled deciding between the black or ruthenium face for a couple years, but finally decided on the ruthenium despite my aging eyesight. LOL The silver bracelet is from the Tiffany...