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  1. Hivona

    Voce's Gemstone Ramblings...

    It’s super cute and the workmanship looks nice. Would you recommend his services? Are the costs reasonable? I have a number of cabs & misc gems I’d like to get set but don’t want to spend much on. As in silver would be fine. Also, I like bezels. Are his bezels well done? They look good in your...
  2. Hivona

    Mastercut gems rocktober sale!

    Ok here are a few pictures of the three gems I got from the sale. The garnet is dark but for some reason I really like it. It does sparkle nicely in person but I couldn’t seem to capture it in a picture. the aqua is pretty & not like anything else in my collection. Unfortunately it doesn’t look...
  3. Hivona

    So what do you all think about this cabochon ruby?

    Obviously not my ring but I follow this vendor on Instagram ( luuuuuuv her style and skill set) and recognized the ring.
  4. Hivona

    Mastercut gems rocktober sale!

    This picture is really pretty! But it rarely looks this green? I’m surprised because I find Mastercut’s photos to be some of the most true to life I’ve ever seen.
  5. Hivona

    Mastercut gems rocktober sale!

    That garnet looks like a ball of fire! and I bet that spinel sparkles like mad!
  6. Hivona

    Mastercut gems rocktober sale!

    The Heliodor is really bright!!! I have two others cut by a different vendor and they are lovely and bright as well but definitely have a brown modifier (which I don't mind in them). I will have to work on some photos later because I am about to head out on family time vacation! I am so excited...
  7. Hivona

    Mastercut gems rocktober sale!

    I got these three, garnet, heliodore, the There are a few more I’d like but I just can’t do it right now :(
  8. Hivona

    Some luscious jewels to view!

    I love their style too! Lots of color!!!
  9. Hivona

    Inexpensive setting for this amethyst?

    Not to thread-jack but that is good to know! I have a few cabs that I don't want to spend much on to set, silver would be fine!
  10. Hivona

    Smaller gemstone sellers

    Pebblesprout and Mvmgems both on instagram sell smaller gems. I have purchased from both and they are stand up vendors. Also, can agree with Dan Stair.
  11. Hivona

    Gem Scoop!

    I actually think this is really pretty and even like the grey mess!
  12. Hivona

    Please help me find my gorgeous "OMG" blue sapphire

    I don’t have much to contribute just that here is an Instagram account I follow that has nice gems but I’ll be honest I have never made a purchase. Also, just a few days ago I took a pic of this setting as an idea for an emerald cut gem I have. It is a Stuller setting.
  13. Hivona

    Ruby or Pink Sapphire ? Colour perception?

    Barbie is gorgeous but I don’t see any red at all in any of those pictures! Definitely see eyeball searing neon pink & I love it!
  14. Hivona

    Settings for Gene’s (Precision Gem) stones

    Gorgeous! Love that kite set for the orientation!
  15. Hivona

    Please Show Me Your Emeralds

    I don't think I have seen this ring before but it is absolutely breathtaking!
  16. Hivona

    Garnet and moonstone pendant design help

    Thanks for sharing! Now I have another jewelry designer to follow and hope to work with someday! :rolleyes2: Can't wait to see this pendant completed!
  17. Hivona

    Help me decide which metal to use with a honey zircon, and sidestones

    Maybe because it is turning into autumn where I live (and it is my favorite time of the year!) but I would love to see an autumn color story. So I voted for yellow gold with orange side stones!
  18. Hivona

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    These small gems are my first purchase from Litnon except for the elongated hex on the right. That’s a sapphire from Dan Stair. Pink is tourmaline, faint yellow & orangy brown are zircons.
  19. Hivona

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    A few more miscellaneous stones. Three of the faceted ones on the right are from Litnon from the clearance section! The bright light colored one on the far right is from Dan Stair of Custom Gems. It is a sapphire.
  20. Hivona

    Show me your silk inclusions and I’ll show you mine!

    I have a chrysoberyl that is somewhat sleepy. It’s my only gem like it. At first I didn’t care for it but it’s grown on me. Can be quite sparkly in some light.
  21. Hivona

    Finally my own AVC!

    Thank you so much everyone for the kind comments! I forgot to mention that the setting is called The Queen and it is one that Jon designed. I too was surprised how well the ring looks on my finger. I thought it was going to be a little on the small side but I absolutely love the proportions of...
  22. Hivona

    Finally my own AVC!

    The ring is a size 7. 14K two tone.
  23. Hivona

    Finally my own AVC!

    This little one is so happy on my finger! I absolutely love her! These are Jon’s CAD renders.
  24. Hivona

    My new beauty - 4.01 J VS1 in Erika Winters' Margot

    Your rings and earrings are stunningly beautiful but your photography skills are also amazing! What cameras and lighting set ups do you use?
  25. Hivona

    Cecile Raley Design Contest Winners

    I honestly think these are two of THE MOST beautiful rings CRD has ever made! You both have fantastic design sense! Really, really beautiful.
  26. Hivona

    Peach blossom on its way

    I follow this jeweler on Instagram & luuuuuv the designs and craftsmanship! I def want to get a few gems set by them. This ring is fabulous & that ruby cab is gorgeous!!!
  27. Hivona

    Very nice...window

    I follow Topnotchfaceting & Trebliganna on Instagram & they both cut stones like that. I’ve seen diamonds with windows like that called portrait. Definitely intentional and not for everyone’s taste!
  28. Hivona

    My Tiny "Crown" Jewels Project

    I had that suite of tsavs saved for awhile as well. I love green & step cuts but always spent my money somewhere else. I am so happy to see that you got them and did something really amazing with them! Such a beautiful and unique ring! Very impressive workmanship. Thanks for sharing the design...
  29. Hivona

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    I really liked that purple sapphire but can't do it right now.