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  1. Jimmianne

    Diamond Tennis Bracelet

    Hi. I’ve purchased some pre-set diamond jewelry from JA and the diamonds were well cut. I paid the little extra for the upgraded quality.
  2. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Lurking NIRDI alert! Despite the challenges of life, I hope everyone is having a decent Fall day! Um...for Marcy, I mean happy winter! And, Missy, it seems you will be getting some arctic temps as well?? And, Austina, are you getting that awful deluge of rain at your place? A nice fall day here...
  3. Jimmianne

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Austina, you are to be commended for that! :appl:
  4. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi everyone, I am reading every single word here. Tekate, omg, you are such an incredible trooper! And an inspiration too, as your attitude remains wonderful. I don’t known how you do it, but I am grateful for your cheeryness in the face of adversity. Heading for a new acupuncturist/life...
  5. Jimmianne

    the MIA thread....anybody heard from (fill in the name) lately?

    Hi, tmt, I’m here in NC, but have been really sick, and with jetlag. On the mend, but not getting out except for food and doctor appointments. I LOVE your avatar!!!
  6. Jimmianne

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Be proud! I think that’s a record! Lol although probably a lot of us have tried to do as well as you : )
  7. Jimmianne

    What mistake will you never make again?

    Love the question, Missy. I would have to say that I would never again buy a llama! I don’t have many regrets in life, so I thought of the silliest one I could.
  8. Jimmianne

    New Stuller Setting

    Beautiful setting!
  9. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Yes, one step done. Thinking of you and sending love xx
  10. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Austina, how lovely that Adam and Kim are there! Missy, I hope you enjoy your day and are not too lonely with Greg in the city. It must seem a little too quiet with him away. I found someone I trust to clean out my basement. What a relief. My young friends who live in the farm are expecting...
  11. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Austina, I am so sorry about Dottie. I’m sorry not to say so sooner, but could not bear to even talk about it. (My Mr.Monet died three weeks before I got home, but he was 17). I am so sorry for your loss. Scandi, hoping all goes well for your Mom. You are a good daughter and I am certain it is...
  12. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Dear NIRDIS, i am back Stateside and reading through the thread. Feeling terribly disconnected after six months in France with health issues and actually had to stay longer to be well enough to travel. Within a day of arriving home I came down with a horrible flu bug, and two weeks later I am...
  13. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi Everyone!! Tekate, yet again great minds think alike. I have not been on PS for months and for some reason decided today was the day to check in. The heat wave was hellish, not a soul on the streets and the shops and cafes without AC. All the trains were late due to rail expansion, which I...
  14. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    So great to be back on the NIRDI thread and catching up! It may take a while...a very prolific group of writers here : ) I just got back from a week of pet sitting on the opposite side of the river; dog, cat, chickens. Reminded me of why I enjoy being « off farm duty » for the summer, but the...
  15. Jimmianne

    BROOCHES & Pins. Why Don't We Wear Them?

    I got a Tiffany brooch on ebay to wear at my daughter’s wedding last month. Now I’m thinking I should wear it all the time to make the purchase « cost effective » LOL LOVE the idea of wearing it on jeans or a cuff, or even a purse.
  16. Jimmianne

    Does this seem a little weird for a vendor to have this on their page?

    I made the mistake of calling him to ask him to set a stone and suffered his abuse. He could have just said no, but gave me an earful about having the nerve to buy a diamond from someone other than himself. I can only assume he has mental problems...more to be pitied than censored??
  17. Jimmianne

    Show me your ceiling sparklies! Chandeliers of course

    I brought two Schonbeks from my Mom’s house and installed one in my farmhouse kitchen. Every sunny morning the room is filled with rainbows. I never tire of sitting in a room full of rainbows. Sorry I don’t have a better photo but I’m away and this is all I have.
  18. Jimmianne

    Do I give engagement ring paperwork to Fiance?

    You must be from the South! Lol Bless your heart
  19. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi guys, just Checking In. I have the flu and am quickly going downhill into fuzzy flu-coma land, but I accomplished a lot here before it got too bad and wanted to report in. How's this for one week?! Wedding Bought a plot of land to build a garage for a car Then Bought the car Easiest car...
  20. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    The usual for me here...lurking, lurking. My DD now has a husband and a French last name. Here they are walking through town to the Marie, where they were wed by the mayor. He gave a funny speech about the bride and groom, teasing and complimenting them while wearing his official red, white and...
  21. Jimmianne

    Emerald Cuts & Asschers - A Collection

    « All things bright and beautiful » :love:
  22. Jimmianne

    Ebay Find -Old cut ring in platinum

    ENJOY! It’s beautiful.
  23. Jimmianne

    Now I really did it :((

    Marcy, so glad to hear that the weather has changed for the better, you really got slammed this winter. What a lovely gift, congratulations. And the earring are pretty. You have young ears, perfect for nice earrings. Missy, actually from the photos, it is bad enough! The only product I that has...
  24. Jimmianne

    What’s your tagline?

  25. Jimmianne

    Feeling like I need support

    Lovedogs, It has all been said, so just adding my condolences to your sad news. She is so fortunate to have you. Perhaps that is why she came to you and not to someone else.
  26. Jimmianne

    Signs of Spring

  27. Jimmianne

    Please confirm this is a non-branded "criss cut" diamond

    I had two resets OEC in a Ritani and it was great. So I had them reset my asscher in a bezel setting and they didn’t know how to do it. The bezel was wobbly looking and looked partially melted, and the stone was set deep in the bezel. They told me I was too picky and tried to shame me...
  28. Jimmianne

    Color vs Carat thoughts-did i make right decision?!

    Sounds good. As did another poster, I looked at the video without first identifying which was which and the G clearly stood out.:love: And have fun!