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  1. kholt6

    Harro Gem Review 2019 & Recommendations

    I got engaged last year and am now the proud owner of the most beautiful 2.60 carat oval diamond engagement ring; as I travel a lot for work I knew I wanted a replica of my ring made up to travel with. My local jeweler recommended I look in to moissanites as a possibility and after reading some...
  2. SparklenHue123

    Maytal Hannah Review - Oval re-make

    Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Maytal Hannah. I have posted in PS before about my search for my perfect oval diamond and also my dream design ring. It took me a year + to find the stone and design the ring. I was assured by our family jeweler that they...
  3. Lykame

    My 2 carat CBI diamond, set in a custom setting made by Durham Rose Jewellers, UK.

    I want to start this post with gratitude, so much gratitude. I'm not even in possession of my ring yet, because I'm going to pick it up next Wednesday, but I've been sent a video from the workshop and I'm desperate to share it. I also have lots to say about my journey up until now, for anyone...
  4. F

    Seeking/Reviewing 1.5 Round Diamonds Under $13,000

    Hello, My partner and I are engagement ring shopping. We are both very new to the world of jewelry and diamonds, but have been trying to research as much as possible and this website has been incredibly helpful. Here are our criteria: Shape: Round Carat: 1.4 - 1.6 Clarity: VS2 + [I am a “mind...
  5. J

    Deborah The Jewelry Appraiser Inc Review

    I came to see Deborah after my fiancé had gone to her to appraise my ring before I got engaged. He couldn’t stop telling me how amazing she was, and that I just had to see for myself. My mom got an upgrade, (lol) and my parents were going to go to her for the appraisal. So me, my fiancé, and my...
  6. EmeraldEmpress

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    Thank you for the feedback! Your ring is lovely and it certainly does have an antique look to it! I actually have never seen anything like it at Tiffany's! The Tiffany ring I'm consdering is a modern style, but I absolutely LOVE antique stones and settings. I feel like platinum is durable, but...
  7. Daisys and Diamonds

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    boo hiss :x2 the way they were so rude to your mom
  8. cj2be

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    Well I’m back. With horrible news. This diamond has not 1, but 2 chips on the girdle. One looked like just a feather, but after moving my finger I can slightly feel it. Then I found a way worse one the jeweler tried to hide near a prong. Words cannot describe how heartbroken and angry I feel. Do...
  9. distracts

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    When my mom went in to get her wedding band repaired, they basically told her it was a piece of junk, nobody should keep chipped diamonds (it was an heirloom ring and had already been worn a bunch by the time my mother received it, with tiny antique cuts) and aggressively tried to upsell her on...
  10. J

    Need help picking the right stone

    If the jeweler didn't verbally tell you the deposit is final and it's not written on the receipt as final then legally in my opinion he or she has to give you your money back ( I'm not a lawyer ) If they still refuse not to give you your money back be firm and point out that nothing was said...
  11. minousbijoux

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Well done, Marymm, great answers!
  12. marymm

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Do you have to buy the stone and setting together? NO. Is it insulting to a jewelry to bring them a stone purchased elsewhere and ask them to design a setting for your stone? NO. Is it appropriate to ask to see the stone in person? YES. For colored gemstones in particular, you must see the...
  13. yssie

    Advice needed on cloudy diamond...

    I very much hope newcomers are reading this thread. The moral of this story is do some homework prior to committing to pricey purchases. I did not understand from the initial review that your vendor had not brought the stone in for your FI to view prior to purchase; this is a dishonorable...
  14. P

    Knot si2

    Ok, so I keep reading about how one should avoid knots at all costs, but just how likely is a knot going to become a cavity? Has that actually ever happened to any PS'er? I'm asking because I keep going back to an F si2 diamond from a highly recommended and trusted local jeweler (one that's been...
  15. P

    Help with unbranded 2 ct round

    Yes, the first one, si2, is supposed to be "completely eye clean" per the vendor. I'm going to the jeweler's tomorrow to look at it in person. They said they have ideal scope images, so hopefully I'll be able to post them for help with review. I'm hesitant with the GOG one because I just can't...
  16. headlight

    Help, second guessing all around

    Hi! First of all, don’t feel silly. And, yes, this is supposed to be fun but for some reason it is often highly stressful (as evidenced by all the similar posts here!). And, yes, you are a glutton for punishment lol! I’ve worked on more than 1 jewelry project at the same time and it consumed...
  17. bmfang

    Feedback on Ovals the jeweller called in

    What @OoohShiny said. Almost all of the Aussie jewellers I have spoken to have had negative reviews of consumers buying stones online on their own. Unless the jeweller happens to be the one who is offering a “diamond concierge” service and are pulling stones from the same virtual inventory...
  18. Diamond_Hawk

    Fake Review Worst Experience Ever with B2C Jewels

    Hi jthsparkle. I am so sorry to hear about your impression of B2C Jewels. In fact I’d like to make your case a priority since there are definite irregularities at odds with our core values that I am compelled to chase down and resolve. First, I can assure you that all B2C Jewels reviews are...
  19. cj2be

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    I agree with you but my fiancé doesn’t want a refund for whatever reason. The jeweler was very apologetic and said I can exchange again. He said the weird thing is that the chip is polished so he thinks it’s an indented natural but is still confused as to how GIA missed it. He said he’s gonna...
  20. M

    High Performance

    Hey all! I posted on Rocky Talky earlier and wanted to share my thoughts in this thread as well! The link is below: My fiancée's engagement ring is absolutely amazing! I've gotten so many compliments on her...
  21. lovedogs

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    holy f*cking s*it. I have no words. Report them to the BBB, start screaming this from the rooftops. DO NOT let them "make it right". You already tried that and it completely screwed you over. You need a full refund and you need it now. The jeweler is fraudulent, plain and simple. I'm all for...
  22. kmoro

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    Oh for gosh sake ... why on earth would you feel stupid? Anyone could fall for that! I feel so bad for you ... I hope it gets straightened out soon! On a side note @headlight ... I just caught that you said something about table size having an influence on how big a diamond looks ... I don’t...
  23. Wink

    Knot si2

    Knots can be a big problem. Knots can be a big mind clean problem. Knots can be inconsequential. It depends on the knot. You are dealing with a local jeweler who you say is highly recommended and trusted. He tells you that it is not a problem. We cannot see the diamond or even its diamond...
  24. Rubymal

    Advice needed on cloudy diamond...

    Ahhh, now that you mention it, 4 carat does sound enticing :D I know someone else had mentioned a while back that moral of the story is to buy a diamond with your own eyes. I completely agree! This might be hard to believe, but this is exactly what I told my fiance when I let loose the reins...
  25. cj2be

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    It’s not a mall jeweler. It’s a private jeweler that’s been around for over 100 years. My fiancé is mad about it
  26. sstephensid

    Anyone mind looking around for a good Pear shaped diamond for me ?

    Brian Gavin Diamonds said there would be no review/return policy for this diamond? Doesn’t that contradict his site?
  27. sledge

    Tiffany Setting vs Super Ideal Help!

    If you aren't aware, color is graded by looking at the SIDE of the diamond. The more exposed the sides of the diamond, the greater the potential to see tint. As such, when looking face up on a diamond you may not see much tint variation. Lastly, if a diamond is poorly cut, light will not...
  28. Johnbt

    Female employees bring harassment and unequal pay lawsuit against Zales, Kay, Jared

    Is anyone following the investor fraud lawsuit? "U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon on Monday denied the Akron, Ohio-based jeweler’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed by the...