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  1. K

    Selling Jewelry

    ...option. Anways any recommendations you can give me on trying to sell this piece? How have your experiences been selling if you have sold any jewelry? I'd certainly be hoping to get a certain amount to make it all worth it as i try to embark on getting a new band with the specs/ details I...
  2. teddym

    Jewelry appraiser in losangles area (Jewelry Judge)

    ...the appraisal process. I am in the LA area near Pasadena So if anyone has suggestions on who to go to I would greatly appreciate it. Also, has anyone heard of Jewelry Judge? is it a legit place? After doing an online search I found a Geoffrey A. Nelson of Jewelry Judge, has anyone heard of him?
  3. M

    Jewelry insurance

    I would like to have a ring insured. Can someone recommend a company and explain how and what type of coverage I should be getting please. I have absolutely no understanding about this. I am in Canada.Thank you.
  4. J

    Saks - 20% off jewelry

    Saks has 20% off jewelry right now. This includes Jude Frances (someone just posted about earring charms).
  5. B

    Question regarding jewelry cleaner......

    ...I only use the US feature for special occasions, such as dinner with friends, wedding, etc. followed by a steam. otherwise, I will soak the jewelry once a week with the heated feature only. I use the Blitz jewelry cleaner concentrate. My question is, how often should I discard the cleaning...
  6. mrs-b

    Jewelry delivery day!

    Possibly the best days of my life are those I call 'jewelry delivery day', and today was one such day. :mrgreen: I've had 2 pair of custom made, solid gold hoops from DKJ - rose gold and yellow gold - that I wear multiple days of every week. I LOVE these hoops! For white metal hoops I've...
  7. Rose-gold-or-bust

    Custom jewelry storage

    I’m having a large custom cabinet built for jewelry storage (plus some other valuable items I collect). I do have a safe but it is hard to get into and not big enough for my slowly expanding collection so I only keep sentimental irreplaceable things in it. The stuff I wear everyday I want easy...
  8. strawrose

    When jewelry isn’t enough... Does anybody want a super blinged-out umbrella? :lol-2:
  9. T

    Jewelry Store Pricing

    Forgive me if this has already been asked. I did some searching but couldn’t find an answer. I went to a local jewelry store, one with a good reputation, to look for an engagement ring. The sales rep showed me a few stones and when we narrowed it down to three I asked about the prices. I...
  10. whitewave

    Bringing jewelry on cruise

    ...cabin safe by itself because as you know, the default reset code is 000000. (5 or 6 zeroes) I was thinking of maybe bringing a small locking jewelry case that would fit in the safe. Nearly all of it is insured, but some pieces aren’t, as they are normally in the safety deposit box and I...
  11. fuzzypill

    Emerald ring setting (ID Jewelry)

    ...for my green emerald. We purchased this emerald over 9 years ago when my first child was born (May is her birth month) hoping to create an jewelry piece to pass on to her. At the time, we didn't know what to do with the emerald (too busy being new parents) and so it sat in our safety...
  12. StephanieLynn

    Jewelry Baby Book?

    I've had this idea banging around in my head for a while about making a jewelry diary/baby book. It would be a book with a picture of each piece and the stats as well as history behind it and approximate value (this would have to be updated from time to time obviously). This way if something...
  13. Rockcollector

    Jewelry addiction

    Is anyone out there (other than myself) addicted to buying jewelry for themselves? Diamonds in particular?
  14. B

    Step by step jewelry cleaning. Picture heavy!

    Hello wonderful PSers! Here is my weekly jewelry cleaning, with pictures! This is not the same as a deep cleaning, which entails US and a steamer. Deep cleaning I save for a special occasion (ie wedding, parties, etc). This cleaning here is what I do on a weekly basis. First, let’s start with...
  15. Tacori E-ring

    Jewelry Insurance...

    What's the best these days?
  16. A

    Fine jewelry site (urgent)

    Hello I need to buy fine jewelry as soon as possible. Looking for good deals. I bought a few effy pieces (ruby and emerald) from saks off 5th, but saw they have a bad reputation online. What is a good site for me to find quality jewelry at great prices? Thanks!
  17. Rubymal

    Faberge Egg jewelry!

    I love teeny tiny egg shaped jewelry. I'm not sure why, but I do! I recently got a gorgeous piece from @PreRaphaelite (thank you for the sweet card too!). I had been eyeing her post for this egg for far too long, until i finally decided that I had to have it. Without further ado, photos of my...
  18. voce

    Trade War Affects Jewelry Lovers Will we have to pay 10% of the declared value if we ship from China to the US? I'm worried that vendors like Ivyandrosevintage will increase their prices. Tariffs will go...
  19. DorotheaBrooke

    Gray Spinel and Diamond Ring + Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

    ...Video in low indoor lighting: This post is also inspired by mrs-b because her lovely collection has me thinking about creating a jewelry capsule wardrobe, which I already do with my clothes. Currently, I have a small (or I'll say, tightly edited) collection, and I wear almost everything...
  20. Rubymal

    Negishi Jewelry Pearls

    If you are local to San Francisco/Bay Area, theres a store worth checking out in the Japan town center. I was not in the market to purchase any more pearls, but I noticed the liquidation sale signs as I walked by. The store owner has run his shop for 38 years and was originally from Japan. I had...
  21. swaye2010

    Paypal warning - your custom jewelry purchase may not be covered

    ...of PP cases that people have not be won lately. I think it is important to reiterate some of the risks associated with ordering custom jewelry through some of the Chinese companies and maybe even some of the purchases made through the preloved websites. It looks like jewelry is excluded...
  22. B

    High Jewelry Event (image heavy)

    High Jewelry Event Hi All! I would like to share some images from a Tiffany & Co. High Jewelry Event. A portion of the store was cordoned off at the Beverly Hills Flagship Location. I understand it was by invitation only. This past weekend my husband and I got to muck around in some serious...
  23. Diamond Girl 21

    Fine Jewelry vs Modestly Priced Pieces

    I love looking at pictures of your beautiful high end jewelry, but I'm curious how many of you still embrace the occasional more modestly priced items. My personal collection includes some very fine expensive pieces (for my budget anyway), as well as moderately priced pieces. "Back in the...
  24. MissStepcut

    Antique moonstone jewelry on LT

    Has anyone else noticed a ton of recent listings for purportedly antique moonstone jewelry, from several different sellers, on Loupe Troop? It seems like there’s been so much moonstone specifically that it raises red flag for me. Or maybe people who have moonstone sitting around decide to list...
  25. AntiqueMovalGal

    Didn't realize what inspired my jewelry taste... Until...

    I found my mom's old engagement ring! Side note: now I want to add tapered baguettes to mine!
  26. L

    Whiteflash or ID Jewelry less than ideal engagement ring, I’m splurging on a 5 stone ring and I want it to be excellent ideal! I am down to Whiteflash ACA and ID Jewelry. I am going with .3 stones if ACA F/G color. I’m torn though because I’ve seen some beautiful pics of five stones on pricescope as well and I’m...
  27. JPie

    Does shoddy, expensive jewelry make your eye twitch too?

    ...PS, I find myself noticing details that I probably wouldn't have before I joined. I get emails from a very high end online retailer, and the jewelry they sell drives me nuts! It's such poor quality for exorbitant sums. Take this emerald solitaire, for example. It's 3.82ct for $10,000...
  28. Matata

    Dazzling Jewelry of the East

  29. P

    Reputable vendors to sell antique jewelry to?

    Dear all, Looking to sell a pair of pricy Georgian earrings but don’t feel comfortable necessarily selling big ticket items on eBay or Loupe Troop. Any recommended vendors/consignment shops you have personally used? Jewels by Grace? Lang Antiques?
  30. Mrs_Strizzle

    Calling creative jewelry designers!

    While going through my bead boxes from many moons ago, I rediscovered these pretty briolette multicolored sapphires and purplish garnets. I had completely forgotten about them! Now my wheels are spinning trying to think of projects for them. The sapphires are pretty tiny 4x3mm, and the garnets...