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  1. K

    High Performance Diamonds Review - 0.84 ct

    Hello Everyone, I'm about 15 months late in writing this review but my wife and I were out and about last week and were admiring how great her engagement ring and wedding band look and it finally compelled me to do something I hate doing, which is posting to an internet forum. The fact that...
  2. D

    Trabert Goldsmiths - Piece of crap made in Thailand

    Oh no I’m so sorry this happened and definitely better late than never thanks for the review.
  3. D

    Yelp opinions

    Yes, But I don’t use yelp as much as Google review where all the reviews are posted and not “hidden” I find that Yelp could either overscore a business or underscore them based on hidden reviews which I find shady as a user of yelp and once owned a restaurant myself. :roll: Had a lot of fake...
  4. D

    Avoid etsy seller diamondandlove

    They did, and one actually was a good type of "return" review. Basically vendor wanted to 'buy' my review off with "remove the review and I will provide 70% refund"? basically I said provide refund and I will update my review... then nothing.:???:
  5. M

    My First Starsgem Ring with Gene's YAG

    Oh wow! This turned out amazingly well. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And that stone just glows! Thank you for such a detailed review. I’m sure it will help a lot of people. Did DK speak to the quality of the setting or have any issues with the setting process?

    Avoid etsy seller diamondandlove

    Oh that's awful! How disappointing. Also not happy to hear Etsy not responsive! I buy there frequently in good faith. Did seller have good reviews?
  7. BMI

    Anyone have/seen this ‘swoopy’ Stuller soli in person?

    @the_mother_thing Your ring is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so happy you love the setting (even if it is temporary). And I must say, your diamond looks AMAZING in it! :love: Thank you for the detailed review. I am curious though, did you ask for the band to be thicker or wider at the bottom, or did Stuller...
  8. OreoRosies86

    Do You Post Negative Reviews?

    Having formerly been in the service industry a long time, no. I see SO many negative reviews about things that were completely out of the server’s control or even the restaurant’s control. Oh you wanted to sit on the patio and there were bugs? You didn’t read the menu and the food wasn’t the way...
  9. Mamabean

    Do you feel comfortable sleeping on filthy hotel beds?

    Oh boy..I have a FEAR of bedbugs...I’ve heard horror stories...I check online and will read every review of a hotel I’m staying at. I used to go to bed bug registry but their website isn’t working anymore. I just read every single review on every single site before I’ll book a hotel. I have...
  10. yssie

    James Allen assistance

    Oh. No wonder they’re having difficulty matching your stone. Nice two chevron specimens are the rarest of princesses :(sad Both the selections @SimoneDi highlighted look like very nice three-chevron choices - pending review of reports, that is, and damn JA and their concealment stupidities...
  11. lovedogs

    Help! A jeweler damaged my Montana sapphire

    Oh HELL NO! I'd be calling a lawyer asap. This "jeweler" owes you money, period. In fact, I'd argue that he owes you for an entire new also be contacting the BBB, and writing SCATHING reviews to warn everyone else to stay away from this fraud!
  12. marcy

    Healthy Living Thread

    Hi Kids! Dee Jay, it's a good thing to have a generator ready to go in anywhere that could be in the path of a hurricane. Our power outages here can last a few days but after selling our 5th wheeler we don't have a generator. As a kid we used to have outages from blizzards for over a week...
  13. MakingTheGrade

    How to care for a found cat?

    @elle_71125 and @PintoBean I've been reading reviews since I may get one for myself as a christmas gift too. I was wonder how the odor control is since I have the litter box in my bathroom since I live in an apartment (so no basement). This may not fit in my bathroom in which case it'd most...
  14. SparklePolo

    My First Starsgem Ring with Gene's YAG

    That's a good question, because I did ask DK to check on the setting and whether I should add a mini prong on each end of the furthest halo diamonds. He came back saying all of the diamonds are tightly set and should be fine. It was reassuring to hear that from him, and that Starsgem does do...
  15. Rose-gold-or-bust

    How many delays can you tolerate?

    I will once my money is returned. They tried to blame this recent delay on fedex saying there was in issue with the label. I’ve worked in shipping in the past and I know fedex would have just issued a new label and kept it moving if that was true. It also doesn’t excuse them from reaching out...
  16. tigertales

    My diamond is pregnant!

    Oh, I'm sorry if that comment implied I didn't need advice. I just meant I didn't expect perfection, and was looking for something unique. I totally appreciate your input, and that of any other PS'ers. Thank you for your in depth review of the stone, and what to look for in the next diamond...
  17. L

    Provence Gems... I am so frustrated. Help!

    I have been watching this thread on PriceScope and I am really glad that you registered on Reddit where you can send private messages. I have not yet seen your post there about your very negative experience with Provence, and as I said earlier, it's hard to post a negative review, but I think...
  18. L

    Provence Gems... I am so frustrated. Help!

    Oh, thank you so very much for saying that. I think I am a fair person and I can honestly say Provence Gem has done some good work, I have seen it and it’s what encouraged me to go with them. I am just shocked that after the bad PR they are getting they would send my stuff out like that, even...
  19. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Wednesday kids! Not much exciting to report his morning. TR did indeed come up to bed at some point, and he said he feels pretty OK this morning, which is good. I did a light workout this morning because I did a pretty hard one yesterday. Today I'll keep working on my boss's...
  20. S

    Nick Brevig - Elite Gemstones in Denver, CO?

    Oh don't worry about that! LOL
  21. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    Oh and I took a pantascopic photo for you of the beach yesterday. It was foggy and grey but pretty nonetheless. The iphone rocks. I love taking these weird pantascopic photos. Pantascopic Sunrise and pantascopic cycling shot Try saying pantascopic fast a few tongue twister...
  22. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Monday kids! Curby, the only thing I bought at the gem show was an x-mas present for someone for $22. it was a rather disappointing experience. This weekend flew by! On Saturday we made another trip to Costco (ha!) and then I went to the gym for a good workout before TR and I went out...
  23. T

    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware!

    Thomas here - the guy who started this thread last Saturday. I thought I could come here to get some help or support on how to handle the situation with Enchanted Diamonds... It seems like very clearly affiliated people have taken this over and turned it into an chance to market themselves. I...
  24. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Tuesday kids! Curby, LOL on not having enough patience to put tinsel on the tree! And I love that you took the task your people did and go it done so fast. One of my good friends worked for a bank many years ago and there was some sort of reconciliation that needed to be done daily...
  25. bludiva

    Fake Review Worst Experience Ever with B2C Jewels

    oh wow sorry you had a bad experience. did you get your refund? i think @Diamond_Hawk is the B2C person on these boards, maybe he can look into what happened. i can assure you all the reviews are not fake, i had a good experience with b2c but i'll also say it's not for everyone or for every...
  26. Michael13

    James Allen assistance

    We love how the 2 chevron has sparkled and looks. I know exactly how it reflects light, every angle of that diamond. It is really unfortunate. Has anyone ever had an experience like this ? Or know anyone who has gone through a similar situation ? @SimoneDi thank you for search results, i...
  27. TweetyBird23

    Wedding Band Opinion, please!

    I did return the Luna (it was a .5ctw seven stone) and still don’t have a shared prong although I am expecting a few wedding bands from BN this week that might go with my new solitaire. Eternities are gorgeous but more high maintenance and impractical for my lifestyle but I’m not giving up on...
  28. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Monday kids1 Curby, you and I can sit in the back seat and doze and the guys can go up front and drive. Seriously, the place we're going -- it will still be there no matter what time we arrive! And if its not, well maybe it's better we took our time, ha ha! This morning I dropped my...
  29. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Friday kids! Curby, things do cost a fortune in NYC! I had cup of coffee one time (just regular coffee, nothing fru fru or fancy) and it was $7.50. :o If I had wanted vanilla syrup or almond milk I would have had to mortgage my house! Yesterday I got kind motivated for real on my...
  30. bling_dream19

    Now I really did it :((