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  1. CBPearllover

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Good evening! I'm a long-time Pricescope lurker, and recently new to join and contribute. I want to start by thanking the multitude of experts and gem lovers who have contributed their knowledge to this forum. It's an invaluable resource, I'm grateful! So I'm in the process of helping my future...
  2. Emeraldcutlover

    Clueless dude here, need help finding a diamond ring!

    Hi. Good for you for reaching out!! It’s such an intimidating and expensive process and one that you want to be so special! I consigned w Jewels by Grace and people offer less than the listed price all day long (I sold my ring for less than listing). So it doesn’t hurt to tell her your all in...
  3. J

    Questions about buying online vs. retail store

    Hi - I've been in the market for an engagement ring and thought I'd done some good research in educating myself about the 4 c's, looking up prices on Blue Nile and James Allen, and shopping around with my girlfriend to determine what she likes. Between starting the buying process and reading...
  4. tkyasx78

    Questions about buying online vs. retail store

    I went to a retail chain store (smaller than Zales or Tiffany's, but still a semi-local chain). Obviously they are trying to compete against online retailers. They tried to sell themselves on two points. First, when you buy at an online retailer at a cheaper price, you're going to get a more...
  5. nycspring

    Uncertainty purchasing a Neil Lane from Kay Jewelers

    Just wanted to chime in and give another vote for ID Jewelry. I live close enough to visit them in person (in NYC's diamond district), and they are wonderful. My engagement ring setting, wedding rings, wedding earrings, and anniversary ring are all from IDJ. My e-ring diamond is from another...
  6. VRBeauty

    Thoughts on getting this ring custom made..

    That's a pretty elaborate design. I don't think you're going to find an exact copy in a ready-made line, and I think you'll have trouble finding a ring with the same visual impact for that price. I'd be surprised if you could get a custom made copy at that price. Most of the settings I've...
  7. C

    please help, new buyer and don't understand all of this

    So in a few weeks will be the day my girlfriend and I started dating a couple years ago. I went to the mall with her little girls and we looked at earrings for her. I'm in sales and wasn't willing to buy from zales or Kays without some more research first. I eventually found this site and...
  8. D

    Engagement ring shopping- never bought a diamond before!!

    I am new to the forum. I was recommended to come here from another forum- they stated it is a very knowledgeable board, so I know this is were I needed to be. :)) I started looking for an engagement ring for my gf, soon to be fiancée and we don't have an actual jeweler in our town so I looked...
  9. A

    B2Cjewels: "Holiday" or elaborate "bait-and-switch"?

    As many of you, I took the purchase of the stone very seriously! Now, before I continue, let me say this: B2C has been extremely helpful, and Samuel and Rio have done a great job working with/for me. They're responsive to my emails and patient with my questions, and I certainly don't want to...
  10. C

    First time diamond buyer looking for e-ring advice!

    Hello all! :wavey: I'm looking to get an engagement ring for my girlfriend of almost 3 years now, and to say the least I am completely overwhelmed by the plethora of information available out there! I have never bought a diamond before so please bear with me! I have spent the last month...
  11. C

    ABC Does Some Undercover Diamond Shopping

    That was an interesting segment. As pointed out by some others I can see where they sought out the most likely places to give them the experiences they wanted but that doesn't take away from the fact that this does happen and that those who are wise enough and informed enough to avoid...
  12. P

    My dilemma-please help! and warning--this is a long post.

    Re: My dilemma-please help! and warning--this is a long post Hello :wavey:! I just wanted to give an update because I always love and appreciate the threads with updates :twirl: Final Result: Yay! No damage to the stone! {sigh of relief} BUT, the gold was 14k and not 18k like the jeweler...
  13. W

    Union Diamond vs Since 1910 (Diamond Stud Earrings)

    Hi everybody, I stumbled upon this website while doing some research on diamond stud earrings. I'm looking to buy diamond stud earrings for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day (she's been wanting a new pair ever since she lost one of the earrings of her old pair) and I was originally going to stop...
  14. yssie

    Union Diamond vs Since 1910 (Diamond Stud Earrings)

    ...where's the cut info? Most people buy earrings with the same general info as engagement rings - there's just two diamonds to evaluate instead of one.. ETA: I should say, most PSers!
  15. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Zales plays web 2.0

    Or is it web1.2? [Edit by admin] Fixing link Zale Adds Online Rating & Review Tech to Benchmark Marketing, Merchandising By Jeff Miller Posted: 03/03/08 16:49 [Submit Comment] RAPAPORT... Zales and Gordon's...
  16. N

    which ring is worth the money??

    hi :), I''m new to this forum and have just started my ring shopping and am new to learning all the features of the website (so please bear with me :)). I''ve noticed most of you have recommended doing your research and buying online since its cheaper and overall a better diamond for what you...
  17. I

    I HAVE A DIAMOND… and a story to go with it!

    I found a diamond for my girlfriend's engagement ring. I want to share my story so far and thank all those on PS, I have learned a lot here and put that knowledge to good use. First I’ll give you the fun numbers part, then the nice long story. I have a .78 Princess of Hearts and hear are the...
  18. Rod

    I get an upgrade! and I feel like crying....

    Diamndseeker, one should be able to tell a local jeweler what level of quality one expects in a diamond, what kind of proportions, what grading reports etc, and expect that jeweler to bring stones in for your review. I don''t mean to sound anti internet, as I''m not at all. From what I''ve...
  19. F

    Am I Misguided

    First, you assume that couples go shopping together. Often, this is not the case & the boy just has to guess one. Having done the shopping in a B&M store for the initial ring, you have way too grandiose a notion of what shopping for a ring in the traditional sense entails. We did shop...