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  1. Indira-London

    Color Grading Diamonds At GIA: The First Fifty Years

    Just saw this today and thought that others might find it of interest too. The article below is from "Gems and Gemology" and featured on Rapaport News: Color Grading Diamonds At GIA: The First Fifty Years "In the more than half a century since the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)...
  2. choro72


    I''m going with a local jeweler in Santa Ana, CA. The Custom Goldsmith. They haven''t finished my ring yet, so I can''t give you a review I loved the rings that they make, but that''s because I have a different taste from most people (non antique). If you live close by, I can give you their...
  3. H

    Setting Challenge

    Hey there again. I know the fees are so unfair! I really object to paying an Australian Goods and Services tax when I bought outside of AUS!! I think they do this to deter people from purchasing overseas and buy Aussie made I guess. Sucks!!! As far as insurance goes, I phoned several people...
  4. J

    Questions/Comparisons from Med Student''s Mom

    Ooops. Could have sworn that was you Ellen. Went to your profile and found a posted pics thread - just assumed it must be you, sorry. I am such a newbie at this, thanks for your patience. Wish John Q could also look at the stones I''m considering, though that''s probably verbotten as he is...
  5. S

    Review: GOG, Chubb, Leon

    Well, It has been a year since my first exposure to Pricescope and its inundation of information, friendly people and unrestricted opinions. Since then and no less than 84 emails I have completed one of the most amusing, rewarding, and so ever costly roads towards engagement. Funny there is a...
  6. R

    Girdle help

    I would suggest you have this stone examined by an appraiser who has sarin, OGI or helium equipment - if it is unset. Than will give you more detailed information about the percentage stated. GIA does not report how large and where the very thin area is. If the very thin area is small that has...
  7. satriani

    My unfortunate Whiteflash experience

    Here are the events and details that led me to this conclusion: Upon receiving my preliminary appraisal data via e-mail, I called the appraiser per his instructions to review what was sent. Towards the end of that conversation he mentioned that I may want to call Whiteflash because they had...
  8. A

    "DREAM TEAM" - Q#4: Princess stones reviewed - need more guidance

    I reposted this under this title as I am hoping to get the right attention to continue helping me. I plan to purchase a stone this month and I''m starting to work with others to design a setting that I will later seek this forums feedback on. Anyways, here goes: , "Team" for help with Q#1-Q3...
  9. satriani

    My unfortunate Whiteflash experience

    Okay, I’ve got time and I’m pretty sure this is going to be VERY long-winded (like watching the Godfather trilogy in one sitting long) so my apologies in advance for those who decide to read through it. I’ll try to be as fair and as thorough as possible. I’ve been in and out of this forum for...
  10. signal_4

    Signal_4''s trip to White Flash Office

    Hi All !!!!! I just wanted to let everyone know about my visit to the White Flash Office today.... For those of you who haven''t read my post on my WF ACA H&A diamond you can read it and see pictures that I took here...
  11. Rhino

    Calling all Asscher owners

    Hi All, Just thought I''d answer some of the points brought up here and lay out my cards. Settings: We have in stock (as I write this) roughly 200 settings in our showcases plus approx. another 200-300 in our safes (all of them will not fit in our showcases). I suppose what one may consider a...