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  1. G

    Jubilee Search

    Hi All, I have been shopping for a diamond engagement ring for several weeks and have decided on a branded modified square…I am very close to ruling out the HoF Dream in favor of a Flanders, Jubilee, Lucere, Regent, Elara, or Lucida (Tiffany cut I believe…?). My challenge is inventory…where are...
  2. abradabra

    I need help, diamond purchase tomorrow afternoon!!

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend going over the internet vs. a local jeweler. The internet vendors can offer you and great price and many of them have excellent customer service (you can search the ones listed below to see former customers). However, since your jeweler comes highly...
  3. D

    Another Satisfied GOG Customer

    This is my first time posting but I have been on this site for months just reading. I recently purchased a ring from GOG and I have to say that they helped to make a nerve racking experience a little easier. With never spending this much money without having to include tax/tags and title into...
  4. L

    My Diamond Buying Experiences - A must read for budding fiances and beginners - LONG!

    Here is my diamond buying story. This posting is aimed mainly at the guys trying to figure out what, where and how to buy a diamond for their significant other. I am not going to try and change anybody's mind on what is better, I want to make this as close to what I personally went through and...