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  1. CBPearllover

    Help in Dallas, bad Jared experience

    Good evening! I'm a long-time Pricescope lurker, and recently new to join and contribute. I want to start by thanking the multitude of experts and gem lovers who have contributed their knowledge to this forum. It's an invaluable resource, I'm grateful! So I'm in the process of helping my future...
  2. bling_dream19

    Now I really did it :((

    Oh @Tekate I'm soo sorry to hear about the teeth and mouth pain. At least you're not paying fof the torture! I just hope you are out of pain asap and teeth are goodie! Wow sounds like so much fun to drive to VA, I love road trips with fun stops along the way. You are so sweet thanks for the dust...
  3. Tekate

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi, starting to read through, sorry I have been off more than on, I just have felt so crummy, tired of tooth pain etc. But it's Friday and I'm going to shake it off, plus the cleaning service is coming! @Mamabean jeezus I hope they find your missing diamonds at DK's... it's okay I've lost 2...
  4. D

    Engagement ring help!

    Hi Guys, So here we go, another lost and confused boyfriend trying to find her girlfriend the perfect ring. In fairness though she had made this incredibly difficult for me, asking to trust my choice. Only thing she desired was that the ring have a diamond and be white gold....Well that narrows...
  5. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    Missy, I'm glad your appointments went well! Ugh, I'm behind on all of mine :oops: And I'm almost 55 and haven't had a colonoscopy yet. The discussion about them here is interesting, I'll ask my doctor about alternatives. My husband had one a few years ago and everything went fine…he did...
  6. Gypsy

    Engagment Diamond

    Okay, this makes sense to me. Where are you located (what city and state). Can you do a BBB/yelp/Jewelers Association check on both jewelers? Also what are both jewelers policies related to re-work if the item isn't up to what you were promised? And what is each jeweler's policy on manufacturing...
  7. Amys Bling

    rings and HM....what to do?

    cute story about the little girl! Training them young :) Please post pics when you have your set!
  8. jezebelle

    Gemvara: overpriced??

    I know my husband bought me something from Gemvara as a Christmas present...not sure what, though. I'm not usually one to snoop but I had to go into his email to get some info for our business, and I saw a confirmation email :). I'm excited, as it will be my first piece from Gemvara, but I'm...
  9. T

    To consumers who need help in evaluating diamonds

    Ahh, let me entirely up the chauvinistic quotient and say 'how typical of women'. At no time did I discredit or take away value from PSers that have contributed all of their time and efforts. Nobody was disparaged or had their knowledge dismissed. Again, this was making an observation as to...
  10. S

    My experience with Maytal Hanna

    I purchased a beautiful August Vintage Cushion from Good Old Gold (great experience--separate post) and was excited to get it set. This was a college graduation present for my daughter, so I wanted something special she would cherish for her whole life. Before purchasing the stone, I had...
  11. John Pollard

    Any Qs / interest in China-HK market & engagement tradition?

    Re: Any Qs / interest in China-HK market & engagement tradit The following answers are from Yao and Julie; 29 and 28 years-old. They're both single and work in the jewelry business. Based in Shanghai, they are currently in Beijing for the show and do business across all parts of mainland China...
  12. T

    Please help me find the right vintage style engagement ring

    Hi all, You are all so knowledgable and I would really appreciate som help finding the perfect mount as my timeline steadily shrinks (need it before the holidays) and doors keep closing. I thought I had a mount lined up locally and would buy my diamond online, only to get the runaround for a...
  13. JohnQuixote

    ''''Blood Diamond'''' Movie Sneak Preview - Review

    On Dec 8 the movie Blood Diamond opens. It has been predicted to raise questions among consumers about the provenance of diamonds they purchase this holiday season, and into the new year. My lady and I were able to see a screening this weekend. I wrote these thoughts and impressions while they...
  14. little miss sunshine

    GREAT Gold Old Gold Experience/Visit!!

    I just wanted to post another great review of our experience buying an engagement ring from Gold Old Gold - and more specifically, our recent visit!! My boyfriend and I starting diamond shopping a few months ago, first at local jewelry stores. I happened to come across Pricescope and being...
  15. websailor

    How do you feel about cruises?

    Diamondlil, First, CONGRATS , on your 20 years of marriage! That is quite an accomplishment nowadays! Second, what can I say - after 20 years, it ought to be okay to spend a little on yourselves.... I think you deserve it! Having been on more than a few cruises myself, the best advice I...
  16. B

    Custom e-ring inspired by cartier

    Hello everyone out there. After doing months of research on the pricescope forums, I have decided to buy a custom made e-ring for my girlfriend. To pay back the pricescope community for all that I have learned and possibly help someone who was where I was at a few months ago, I will document...
  17. L

    My Diamond Buying Experiences - A must read for budding fiances and beginners - LONG!

    Here is my diamond buying story. This posting is aimed mainly at the guys trying to figure out what, where and how to buy a diamond for their significant other. I am not going to try and change anybody's mind on what is better, I want to make this as close to what I personally went through and...
  18. G

    Positive experience with Affordable Diamonds Online

    For anyone out there beginning their search for a diamond, very few compete with Affordable Diamonds Online in reference to cost and service. Being a geologist and conscientious consumer, I naturally had to discover for myself the ins and outs of the diamond trade at the wholesale and retail...