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  1. M

    what to look for when receiving/examining proved jewelry?

    I've gone and bought my first piece if ebay jewelry after doing some research and some serious browsing. There were a few pieces that I've liked over the last few months, but many were more than I would like to spend as an inexperienced antique/thrifter, others were blatant repos or I just...
  2. babs23r

    Another Wolf jewelry case sale

    Received my Wolf London collection jewelry box last night, and true to the reviews, my rings hit the mirror. I also didn't realize that there weren't any earring compartments. Great for necklaces, though. It is a nice box, heavy, and seems to be made well. Now I need a place for my zillion pairs...
  3. pierrotlunette

    Moissanite rings from Starsgem on ebay (starsgem8)

    This looks so lovely on your hand! Also, we're small-fingered kindred: I also wear a 3.75. :)
  4. elizat

    DM for price! And other IG sales tactics that suck.

    Thanks for sharing. I thought one was lady lovelies. There is so much Georgian jewelry that is misrepresented. I am glad that's not my time period. Another thing I see are target ring settings. I see so many that are pristine and they are not disclosed as newly made. I think some sellers...
  5. sd_flp

    Moissanite rings from Starsgem on ebay (starsgem8)

    Review on 14k yellow gold ring for omc moissanite... Just a heads up, I didn’t keep my expectations super high when I bought this setting. Originally I was going to get a custom design with my local jeweler, but when he told me he was booked 2 months out, I decided to go the faster, cheaper...
  6. bbk0885

    Moissanite rings from Starsgem on ebay (starsgem8)

    I’m sorry you can’t see the milgrain, because that is a really pretty detail, but it still looks great!
  7. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Thursday kids! Curby, I'm so glad you ordered the earrings and I think you'll really love them! Now that my hair is long I could do some dangles... Hmmm... There is another big gem and jewelry show here the weekend of May 3 so now I have something to shop for! Yesterday I got word that...
  8. M

    My Experience Buying an Uncertified Diamond

    Hello, Although I’m not an active member of this forum, I want to share a recent experience I had which might assist others in their decision making. Warning: this is a long post! In 2016, my wife and I bought a 2ct diamond ring from a vendor. It did not come with an appraisal or lab report...
  9. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Tuesday kids! Curby, I'd GLADLY send you some of this crappy rain. And LOL -- YOU can't believe the annual review is starting again... I feel like I just three hold punched last year's and put it in a binder about five minutes ago!!! Last night I did a hard (er than usual) workout. My...
  10. AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    Diamond vs. Sapphire 7mm+ Round

    I think if the prongs are done well and the basket is open enough, then a 6-prong should perform similarly to a 4-prong. I have a 4-prong NESW but they're not claws. It's this setting -- I felt like it added to the vintage look I was looking for. And I'd hesitate to use any ol' tweezers you...
  11. Matthews1127

    Impulse Buy (Oval Diamond, James Allen)

    Wait a minute.... Rose gold combined with a broad-faceted, flashy 1.20 J SI1 oval surrounded by little white, sparkly, twinkling diamonds?!? Holy crap! What’s not to love?!? And under $4,000? That’s awesome!! :eek2: The fact that you have never been motivated to do this, and she knows this fact...
  12. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Good afternoon NIRDI’s. Missy I enjoyed watching the raining diamonds again and raining Tiffany boxes. They have a Tiffany teddy bear. I pointed it out to Marty. Scandi. I hope you have a fun time in the mountains this weekend. I am trying not to freak out about Marty’s job situation; he...
  13. Madison2

    New Member, Searching for engagement ring

    Hi there, well I can tell you I bought 3 diamonds from Yekutiel and have my eye on a 4th diamond I saw just last Friday. I must have missed you if you stopped by on Friday. I went around 2 pm. Yes, diamonds and jewelry are addictive :mrgreen2: Anyway you ask are they reputable, the answer is...
  14. pearaffair

    Does anyone ever feel wary of reviews on Pricescope?

    I agree. It can be difficult if you have a lacklustre experience with a beloved vendor, and you seek to provide a fair review. Fortunately for me the vendor went out of their way to fix the situation, but I felt a bit under fire from some readers as to why I felt I should write such a review...
  15. Gadabout44

    Apologies for being the common engagement ring seeker, I could use some guidance.

    Hi Bron, thank you for being detailed with the term "eye clean". Definitely helpful knowledge that I can use with the search. I am not certain if online websites would list their diamonds as Eye Clean. I visited JamesAllen a few times and BlueNile, I do not think I've seen them list their...
  16. Gypsy

    Noobie here looking for help and reassurance.

    I can walk you through what my thought process would be. First thing is to check the appraiser. This is the place: 16 good yelp reviews. Seems okay. Then you read them and you notice most of the people on there are...
  17. mochiko42

    Show us your Mrs. Box with your rings!

    I recently ordered two boxes - the Victoire and the Nouvelle. I have mixed feelings about the Mrs Box. I love the Victoire - the delicate pink is beautiful and I see no problems with the quality on this box. I <3 this ring box so much! It made me realize what the fuss is about. As for the...
  18. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  19. Diamondboy11685

    Fair price 2 sell fncy yellow diamond Michael Christoff ring

    Re: Fair price 2 sell fncy yellow diamond Michael Christoff I don't know why anyone is sorry about anything. This is just a ring that sits in my jewelry box collecting dust. Its a very pretty stone and ring though just too small for my taste. I had a 10 second call with my partner from Japan...
  20. RockyRacoon

    Fair price 2 sell fncy yellow diamond Michael Christoff ring

    Re: Fair price 2 sell fncy yellow diamond Michael Christoff You are probably good, then! There are so many jewelers in BH, many of them very respectable. If he is experienced at purchasing stones, he never would have set foot inside Beverly Hills Jewelers, so that is good to know. If you...
  21. B

    Another review on Eternity Diamonds

    Hi everyone, I got back from my honeymoon and I was busy writing reviews for the hotels so I figured why not write one for the Jeweler :) I found Yoni on pricescope and did a little research to make sure both him and pricescope were not some elaborate scam. This was my earlier review on...
  22. Circe

    High carat gold opal pendants - Review of Aragona Designs, a

    This review hits two points that I think are equally important in the arena of collecting jewelry: craftsmanship and customer service. Jodie at Aragona Designs ( impressed me on both counts, so I wanted to give a shout-out and tip you guys off to another great...
  23. C

    Jaded but Looking Forward Need Help

    That's what I figured as well. I have seen more unreputable resalers trying to pawn off the low end certifications for a huge profit, and couldn't even imagine how bad it would be if they didn't even have a certification. My thought on it would be they would sell crappy diamonds way over their...
  24. M

    Possible to find a truly one of a kind cut/setting

    My e-ring dates back to the 1860's -- it's 2 emeralds with diamond accent stones set in rose gold -- and I love it [not surprising since I picked it out]. BUT there is no one-type-suits-all in jewelry, and antique-vintage rings are no exception. The "crude" cut of any old diamonds were not at...
  25. SB621

    My Review on my Aqua Braclet

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place and if not then my apologies in advance. I will ask the mods to please move to the correct place. I want to first say that I have always appreciated vendor reviews on PS before so I will try to keep this as fair and accurate as possible. I will say...
  26. marymm

    When will you call it quits?

    This is exactly where I am at... while the journey to get here has been so much fun and filled with so much learning and discovery, I have slowed down considerably - I regularly review my loose stones and my jewelry boxes trying to winnow down to what I am terming my core collection, and there...
  27. Tekate

    Unhappy Brian Gavin customer (international buyers read)

    Do you think it's possible you don't like the fluorescence? I'm not a fan of it, but other people love it, and if a stone I was considering was in the IJK range it may certainly help. I'm not a fan of knife settings either, but some are.. it's sleek and it's modern. .(usually what I like, but...
  28. Paxonator

    BGD Review With Pictures! (Canadian Buyer)

    I thought I should share my experience with Brian Gavin Diamonds. Here's the previous thread prior to the purchase "". This was my first time buying jewelry online. After some...
  29. L

    Royal Jewels

    Working on my imaginary jewelry box. At first though definitely want a strand of pearls and matching bracelet (delicate looking), a big diamond tiara (CP Marie-Chantal - the one that magically re-appeared last year, can't remember name), got to have an entire set of emeralds (tiara, bracelet...
  30. prince.of.preslav

    Royal Jewels

    It doesn't have to be a colletion of jewels from royal collections ;) You can just try to give general info about the jews you want, like shape, stones used, size, etc. Adout the Greek tiara - it goes by different names, none of which is official. The most 'famous' one seems to be Queen Sofia's...