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  1. budgetful

    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    Tell him they are very reputable vendors, and have good return policy ;)2 I can't find Parks Fine Group's return policy online but this one is directly from OWD's website: "Our 10 day return policy gives you plenty of time to review your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you...
  2. redwood66

    Mueller’s Conference today

    The reasons for the second amendment are always relevant. I have never argued for no regulations so that is absolutely incorrect.
  3. partgypsy

    Mueller’s Conference today

    Redwood, if there was overwhelming data out there to support your assertion, don't you think the NRA would fund such studies? They have plenty of money to do so. Instead we get editorials and anecdotes (and lots and lots of paid lobbyists). Pro gun control advocates have peer reviewed papers and...
  4. Johnbt

    Female employees bring harassment and unequal pay lawsuit against Zales, Kay, Jared

    Is anyone following the investor fraud lawsuit? "U.S. District Judge Colleen McMahon on Monday denied the Akron, Ohio-based jeweler’s request to dismiss the lawsuit, which was filed by the...
  5. farrahlyn

    Robot Vacuums - do they work?

    YES! When we moved into a bigger home i bought one (i read a bajillion reviews) and it's been an AMAZING purchase. We have zero carpet, two dogs indoors and two small children. The best part has been dog hair. my little dog has longer soft hair that is hard to get up and the vac does a great job...
  6. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDI’s! Missy, i hope the storm isn’t too bad and you can get out okay tomorrow. Good luck at the doctor’s appointment. You look great in all of your new wigs; just a different hairstyle and they do change your look. Which is always pretty. Makes me want to try a new hairdo. Your icy...
  7. yssie

    Website Name Suggestions

    This is an interesting discussion. I started a novel in response on my computer... then was on the road for a couple of days, so just getting back to it now... I was talking about this thread with the other half. First some context for my views: PS has been a beloved part of my day to day for...
  8. Diamond_Hawk

    Drop Shipper Question

    Hello Radiantdita, Thank you for posting about this! I am in touch with the listing and wholesaler relations department at B2C and will see if I can figure out what is happening here. B2C lists over 100,000 virtual diamonds from vendors all over the world, but I can assure you unless a...
  9. P

    Help with violet stone purchase

    Well I will pay with Paypal, I don't think this seller is a preferred seller, when searching there has been good and bad reviews. They are in India. I asked the seller to add in the paypal invoice comes with GIA certificate the #, and the 30 days no questions asked policy and they did.
  10. Indylady

    Small businesses—your experiences?

    Sandy, WOW! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thoughtful post and to share your experiences--I appreciate it so much. Your encouragement is so so helpful!! You are right--putting myself out there is necessary, and I'll never know till I try. I keep wondering what the magic is...
  11. holeydonut

    Analysis Paralysis

    Whoops, sorry I didn't mean to say that I question your trustworthiness level; your posts and others online helped steer me toward Brian Gavin to begin with. I'm just pointing out that a novice starting a fresh diamond/ring search knows nothing about the history or reputation of online vendors...
  12. N

    Elderly neighbors in colored diamond scam???

    Hello Everyone. I just wanted to say thank you for your advice, insights and concern. You might notice that I deleted a couple of posts. I didn't feel comfortable revealing detailed conversations that my neighbors and the scammers had or anything else too personal for safety reasons. Anyway...
  13. E

    Review of Usa Certed diamonds (Martin Sheffield)

    In this world of instant gratification people have failed to develop the virtue of patience. I'm certainly guilty of it. Martin also took more than a few days to get back to me regarding an inquiry. Throughout that time I politely asked for updates and finally got a response. Most of the time...
  14. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Good afternoon NIRDI’s. Missy I enjoyed watching the raining diamonds again and raining Tiffany boxes. They have a Tiffany teddy bear. I pointed it out to Marty. Scandi. I hope you have a fun time in the mountains this weekend. I am trying not to freak out about Marty’s job situation; he...
  15. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! Callie, I knew the RV would eventually cost us about 16K but I sure hated paying it. Your check to the IRS sounds painful as well. When I was teaching we had to write checks every year for an obscene amount but not anywhere near that. That is spot on the IRS doesn’t mind taking...
  16. pearaffair

    Review: New Moval Antique Diamond Necklace from JbG

    Grace, I really appreciate you chiming in and I am trying to present this review as fairly as possible. If there is anything relevant that I have left out, please make sure it gets added. I am sincerely glad that you have had this opportunity to explain your situation, and I wonder if I should...
  17. M

    My Experience Buying an Uncertified Diamond

    Hello, Although I’m not an active member of this forum, I want to share a recent experience I had which might assist others in their decision making. Warning: this is a long post! In 2016, my wife and I bought a 2ct diamond ring from a vendor. It did not come with an appraisal or lab report...
  18. poshmommy

    Buying insurance TODAY - Jewelers Mutual?

    You should also consider touchstone jewelry insurance. We had a rotten experience with JM. We were all set to use them after all the glowing reviews on here. I had everything in order to move quickly to get my upgraded engagement ring with them so I could start wearing it. Although I had a...
  19. A

    Experience as a first-time engagement ring buyer + JA review

    This might be a long one, so I'll start off with the bullet points of lessons learned: (If this is better suited in a separate subforum, please move accordingly! Sorry!) Options quickly become overwhelming. Narrow down your search as much as possible and life will be easier. Have her try on...
  20. marcy

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi NIRDIs! Rainwood, Chardonnay sounds delicious. I hate to hear about problems at the island and ugh to dealing with mold in the shed. I hope you can find someone to get a tarp over it until it can be repaired in the spring. I saw California is having flooding today. Love the diamond ice...
  21. WillyDiamond

    Diamond Cleaner

    I have tried them all, steam, dawn, stuff in the plastic bottles, etc..........I was at BBB today and came across this product called Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik. I read the instructions, easy to use, before I bought I went to Amazon to check out reviews, and they were all almost 5 stars...
  22. P

    1.21 carat H color SI1 vs. 1.01 carat E color VS2

    Awesome, thank you so much for your help. I will look around some more but I might give this F diamond a shot. Like you said, they do have 30 day money back so I can always return it. What I like about Shane Co's warranty is they will do as many cleanings, re-sizings, replacing lost stones...
  23. Gypsy

    Five Reasons Illegal Immigration Will Destroy America

    Redwood, first I want to thank you for what you shared. It was very brave of you, and I appreciate it very much. It helps me understand you better. I think the biggest problem with America right now is our political polarization and our Politicians themselves, honestly. Followed by 24 hours...
  24. S

    CVB LAD Communication?

    Erica, Do you really want to continue this online?!? You emailed me offering to send me a shipping label and I immediately (near midnight my time zone) responded with “I will discuss it with my fiancé and I appreciate the offer”! I am discussing it with my fiancé! This is not just my ring...
  25. ericad

    CVB LAD Communication?

    SunnyD, If you want to return the ring, you can. If you want to keep the ring, you can. I never gave you a deadline to make your decision - the choice is yours, today or even next week. I haven't put any pressure on you to decide. I offered the refund on page 1 of this thread, and via...
  26. ame

    CVB LAD Communication?

    DandT I am glad to see that you have an outcome that is favorable to you. I absolutely agree that we need to hear about the good, bad and ugly, it's why we ask so many questions. But I feel like the obvious is being overlooked: this is the internet, this is not private, this is publicly...
  27. JDDN

    Ok. someone take a look at this...

    I feel badly for your friend. If it were me, I would want to know! Also, it would be so easy to prove it's not a yellow diamond and she could definitely get her money back from the jerk (sorry if that's uncalled for) who sold it to her. If she wanted to keep it, then she should at least pay...
  28. S

    All seems good but crown angle ?

    Well. I must say. Buying your first diamond is quite nerve racking. Especially via the Internet. You don't have any sort of connection with the person on the other end. Although when ever I asked a question it was answered almost immediately and honestly (clearly), I was still a bit concerned...
  29. CJ2008

    Is there such a thing as too much due diligence

    ponder this may just be the case. I really would prefer someone who will answer a question, even if that answer is, "sorry I cannot get that for you" or "sorry I won't get that for you because I think it's a mistake to ask for it." Dee*Jay" and this is why I love #s. And this is why when...
  30. mol42

    3.07 OEC in EW "Margot" solitaire

    Hi everyone! I have reading PS (as if I had a PS "daily requirement") for years. I don't post frequently but felt compelled to share the ring I received about an hour ago. I am THRILLED with the result and wanted to share. I know I have benefited from other Pricescopers' experiences, reviews...