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  1. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Friday kids! Curby, I packed up NINE cases of glasses, with one more to go this morning (I ordered 10)... and there will still be some left in the cabinet. OMG. I organized them by color, which will make it easy(ier) when the time comes to get them out. I won't have room for all of...
  2. Madison2

    Diamond jewelry - Caribbean islands

    I go to St. Martin twice a year. The only two jewelers I shop at on the island are Oro Diamante and Ballerina Jewelers both on Front Street. I bought a 18 Kt yellow gold setting 3 years ago and till this day people stop me and ask where can they get my setting. It is gorgeous and Oro Diamante...
  3. M

    Diamond jewelry - Caribbean islands

    A few years back, i was at St. Marteen and stumbled upon Oro Diamante. I have to say that I had a very pleasant experience with the owner there. I purchased a right hand ring and to this day i get stopped on the streets. It had unique design and I probably saved it least a few grands...
  4. JoshuaNiamehr

    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    @RockDiamond - you can twist it however you like about what suppliers like - but quite frankly Im not in business because of my suppliers - I am in business for the millennials and silver surfers of the world that are exhausted by the nonsense spewed at them by the trade. I am not in the...
  5. Texas Leaguer

    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    Joshua, I've got a feeling you are determined to have the last word, so be my guest. But I will respond to the last few remarks directed towards me before handing it over to you: Nothing except the list of requirements over and above the AGS 0 Platinum report, all of which must be met. It is...
  6. Mico

    Happy wedding day Audball!

    ahhhhhh!!! Congrats!!! I have sooooo been waiting for this!
  7. audball

    Happy wedding day Audball!

    Using my lunch break at work today to try and write up a synopsis of our beautiful wedding day for you all! We left home the day before the wedding (Tues 10/29) bright and early. We got up just before 4am and we're fully packed in the car and on the road by just after 4:30am. Every mile we...
  8. Sparkalicious

    Paging Angel7 - Saturday''s Game Plan

    I know. It absolutely stinks to "lose" your job even if it was one that you didn''t really like. Of course you''re running the gamut of emotions ... It''s much better to be in control of that decision than to have someone else make it for you. I can imagine its hard getting motivation to...
  9. Madam Bijoux

    Recommend a Local Jeweler

    One of the best jewelery shops in downtown Philadelphia is Linde Meyer Gold & Silver. The store is in Liberty Place, which is on 17th street between Market and Chestnut streets next to the Westin Hotel. She''s a highly knowledgeable independent jeweler who worked with Georg Jensen and J. E...
  10. eks6426

    Honeymoon Hotel Recommendation

    When I was doing research there was a lady on one of the message boards that had a tip sheet for Barbados. Her name was Lois Swanson. Here is the version from last year when I was planning. Hope it helps: INSIDER TIPS ON BARBADOS for the 2004/2005 Season according to Lois Swanson We just...
  11. NoonersMom

    Puerto Rico

    Denise, love the picture of El Morro Fort. There are a few areas that are not in San Juan, but that are a short distance away. One of them is El Junque Rain Forrest. You can arrange a tour from your hotel. It''s a beautiful area with waterfalls & one of the tours goes past a reflecting pool...