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  1. GlitterInMyHair

    Resetting Costco princess diamond studs into side stones?

    They turned out lovely!
  2. GlitterInMyHair

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Hiked to the Kjeragbolten in Norway. It's a coffee table sized boulder wedged between 2 cliffs, about 3000 feet up. The boulder was not difficult to get on (there was a narrow ledge on the back side of the boulder). But the hike to it and back just about killed me (I'm the least outdoorsy...
  3. GlitterInMyHair

    How to layer necklaces? (Show me!)

    maybe try a Necklet? I like the clasps are magnetic.
  4. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I'm sorry the hoops didn't work out. But before I even finished reading your post, I was going to suggest you take a look at the 3-stone huggies, lol. I have those too. I probably wore them non-stop for 6 months when I first got them, lol. And they are still my most worn earrings. Here is a...
  5. GlitterInMyHair

    Am I being ripped off?

    @Devonian222 This stone might be of interest to you. Radiant cut, 4.23 ct, M color, SI clarity, $13,500. The caveat is it's laser drilled (noted on GIA report). But overall, the stone looks gorgeous and lively to me. Good luck on your diamond hunt!
  6. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Haha, always happy to enable a fellow PS'er :-D If they are the size you are looking for, I think you will be very happy with them.
  7. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    The inside out hoops are here!! I love them!! They feel light on the ears and sparkle so beautifully with every movement of my head. They are probably on the dressier / blingier side of an everyday piece (for me), but definitely doable because of the smaller size. If you are considering them...
  8. GlitterInMyHair

    What sales tactic raises concern for you?

    I really dislike "DM for price", as others have stated. And I don't understand why IG sellers do it. It just takes 1 buyer. So why answer 100 DMs about price from onlookers, when you can answer 10 DMs from genuinely interested buyers?
  9. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Ok Wow! Quite a journey the bracelet took to get to you :D
  10. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Is the butterfly bracelet Messika? How do you like it? Is it easy to wear? I just love the 3D design, very eye catching :-D
  11. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    These inside out diamond hoop earrings are on their way to me :-) I've been eyeing them for a while at my Costco store. Finally pulled the trigger because they are $200 off right now. They are 2ctw, set in 14k WG. Even though they are not big (about dime sized), they are quite blingy because...
  12. GlitterInMyHair

    $3.2 million pink diamond recut

    No more bowtie :appl:
  13. GlitterInMyHair

    What can you do when you fall out of love with Modern Round Brilliants and now only want Old European or Transitional Cuts?

    I understand completely! I adore old cuts for rings. Would you consider converting your 3-stone ring to a necklace? Something like this?
  14. GlitterInMyHair

    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    This seriously had me spitting out my coffee laughing....
  15. GlitterInMyHair

    Pinky ring ideas?

    Sure. Here is the link :-) Just a quick note, the ring is Japanese size 7, which is about a US size 4.
  16. GlitterInMyHair

    Pinky ring ideas?

    Maybe something like this. It sort of looks like a signet ring, but with a small diamond.
  17. GlitterInMyHair

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I just have to laugh at the pretentiousness of most "influencers". But I honestly think a lot of them believe in their own hype and their lives really are like the staged photos they post. Like this beauty blogger and her "impromptu" dancing session in Central Park, as captured by a hired...
  18. GlitterInMyHair

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    @mrs-b Thank you so much for the nice compliment on my diamond pendant :kiss2:. It was a pre-owned piece I purchased on eBay from a Japanese luxury reseller. Set in platinum, 1.34 ctw, 12mm across. An appraiser estimated the stones to be I/J color, VS clarity. What I really love about the...
  19. GlitterInMyHair

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    No I didn't take any video. But maybe other PS'ers who have the pad sapphire can help you out there. The color was really beautiful. More peachy in the outdoor direct light.
  20. GlitterInMyHair

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Yes, he has pad lab sapphires on his site from time to time. You need to sign up for his newsletter so you know when he has new stones. And be ready to POUNCE, lol, because his lab stones seem to sell within minutes.
  21. GlitterInMyHair

    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    Truly stunning!! That halo is so perfect for the stone. Congrats!
  22. GlitterInMyHair

    I just wanna say -- the random comments thread

    The new iPhone with 3 camera lenses really creeps me out. It's like looking into the (many) eyes of a spider. (shudder).
  23. GlitterInMyHair

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    My YG beaded band is here! I really like how it stacks with my diamond ring =)2=)2=)2
  24. GlitterInMyHair

    Lavender spinel halo by David Klass!

    Absolutely stunning!! Congrats on your 25th anniversary.
  25. GlitterInMyHair

    Vintage Marquise Reset Round #2!

    Wow!!! I love the more delicate look of the 2nd reset.
  26. GlitterInMyHair

    Show me those yellow gold 80's and 90's pieces

    I bought this pre-owned diamond bar bracelet on eBay about 4 months ago. I was told by an appraiser it was most likely from the 80's.
  27. GlitterInMyHair

    Show me your diamond hoops!

    Thank you. You will fall in love immediately once you have them on your ears. They have so much fire & sparkle. And I think the small size of the earrings actually emphasize the diamonds more :-)