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  1. TheGarnetGirl

    Show me your promise rings!

    Ours were a little offbeat as they were handmade in sterling and it was an equal effort, meaning he got a promise band as well. Both are hammered oxidized sterling silver, stamped on the inside with something sweet and mine was set with a small black diamond. Yes, I purchased his, and he...
  2. TheGarnetGirl

    What life changing event have you experienced?

    Look up "Astral Projection". Id say having one as an adult which triggered a ton of memories about having them constantly as a child altered the course of my life forever. When you experience it first hand and become 100% certain there's life after death it truly changes how you view...
  3. TheGarnetGirl

    What specific talent do you wish you had?

    Ballet! I wish that I was a Prima Ballerina! Sounds premature, but It was also one of my dreams as a child. I actually was in ballet along with tap and jazz for 11 years from 3-14 years old. I quit because I made varsity dance team in high school and had also just signed with a modeling agency...
  4. TheGarnetGirl

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    Tis' here! I havent had a chance to compare it to my larger suspected gt but these already seem more olive and less of the pure ray green like my larger one does. Please ignore my beaten up hands- it's gotten cold finally in the SW and I have to constantly be putting on harsh handsanitizer at...
  5. TheGarnetGirl

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Is it weird that Ive always loved having my period? (Except for my teen years when I had 3 years worth of ovarian cysts.) I honestly just feel super womanly on it and connected to the earth. I also use sea sponge tampons and cloth pads and since I have switched years ago I have had zero...
  6. TheGarnetGirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    A smorgasbord of gems today; My Emerald and pink spinel, my green tourmaline cab, my little purple star sapphire cab, and my gem silica cab ring. Also ignore the ucky smudges on my gem silica girl
  7. TheGarnetGirl

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    Thank you! I thought so! I also wanted to share it because ive never quite seen a ring like this but I didnt want to create a new thread. Im excited to see it in person! I just love all shades of green tourmaline. @partgypsy Thank you girl! I saw it and thought the price was magnificent. I'm...
  8. TheGarnetGirl

    Is this chrome diopside or green tourmaline?

    So I haven't yet taken my mystery gem in to see a gemologist just yet! I always remember when its about 7pm and much too late to go! BUT, I just made a sweet little purchase from a young woman online who was selling this 14k yellow gold band with 3 bezeled green tourmalines. She said that the...
  9. TheGarnetGirl

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    I actually like that 6mm cab. :lol: Meaning I might have bought it- would that make me a damn sucker? (: I just love the salmon color that is displayed in all of its waxy-glowy lustrous glory! Speaking of rhodochrosite, I put my drops that I made on a pair of small generic 14k yellow gold...
  10. TheGarnetGirl

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    I have no doubts that c is the most probable answer here! :D
  11. TheGarnetGirl

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    @elle_71125 I showed a picture of your last family shot of your rings, sent it to my beau and said "Our future awaits us! Muhahaha!" (: Ya know, gotta make a gem lover out of him somehow. Also, I cant decide if your gems are truly that saturated or if you're a closeted photographer and have...
  12. TheGarnetGirl

    Three stone OEC ring, victorian replica OWD/DK

    @Rfisher I'm not sure if its been said in this thread or not but what is the diameter of the diamond and what is your ring size? It's truly a stunning ring and I doubt CVB or followers of her would have a scoffed at it whatsoever. A beautiful ring is a beautiful ring is a beautiful ring. (:
  13. TheGarnetGirl

    Talk about organic gems!!!!

    Personally I love love love stuff like this but then again I can be described by friends and family as very enigmatic, or weird. Ive made sterling silver rings with clear quartz and morpho butterfly wings and Ive been collecting pinned butterfly wings since I was a child. I only purchase...
  14. TheGarnetGirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    I was perplexed that nobody had bought that ring yet as it has such flare and I obviously adore the color combination! So happy to know that we are now ring cousins! (: Love love love!! & My lord I truly never tire seeing your crown/tiara ring. All of those gemmy stones set next to eachother...
  15. TheGarnetGirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Omg that diamond band is all sorts of chunky unique deliciousness! I love its impact! Its what my mother would call "beauti-mous". I'd love wearing that everyday and admiring all of the different shapes and colors.
  16. TheGarnetGirl

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Wearing my tanzanite/diamond ring I named Imogen and a diamond ring my mother passed on to me which is quite unique and makes a statement on the finger. I'm wearing both on seperate hands on my middle fingers.
  17. TheGarnetGirl

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    Leslie your post reminded me that I had some small treasure to share; the little sleeping beauty turquoise dangles that I made last night for my 18k flower hooks! Cost me $20 to make the turquoise dangles which I switch out with other handmade gemstone dangles on those hooks.
  18. TheGarnetGirl

    Small Purchases that Make me Happy (:

    Isnt that the sweetest piece of jewelry I've ever seen?! Beautiful and oddly its timeless, meaning that personally, I could see truly anyone wearing it, from a younger preteen girl (maybe with pink sapphires), to a 30 year old woman , and on up into 60s and 70s with diamonds or paraibas. I...
  19. TheGarnetGirl

    Show your Star sapphires and rubies

    I love that black star stacker, although despite the color is usually unfavorable I just think that they're so mysterious and fem fatale! Lovely!
  20. TheGarnetGirl

    Gem Scoop!

    Sorry Im so late! I've been away from home and wanted to wait to snap a few photos; So before I was a lurker on PS and became much more knowledgeable about gemstones I had just learned about Bekily blue garnets and found a small seller online, a family who had a connection to a mine and were...
  21. TheGarnetGirl

    Gem/crystal healing: do you believe in it at all?

    She was being sarcastic because they're so expensive and will take all of your money therefore curing a "heavy wallet".
  22. TheGarnetGirl

    So I walked into a pawnshop and found a 1.26

    That sounds delish! Do you happen to have a link/thread where we can see the piece? Or photos? (:
  23. TheGarnetGirl

    Help me decide which metal to use with a honey zircon, and sidestones

    I voted for white metal but after seeing these together I also second this! If you could use both the orangey-pink and pink gemstones with yellow gold and your honey gem I think itd look like a ripe fruity bonanza!
  24. TheGarnetGirl

    Cornflower blue with a window

    Wow that color is gorgeous! Seriously beautiful! You are one lucky lady! I also love seeing PSers help eachother out as I have been the recipient of a few kind women on here that were so supportive of my gem goals and I cannot wait to do that for someone else! & @icy_jade if you turned down the...
  25. TheGarnetGirl

    So I walked into a pawnshop and found a 1.26

    In my small little humble opinion & this is the rule that I personally go by for any purchases; If I am not certain immediately and have to have it, it's not coming home with me. The fact that youve taken a few days to think it through would make me pass. Why spend money on something you werent...
  26. TheGarnetGirl

    Aquamarine in Platinum Art Deco Halo

    So icy! Beautiful!!! :))
  27. TheGarnetGirl

    Anyone have experience with MRose on Etsy for a custom design?

    Thats awful :( hopefully you took photos to document the ring in the condition that you received it in when contacting her. Could you share them? So sorry this was an awful experience!
  28. TheGarnetGirl

    I want to replicate this ring...

    Yes, I would echo what wewechew said and would not go with Brilliant Earth. Theyve had a hard time doing a simple return and have been showing some not so bright and cheery true colors. Please do not give an undeserving business your money. Good luck! Thats a beautiful ring!!!
  29. TheGarnetGirl

    Cotton candy + Mermaid Bubblegum Ring is Finished!

    Aww thank you Stracci!! Yes! Imogen was probably the best deal ive ever gotten. She is adored and something I store seperately in a small pink velvet box as to prevent scratches as tanzanite can be a little more fragile. I feel lucky to own both rings!
  30. TheGarnetGirl

    Cotton candy + Mermaid Bubblegum Ring is Finished!

    Thank you so much ladies! Its nice to have a group that is appreciating of my hobby! My beau is so not interested whatsoever and it always bums me out a bit. But hey! he will never get me to be interested in geography. It levels out..haha Heres some snaps of my mermaid bubblegum ring with my...