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  1. tkyasx78

    Is this stud/pendant combination too much for an office setting?

    Those are just fine for office wear.
  2. tkyasx78

    4 ct. Eternity should I go bigger?

    Definitely not too big or too small just make sure it won’t rub on your ering!! Having to wear a spacer or constantly having to separate the 2 rings is annoying!!!
  3. tkyasx78

    Am I being ripped off?

    I do NOT recommend getting a clarity enhanced stone.
  4. tkyasx78

    Confused on Robbins Brothers diamonds

    YKES! yes return it ASAP!!!!
  5. tkyasx78

    This setting is a new one on me.

    I would need some hand shots! I am on the fence. Can we see it on a hand (photoshop if needed?)
  6. tkyasx78

    My partner bought this for $300 what you think?

    The setting if 14k and in your size would be worth something. ( because you dont have to pay to resize it and the cost of the head and band ) The stone it self looks heavily included, but if that is ok to you then it is worth the 300$
  7. tkyasx78

    Trump Made A Deal With Erdogan...

    I have written my senators. I wish there was something more than I could do. It is beyond upsetting for so many families to die because trump only cares for himself.
  8. tkyasx78

    Trump's Betrayal of the United States

    Today is putin's birthday. I think I will turn on the news to see what trump did for him. OH NO. Seriously, how do the republican senators sleep at night.
  9. tkyasx78

    When you don't clean your ring for six years

    6 years?????
  10. tkyasx78

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    You have exceptional taste in jewelry!:appl::appl:
  11. tkyasx78

    Jewelry delivery day!

    Beautiful! I love the pearls!
  12. tkyasx78

    There's some good news too

    I hope things go well! Congratulations on your new relationship!
  13. tkyasx78

    So I walked into a pawnshop and found a 1.26

    can you set it in a pendant? pendants tend to get much fewer hard whacks against walls etc.
  14. tkyasx78

    My doggies have passed away

    I am sorry for your loss. Our pets are family. It is heartbreaking :cry2:
  15. tkyasx78

    Obscenity in today's pop music is a problem for this music teacher

    There are plenty of non vulgar songs. I would ask they bring one that can be played without curse words and has a positive message.
  16. tkyasx78

    7-day proposal and a 'tacky' ring?

    I don’t think the ring size or style is tacky. I don’t get the “influencer” stuff though. That lifestyle would not appeal to me. I would love to wear the ring ( well a real natural Unenhanced diamond version of that ring, in my ring size set in platinum of course! )
  17. tkyasx78

    Trump's Betrayal of the United States

    Saw on tv trump is now soliciting dirt from China too on his political rivals. He got on Cspan on tv and did it on live tv. It is clearly against the law to do, and the FEC chair has already said so. he was not kidding. he was telling the republicans he OWNS them and they won't do anything...
  18. tkyasx78

    Is my ring to flat?

    I do not think it is too flat
  19. tkyasx78

    It's been a year and a half ...

    Welcome Back =)2
  20. tkyasx78

    I'm a widow

    @coda72 I am so sorry for your loss. @PintoBean I have prayed for you and for your family over the last few years. I hope you both know that there are people who pray and think of you often both for your comfort and that you will know that you are not alone.
  21. tkyasx78

    Is it possible to over-clean a diamond?

    I doubt the diamond would be hurt, but be careful with chemicals that can damage or weaken the prongs for the settings .
  22. tkyasx78

    My 4.5 carat old mine cut

    :appl:Wow! I love it!
  23. tkyasx78

    My cuff is here!!!

    It is beautiful!
  24. tkyasx78

    Princess Beatrice engaged—and a close-up of the ring!

    It is a beautiful ring! Best wishes to the happy couple!
  25. tkyasx78

    Trump's Betrayal of the United States

    You know what I don’t get? Trump tried to throw his vp under the bus!:confused2:? Now, I may not be a “ very stable genius “ but when he is forced out of office and getting charged for his seemingly countless crimes, who exactly does he think is going to issue his pardon he will be begging...
  26. tkyasx78

    Trump's Betrayal of the United States

    I want in writing - each republican senator to swear it will be 100% ok for the next democrat president to blackmail foreign nations to get info on the republican senators own children when they run for office again .
  27. tkyasx78

    Which jade ring do you prefer?

    I like the bigger one better because of the setting.