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  1. Rfisher

    Help with setting for old mine oval

    @Mjay What did you decide to do with this beautiful diamond of yours? I’d love to see more pictures - loose or set! :) :love:
  2. Rfisher

    New Project: 2ct Oval Semi-Bezel Ring

    Your pictures are lovely - and what a cool aspect of the orange garnet! How do they figure out the makeup of an interior crystal I wonder? Lucky you to have found someone local to work with. Can’t wait to see your ring - and more pictures of the stone if you can!
  3. Rfisher

    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    The shadow from the glove fingers on the wood table tell you how much directed strong light was needed to show the color in the stone. Here is some good eye candy Have you...
  4. Rfisher

    My Green stone pendant.

    I know nothing about jade/jadeite - but that color is pretty and that high karat gold color is gorgeous. Show the chain too, please?
  5. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Thank you! ! I type waaaay too much! :lol:
  6. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    @the_mother_thing Here’s two others I can’t find the original source nor an owner tho. It is superb! You make a good point about the amount of white metal around the sapphire- I was thinking this lipped’ faux bezel would minimize that, more so than the smooth convex type example I posted...
  7. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Yes that faux bezel style, @elle_71125 Even entertained an octagon, but don’t think this small of a center stone can pull off that many prongs. Still trying to find a round version of this bezel style!
  8. Rfisher

    Need advice on David Klass' CAD (flower design)

    If this were mine - I would prefer more undulation/ tilt in the petals themselves ( not as in relation to each other) than what is currently shown. Not to try and change your design, but take a look at this thread. It will show you cad before and after revision related to the petal tilt and...
  9. Rfisher

    Need advice on David Klass' CAD (flower design)

    Here’s something to think about, possible symmetrical location of six prongs. I removed the melee to visualize melee size, qty, and placement possibilities on the petals.
  10. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Ha! Fun waiting room quality time! That is a good option. I think finding sapphires to match, or at least coordinate, with mine would be difficult? And I don’t know how I feel about a micro diamond interior halo either. That’s funny - I passed this project thru DK earlier and he put the interior...
  11. Rfisher

    Need advice on David Klass' CAD (flower design)

    Maybe six prongs instead of 4? Do you have the inspiration photos of the rings that you pulled these elements from, that can be used as a real life “likes and dislikes” of what you are trying to achieve? That may help the folk here to give CAD suggestions that are more fruitful. Congrats on the...
  12. Rfisher

    Daniel M-Aqua w/Halo Ring Design

    He didn’t happen to send you picture of the stones sitting together- did he? Wishful thinking- I’ll just have to be patient and wait!
  13. Rfisher

    Fabulous CS rings under 1250 dollar!!

    @Niel o_O:errrr::knockout: Seriously. Skills. But for the love that’s all good and pure- so help me if you post your alien deco ring here. Ha!
  14. Rfisher

    Design phase : 7.7ct yellow sapphire

    Looks to be quite a lovely color sapphire. Whistle. Whistle. Kismet that it fits the yellow. Quite lovely!
  15. Rfisher

    Design phase : 7.7ct yellow sapphire

    @Niel Curious where did you ( and your Mom) end up on this?
  16. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Wow wow wow @the_mother_thing Thank you. It helps me so much to see this. Your skills are fantastic - Thank you!
  17. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

  18. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    They range from 3.5-4 to my best estimation. The brooch itself is 5mm wide. Yes- OEC.
  19. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Inside the cluster formation I have above would be fantastic- if possible. Round faux bezel with 6 single claw. Here’s the best I could do for vendor shot, ET & Ryan’s pics. No rush - just at your leisure! Thank you so much!
  20. Rfisher

    My upgrade is here!

    Gorgeous and sleek!
  21. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    @the_mother_thing It’s this 5.9 sapphire above. Round faux bezel and single claw prong. Was thinking an octagon faux, but 8 prongs- even bead set ones will be too much? Thank you for the generous offer, and im sorry for veering your thread!
  22. Rfisher

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    I can’t find any round faux (like the cushion or octagon) bezels at all!
  23. Rfisher

    Received a fedex label but no box..How to mail?

    Not all fed ex places have boxes for you to use. Use Fedex website to find out what location you are going to, has the boxes or not, if you don’t want to call them. They have multiple box/envelope sizes to choose from. Double box or envelope and then box, and put ship to and return address on...
  24. Rfisher

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    @the_mother_thing Sorry to hijack your thread - but have you seen any examples of round stones in round faux bezel? Is there such a thing? Plenty of round in cushion / octagon.
  25. Rfisher

    Dark uneven Sapphire, worthy to get full AGL cert?

    From what I see in your video - (quality/ value/ costs/ inclusions aside) It’d be interesting to see what face up color you’d end up with recutting most of the weight at the crown vs most of the weight at the pavilion. And your fluorescence photos- I can’t tell if what’s popping up is from...
  26. Rfisher

    Last two ring projects

    Good thought - I need to explore that! I like the leaf idea. Just sent these off to CVB! Exited to be moving forward!
  27. Rfisher

    Three stone OEC ring, victorian replica OWD/DK

    Thank you @elizat ! @CSpan - thank you! My stones definitely are warm but my walls are various shades of baby poo brown. :lol: Need to fix that....... In looking up Anne Perry ( what an interesting life she’s led), she’s very prolific in writing. Care to point me towards one series over another?
  28. Rfisher

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    Ooh! Your amethyst and yellow gold will go beautifully together - can’t wait to ‘see’ this one finished!
  29. Rfisher

    Looking for Examples of MRB in Cushion Bezel (true or faux)

    Your rendering? Awesome skills :clap: