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  1. junebug17

    Feral kitty shelter!

    It looks great @soxfan. It is very kind of you to go out of your way to help this kitty. <3
  2. junebug17

    Yummy vanilla 1.93ct R AVC

    Wow it looks stunning! :kiss2: Gorgeous diamond and it looks perfect in the setting, love it!
  3. junebug17

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    Oh it's really beautiful and looks perfect on you! :love: Very happy for you, congratulations!!!
  4. junebug17

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    It's gorgeous!!! :kiss2: Congratulations!!
  5. junebug17

    I got the zircon!

    So pretty! Love it! :love:
  6. junebug17

    Yolo purchase/splurge

    They look great! And such a beautiful gem :love:
  7. junebug17

    Ashoka cut?

    That ring is gorgeous!!! :love: And yes, Kwiat is a well regarded company. I say if you love it go for it.
  8. junebug17

    Advice for vintage ring options

    I've been following along and I just wanted to say the ring looks beautiful on you! The prongs on the setting are amazing. And the diamond is pretty and sparkly :love: I wish you health and happiness as you wear this lovely ring!
  9. junebug17

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    @Logan Sapphire, I absolutely love this set! I adore the Tiffany setting. It looks so beautiful on your hand :love:
  10. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy, I'm glad you're getting out during the day. I agree it can really help sometimes. Your autumn pics are gorgeous! And what a sweet pic of Ollie. :love:Wishing you comfort and peace for your grief over your sweet Francesca. XX. Your new glasses are really cute and the new coat sounds...
  11. junebug17

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in New Jersey and still here, although I live in a different part now. Did a stint in Kansas 20+ years ago for 4 years due to dh's job. Dh wants to retire to South Carolina...not sure how I feel about that :/
  12. junebug17

    Resetting Costco princess diamond studs into side stones?

    LOVE them @Mamabean!!! :love:
  13. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy, great news!!!! So glad your dad is ok. Such a relief to all that everything went smoothly. Sending him love and lots of healing vibes <3
  14. junebug17

    My new vintage citrine ring!

    SO very pretty @bling_dream19! :kiss2: Love the color of that citrine and the setting is lovely. A beautiful way to celebrate the fall colors!
  15. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    Very tired tonight for some reason so I'm heading to bed soon but I just wanted to check in quickly with everyone... @missy, I'll be keeping your father in my thoughts and hoping everything goes well for him. I know it's going to be a long and stressful day for everyone. Sending tons of...
  16. junebug17

    Yolo purchase/splurge

    Love your new boots! I'm glad you decided to keep them. Enjoy them!
  17. junebug17

    The progress of my engagment rings transformation....

    Oh it looks really pretty, love the design! :love:
  18. junebug17

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    It looks beautiful! I'm sorry there were a few issues but I hope you are enjoying it. Just a quick comment on the milkiness...have you cleaned the stone recently? Diamonds are dust and oil magnets and a good cleaning can really brighten things up.
  19. junebug17

    Show Me Your Diamond Eternity Bands!!!!

    @TIFFANYDIAMONDSLTD, I checked and this poster hasn't logged on to PS since 2015 so she might not see this...but I found a thread on her ring (pretty sure it's the same ring)
  20. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi Nirdis! @missy, LOL to eyedrops - you are definitely the one to go to for those kind of drops! SO sorry about your niece's injury...she is the sweetest thing and I hope she heals quickly. Yes, better not to even have candy in the house! Ds took my last bag to bring into work. Good luck...
  21. junebug17

    My wedding set is here!

    @gregchang35, what a fabulous set! :love: Looks wonderful on you and I love the symbolism! Wishing you health and happiness as you wear these special pieces <3
  22. junebug17

    Show us your bezel rings

    @tyty333, I absolutely LOVE this ring! :kiss2: Stunning in every way...elegant and eye-catching and so beautifully done:clap:
  23. junebug17

    Shameless Showoffs: Show Me Your Bling!

    SO beautiful @kayla17!! :kiss2: Love the heart shape and the double milgrain, so dreamy. And the curved band works perfectly with it. Gorgeous look.
  24. junebug17

    Help with diamond huggies

    I don't think they will look tinted. I'd be a little more concerned about the I1 clarity...that said, the earrings have a lot of good reviews, and there are pics of people wearing them and they look nice. BN has a good return policy, including free return shipping, might be worth checking...
  25. junebug17

    Post pics of your grandkids...

    @Tekate, you have me beat in the kindness department <3...I feel the same way about you XX
  26. junebug17

    Am I going to regret keeping this eternity band?

    Very rarely do I see such a perfect match of ering and wedding band...seriously, they look amazing together. I would definitely keep it! You can always sell down the road if you need to. I'm close to 60 and my ring size has stayed the same all these years.
  27. junebug17

    Engaged BGD yellow gold 6 prong solitaire

    Omg GORGEOUS!!! You must be thrilled every time you look down at your hand! Congrats!
  28. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    @missy, we used to get a lot of trick or treaters but it's been a lot less for the last 5 years or so. Happy Birthday to your mother! I hope she enjoyed her day. It really stinks that you have to wait so long for the rw results. I totally get your concerns about your dad. And I'm hoping...
  29. junebug17

    Mrs. Box Single or Double?

    I vote for the double!
  30. junebug17

    Real life perspective

    Omg perfection!!! :love: This pic contains two of my favorite things...bling and coffee!