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  1. Acinom

    Big, glowy and included tsavorite... To buy or not?

    Gorgeous colour and glow!!! I just see your thread for the first time. So glad you decided to buy it. How will you set it? And I loooooove your royal red ring
  2. Acinom

    My 5.54 ct sapphire is here. And she is blue!

    Thank for these huge compliments @Arkteia and @bpaul !! My stone is of Ceylon origin
  3. Acinom

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    Paraiba and friends a la @elle_77125 !!
  4. Acinom

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    Rhapsody in Paraiba Blue for @MrsKMB ! A colourful design by Yvonne and Cecile Raley. We are impatiently awaiting its arrival
  5. Acinom

    Poll: white gold or rose gold for pinkish red+lavender color combo?

    These colours will pop in all white gold or platinum
  6. Acinom

    Australian Amethyst Reset by Daniel M

    What a stunning colour! It will look amazing in the warm gold setting. Looking forward to see your pics
  7. Acinom

    E-ring upgrade to 3 stone halo :)

    Beautiful! I love the balanced proportions
  8. Acinom

    #JOTW She's on her way!

    Gorgeous stone and setting! Looking forward to admire your handshots
  9. Acinom

    #JOTW My ER from the 1930s

    Congrats with your stunning ring!! What a dream jewel
  10. Acinom

    My wedding set is here!

    Love this!!! What a cool and meaningfull set. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. Acinom

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    Gorgeous sunshine ring and an amazing collection Elle! What are your favourite rings? And do you have any rings you wear less often at the moment?
  12. Acinom

    My Leon Mege Paraiba Halo Ring was stolen - Reward Offered

    I agree unfortunately... Your ex might have given it to a new girlfriend for example. Better to close this painful chapter and treat yourself with a beautiful piece of jewelry.
  13. Acinom

    Victor canera - what is the process like?

    To be frank: if you want to know all about diamond melee sizes, Victor might not be your man. If you want your piece to be stunningly beautiful, I would not doubt a second about working with him. I have 4 settings from Victor and each piece surprised me in a good way. He is an incredible...
  14. Acinom

    The Show your Paraiba or Copper bearing tourmaline thread

    @greentea240 has received her stone. But should it stay or should it go?
  15. Acinom

    Help setting an O colored 1.59ct AVC diamond

    Your stone is gorgeous!! It will look amazing in platinum or rose gold. I know you are not into solitaires... I can totally see a red gold bezel or frenchie sidestones in platinum. Whatever you decide it will be gorgeous!
  16. Acinom

    First Tourmaline

    Beautiful stone and setting. Love the dreamy colour of the stone. Great choice.
  17. Acinom

    Help me build a rainbow skittle stack - what are your favorite gems of each color?

    Wow! Love your stacks! Gorgeous colours. Looking forward to see more pics and would love to see how your collection unfolds. I love these elegant stackers!
  18. Acinom

    Elle's Gemstone Adventures

    Great choice! Beautiful yellow
  19. Acinom

    Given: two corundums...

    Thank you! Here’s my thread on my blue sapphire:
  20. Acinom

    Given: two corundums...

    Amazing stones! Looking forward to see how you will set these. I would be hugely tempted to create two rich stackers
  21. Acinom

    Icy’s CS adventures

    Beautiful tourmalines! What are your plans? That rubellite looks amazing! Aren’t you quite tempted?
  22. Acinom

    Padparadscha journey

    Based in your pics I would say the smaller one
  23. Acinom

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    I love the blue and pink sapphires
  24. Acinom

    My OMC reset

    Beautiful Nala!
  25. Acinom


    Thanks for posting! What a lovely box
  26. Acinom

    Mozambique vs Malawi Purple Garnets

    Perhaps the posters in this thread will know more. @Sungura ?
  27. Acinom

    Vintage ... pear.... alien??

    Beautifully made. But I cannot unsee the eyes. I would be tempted to use the stones as it might not get enough wear as is.
  28. Acinom

    Royal Blue Sapphire Ring

    Gorgeous! Such a beautiful and velvety blue
  29. Acinom

    The BOOK... of VENDOR BOXES Look at this beauty in the box for @elizat ! Has Caysie opted for wooden vendor boxes again? In any case... gorgeous box and a stunning ring. Admire more pics in her thread.
  30. Acinom

    Vibrant blue sapphire and CvB= a great combo

    Gorgeous!!!! What a vibrant and glowy colour. And I looove the detailing of the setting. Please post a lot more pics