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  1. tigertales

    Need help with petite cushion - calling mrs-b and other cushion experts!

    Hi Hi Aussie! Must be something in the air! I'm looking at one too! I've found the YouTube channel by "Good Old Gold" absolutely invaluable for an understanding of this somewhat complex cut. Great eye candy,too! enjoy!
  2. tigertales

    Advice on selling diamond to upgrade

    There is nothing like the real thing. I mean, would you rather carry a HUGE bouquet of fake flowers on your wedding day, or one, single, perfect fragrant rose? btw, my husband proposed over twenty years ago with a little .48 that I got compliments on all the time. It wasn't even a perfect...
  3. tigertales

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Sorry hun, but this is a job for a jeweler...just go to a little local shop, I'm sure they can remove a link or two easily, without charging more than 20 bucks, if that. It looks nice on you!
  4. tigertales

    Is my setting uneven? Need more opinions!

    I see the gap on the lower right hand side. It seems to me they just need to properly orient the diamond, without needing to recast the setting. And having done that, might also laser in some white gold solder to build up the halo edges evenly. just my 2cents!
  5. tigertales

    Kashmir sapphire may have been switched.

    @LightBright Thank you for your thoughts...yes it's beautiful in all lighting. It was my great-grandmother's, circa 1904.
  6. tigertales

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    Maybe next time I buy a loose diamond, I'll send it to GIA before I seal the deal to make sure I'm getting exactly what I think I am.
  7. tigertales

    It's been a year and a half ...

    So glad to see you back, Kenny, and hope the sun comes back into your life and heart soon.
  8. tigertales

    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    I dunno, cause I'm not a diamond polisher, but I do know takes a heck of a lot to chip or scratch a diamond. I mentioned in another post I once had to split a garnet. I did it with a hammer on a concrete floor ( long story!) . Seriously, I couldn't damage that thing to save my life...
  9. tigertales

    Obscenity in today's pop music is a problem for this music teacher

    Kenny, your moral compass is working perfectly. Trust it. p.s. I play a 1968 Martin D-12-35 w/ Brazilian rosewood back.. I started by singing Joni Mitchell in coffee houses....beautiful lyrics. so much for those days!
  10. tigertales

    This takes LARP to a whole new level.

    The accoutrements aren't really the point, they're just just window dressing. I think the point she's trying to make is about the values. I can see how this is extreme, but it's bound to happen as the pendulum swings in reaction to our world today which is disintegrating into a zombie-like madness.
  11. tigertales

    Should I upgrade my setting?

    Oh helz no.
  12. tigertales

    Anyone info on this piece?

    I had one like this many years ago, and lost it. Is it by any chance a size 6-ish? from somewhere on the East coast? LOL Enjoy! They are beautiful.
  13. tigertales

    My cuff is here!!!

    Very, very handsome! I love the contrasting textures and metals, sultry green diamond. Enjoy in good health!:wavey:
  14. tigertales

    Apparently they don't like us....

    @Bron357 what is "BE" ?
  15. tigertales

    Apparently they don't like us....

    It's because we're educated and they can't pull a fast one. Sorry if that offends, but it's true. A lot of bank gets made on the ignorant. [ Is it oiled, is it heated, is it fracture filled. What's the country of origin? WHAT was it oiled with? etc. etc. examples of questions I...
  16. tigertales

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    They're not happy losing the sale, and they will drag this out FOREVER. Gavin trying to upsell fluorescence. C'mon.
  17. tigertales

    Setting help needed for ideal square radiant (H&A/ POH) diamond

    I love the baguettes too! but, keep searching....I don't think you've found it yet. Your stone deserves center stage for real. Also, make sure the side stones aren't too 'cold' looking. Keep them G.
  18. tigertales

    Bands galore!

    That will be soooo pretty and refined on your hand all by itself, too! And, when you feel like stacking, it will play nice with the other bands! Congrats!
  19. tigertales

    Identify Unusual Greenish Gemstone

    fossilized alien eyes. just kidding.:mrgreen2: could also be a very pale green sapphire. the texture and cut remind me of the pale "white"/blue sapphires
  20. tigertales

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    Yes, the extra rods, and Vitamin A help night vision. Night vision for me is more of an orientation issue...the fact that I can't see landmarks and the horizon as well...that kind of thing. With diamond color, it's not just vision though, it's almost a sixth sense...can't explain it. And even...
  21. tigertales

    Super ideal cut appearing yellow in some lighting

    how weird.i'm the same! can discern color a mile away, but utterly lost at night. which makes me think it's not a vision issue pe se, but our brains interpretation of what we see.
  22. tigertales

    Need help with this square H&A ideal radiant/ princess of hearts ASET

    oh those ideas sound lovely...I totally agree! And I've found bezel settings really cut down on the sparkle! Why hem a diamond in, is my theory! I can't believe the fireball you have. I've never seen anything like it! Aren't you so glad you didn't listen to that jeweler!
  23. tigertales

    Cape Cod travel itinerary help

    I'm just down the road a bit in Rhode Island...not to freak you out, but do take heed of the Triple E issue we have going around these parts. Pack your bug spray! Hope you have a wonderful time! This is...
  24. tigertales

    Need help with this square H&A ideal radiant/ princess of hearts ASET

    What a little treasure! How do you think you'll set it?
  25. tigertales

    Just BARELY got my insurance and lost my ring. Do I file loss? #ashamed

    If you are religious/spiritual, our family prays to St. Anthony, patron Saint of lost and found. I can't tell you how many times things have just reappeared. =)2 some places come to mind... the floor of your car, and between the seats where the track slides. the laundry hamper the bottom of...
  26. tigertales

    Asscher cut emerald, early pics

    No sweetie, you probably didn't crack the emerald by dropping it even on cement. But let me tell you why...I used to worry about that whenever I dropped a ring...I was like oh no! was that inclusion there before? Did I chip it? dent it etc ect. Then one day, I tried to smash a garnet with a...
  27. tigertales

    Article, does your engagement ring look cheap lol

    as promised... :D My K color English transition diamond in G color halo, set quite high because of filigree. So, obviously I score 2 bads in the cheap zone!
  28. tigertales

    Thinking of buying this diamond, opinions, please!!!!

    Oh great! You can totally trust Lovedogs...she's an excellent resource for all things diamond!